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Professional singer with BMus with Honours in Jazz and MMus in Brazilian music (18 years of teaching experience). Lekcje śpiewu. Aulas de canto.


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About the lesson

JAZZ and BRAZILIAN music singer and teacher holding BM(Hons), QTS. Voice is an outlet for expression, feelings, moods and the mirror of your personality.
It's an extension of speaking voice. Discover what you can do with it.

- Which subject(s) do you teach?

Singing: Jazz, BRAZILIAN, Pop, Music Theatre, Blues, Latin music, Rock. English as a Foreign Language. Portuguese as a Foreign Language.

- Tell me about your qualifications.

BMus with Honours including Teacher Diploma. Specialisation: Jazz Singing. MMus, specialisation: Brazilian music.
BA in English - teacher of English as a Foreign Language.
Portuguese Language Advanced Level Certificate from Federal University of Rio de Janeiro.

- How much do you charge?

£50 - Singing Lessons
£25 - English as a foreign language lessons
£20 - Portuguese as a foreign language lessons

- Where do you teach?

I teach ONLINE at the moment

- When are you available?

Available on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesday, Fridays and Saturdays. Thursdays from January on.

- Which ages and levels do you teach?

I gladly teach any ages and any levels. I adjust the programme of each lesson individually according to my students' age, abilities and musical interests.
I make the lessons challenging and at the same time motivating in order to promote progress.

- Which qualifications do you prepare your students for?

I can prepare my students for ABRSM exams as well as entrance exams to a music conservatoire or any other auditions/rehearsals: singing technique, Jazz/Pop/Music Theatre repertoire, music theory, ear training, vocal improvisation.

- Describe your arrangements for online tutoring.

Day and time on appointment. It is important that your device has a good sound system and a good internet speed. I use backing tracks to support practising the repertoire.

- Do you have a personal message for students?

If you love it - go for it!!! Remember to absolutely and unconditionally love your voice :). And if it's difficult at the moment then I will help you with that!


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About Gabriela

- What kind of experience do you have?

17 years of singing teaching experience: private vocal coach as well a teacher at music schools across The Netherlands (i.e.Dordtse Muziekschool) and the UK.
4 years of foreign languages teaching experience.

- Do you have an up-to-date DBS (Disclosure & Barring Service, formerly CRB) Certificate?

I have a current DBS check.

- Where and with whom did you train?

I trained mainly in The Netherlands and Brazil. More info on my website (concealed information)

- Tell me about some of your current students.

I want to tell you a bit about one of my students: a very shy girl who loves music, loves singing and playing instruments. She has a great interest in music, in composition, in sound engineering. I love to teach her because she treats it very seriously. Her biggest challenge is to get over her fears, to open up her voice, to show her personality on stage, in other words, to perform. So our singing lessons are not just about the technical part. We talk a lot about the psychological aspects of performing. The voice is the most vulnerable of all instruments, because it is a person. It is you! And any moods, worries, fears, excitement, personality, sadness, happiness will always be reflected in it. It's like a mirror of your soul. It is very difficult to show it all to a public through singing or any other kind of public performance. So, I challenge my student a lot giving her time, space and distance, for her to digest the challenge and to go for it. I know how important it is for her to, in the first place, gain more self-confidence, because what will follow is her voice opening up and coming out in a stronger, more beautiful and truthful, authentic and genuine form. Now, after 4 months of working with her we both can finally see and feel the progress she is making in both: singing itself and becoming a stronger performer.



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  • £45/h


Find out more about Gabriela

  • 01

    When did you first develop a passion for music and your favourite instrument?

    I developed a passion for music and especially singing in my childhood as I was observing my father, who is a bass player and a vocalist, rehearsing with his band. Later I studied classical piano, music theory and history in a state music school in Poland where I am from.

  • 02

    Is there a particular type music or artist that you listen to on a loop without it driving you crazy?

    I listen constantly to Guinga who is a Brazilian composer and in opinion of many Jazz or other Brazilian composers, he is the next Antonio Carlos Jobim. He is the essence of the traditional Brazilian music as well as a follower of the impressionist Gabriel Faure and George Gershwin or Cole Porter.

  • 03

    Explain to us the most difficult or riveting course you could personally give to a student of music.

    The most difficult course of music and in particular in singing, as this is my area of expertise, would be the interpretation of a song and how to use the technical part of singing as a tool to express our emotions through music, which is dictated in case of a song by its text.

  • 04

    What do you think is the most complicated instrument to master and why?

    I don't think there is a most or least difficult instrument. All of them are very difficult of you want to master them. I would say rather that voice is quite different from all the other instruments because is unique to each person and since we can't see it, only feel it and hear it, it is difficult to master and control it and also to teach it. The voice changes every day in a way. All the emotions we feel at a particular moment or even the state of our physical condition will reflect in it. Singers have to face these vocal conditions every day and in this sense, it is most complicated instrument, in my opinion.

  • 05

    What are your keys to success?

    To me, one succeeds in music if they stay true to themselves and to what they believe in. I don't think a financial success is really a success. It is of course important to earn from music as from any other job one does, but a real success is to, first of all, achieve the highest level of musicianship one is able to possibly achieve.

  • 06

    Name three musicians you dream of meeting in your favourite bar in the early hours of the morning. Explain why.

    Ella Fitzgerald - one of the greatest interpreter and vocalist of all time whom I admire for being able to lose herself emotionally in a song and being able to forget about everything around her and for her creativity. I would like to ask her how she was able to do it. Quincy Jones - a great arranger and composer whom I admire for tirelessly creating music despite of difficulties he encountered in his life. I would like to know his recipe for his strength. Antonio Carlos Jobim - the greatest Brazilian composer. I would like to chat with him about nature and how it always inspired him.

  • 07

    Provide a valuable anecdote related to music or your days at music school.

    In my days at a conservatoire, there was a teacher, a big band leader, who used to spread fear among the students but not always in a very scary way and rather either amusing. One of the famous phrases he said once, completely disappointed with the students' preparation for a rehearsal, was: "If morons could fly, this school would be a f....... airport"

  • 08

    What are the little touches that make you a Superprof in music?

    I am very professional in what I do because I am very respectful towards my colleagues musicians, meaning, I keep my appointments, punctuality, and in the first place I am always prepared for rehearsals and performances. I try keep my body in a good physical condition as this is my instrument and my voice depends on it - I don't smoke, I sleep not too late, I drink lots of water, I do sports. I am very auto-critical when it comes to my performance and I always record the rehearsals and analise my singing and the rehearsal in general. I am also very picky in terms of the repertoire I sing.

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