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Pronunciation Coach can help you reduce your accent and develop a more RP accent.


We host the best tutors. Quality of their profile, experience in their field. Peter will be happy to arrange your first Business English lesson.

About the lesson

Do you want to reduce your accent, speak more clearly, improve your fluency and be more easily understood?
Through this unique Language Coaching approach we will create an entire learning process based on your pronunciation goals, your learning style and 100% personalized so that you get the most out of the learning experience. This method puts YOU in the driving seat of your own learning with me guiding you to reach your pronunciation goals.

We typically start with the vowel and consonant sounds which are most difficult for you and work on the articulation. Then, once they've been mastered, we move onto other aspects of pronunciation such as connected speech, intonation, stress and rhythm. I give regular feedback throughout the sessions which really helps you to make improvements.

Contact me now to book your free goal setting and assessment session.

I am also available to help you with Business English, General English, IELTS, Cambridge exam prep or other English language related needs.


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  • Accent Reduction-English
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    British English


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  • Spanish


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    AS Level

About Peter

- Qualified NeuroLanguage Coach by the International Coaching Federation (ICF).
- CELTA and DELTA teaching qualification.
- 10+ years of experience as a language trainer working in companies, language schools and as a private tutor.
- Helped learners with various learning needs including: confidence building, accent reduction, English for meetings, emails, presentations, exam preparation (IELTS, FCE), TOEFL), error reduction and many more.
- Lived in Europe, Latin America and Africa and I have worked with clients from over 20 different countries
- Speak Spanish, Polish, and Swahili.

NeuroLanguageCoaching is a method created by Rachel Marie Paling and accredited by the ICF (International Coach Federation).



  • 5h: £200
  • 10h: £400


  • £40/h


Discounts are available for packages.

Minimum level: A2 level +

Available schedule:
- Between 07:00am – 10:00pm Monday to Friday

Find out more about Peter

  • 01

    Do you speak this language fluently because of your origins or because a teacher inspired you to learn?

    Fluently because I'm British.

  • 02

    Can you name a living, historical or fictional character that you think is the emblematic representative of the language's culture?

    I would say the Queen because she speaks in a very formal way and I think many British people and foreigners can associate the language to how speaks.

  • 03

    Is there a typical word, phrase, tradition or behaviour in the language that you particularly like?

    Although it's not a typical word, I love the word 'Discombobulated'. Look up the meaning and try using it in a conversation. You are sure to get some laughs! In terms of a tradition or behaviour, I would say that I like the tradition of singing the song 'Auld lang syne' to bid farewell to the old year at the stroke of midnight on New Year's Eve. Everyone joins together holding each others arms and sings. The lyrics are actually more Scottish than British but it's very joyous and people all over Britain sing it!

  • 04

    Why does speaking this language matter to you?

    Not only is it my native language but it has enrichened my life in so many ways, especially on my travels. As so many people can speak English around the world, I've been able to connect with more people and learn about their cultures and traditions.

  • 05

    What is the main difficulty in learning this language and what can help the process of learning?

    I don't think it's a difficult language to learn compared to other languages, however, I do think that one of the biggest challenges is to understand how to use more formal and polite language. We as Brits are very polite (probably too polite sometimes) and in many other languages around the world they don't have this formal and polite way of speaking or writing, they are more direct!

  • 06

    Provide a valuable anecdote related to your language learning or your days at school.

    Well I remember my Spanish lessons in Spain with a teacher who just gave us grammar exercises to do for the whole lesson. Although I did learn something I just remember feeling that I just wanted to speak the language and communicate with people, not do boring exercises! That experience helped me to realize what not to do in my sessions with my learners.

  • 07

    How has travel or a specific trip helped you to increase your skill and knowledge of the language?

    When I was in Mexico I remember speaking to other teachers of English on my DELTA course. They taught me some things about my own language that I didn't know. It was great to get input from non-native English teachers about my own language!

  • 08

    What makes you a Superprof in language?

    In my opinion, the more traditional way people learn a language is not as effective as my language coaching approach and this really makes me a superprof because I can offer my learners something very unique which makes them learn more efficiently and really empowers them as learners. This is what makes me stand out from the rest because my learners reach their learning goals in less time and have a more enjoyable and fulfilling learning experience with me as their coach.

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