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BA /QCF DegreeEnglish/Maths Tutor 25yrs experience, Finance, GCSE,Func Skills, Ash Vale Surrey


Teacher/Tutor/Coach/Supervisor/Assessor and Financial Educator (FCA regulated) with BAmus teaching privately and in private schools , state schools and academies up to GCSE and teach adult learners. I create bespoke courses for students majoring on their individual learning skills. I am an optimist and major on personal development proving a holistic approach to learning. I believe everyone should be a lifelong learner.


Having had a Grammar School Education and then studying music at degree level, I worked in the legal field and Local Government prior to becoming a music coach at Thamesmead School, Surrey where I taught for 7 yrs, progressing to Surrey Arts fro 10 years, and ACS International Egham, and more recently on a private basis. I teach students online and in their homes and enjoy the flexibility of working under my own steam.
I create bespoke tutoring courses as many of my students have in school and college environments. Being an English major I enjoy teaching foreign students to improve their written and spoken English skills which are a huge asset for future employment opportunities.


Transportation Fee : £30
Rate for online lessons : £20/h
Lessons offered by Vasantha
In group
The lessons will be held
at her home
at your home
Taught subjects
  • Maths
  • Algebra
  • Trigonometry
  • Arithmetic
  • Primary
  • Secondary
  • GCSE
  • BTEC
  • Adult education

Vasantha's CV

7 GCSEs at Drayton Manor Grammar School:
Music Gd A
Maths Gd B
English Lang Gd C
Biology Gd C
Chemistry Gd C
Spanish Gd C
French Gd C
Music Theory A Level Gd A
Music Practical A Level Gd A
Chemistry A Level Gd C
Biology A Level Gd C
Chichester College of Arts
B Mus
Teaching and performance in Vocal Studies(classical
and contemporary)
West Sussex County Council
Social Services Department Administrator for Home
Care workers for all Social services offices throughout
West Sussex.
Raymond Dobson & Co Solicitors Senior Bookkeeper/
Legal accountant
1984 Trained in Legal Accounts with The Law Society
Wages&Salaries/Clients accounts/handling finance for
all aspects of legal work including conveyancing.
Work included Social action,working with down and outs
in Scotland,developing the Glasgow Team/
administration and Performing Arts
The LightHouse project working with young people in
need of rehabilitation from drug abuse and troubled
CEO of my own Music company.
Piano/keyboard/vocal/music theatre coach.My major is
vocal and I have been a professional singer/musician in
my spare time since 1981 having performed in many
settings including the Royal Albert hall, theatres in
London and overseas and smaller settings, weddings
and on TV and radio.
Thamesmead School, Shepperton,Surrey
Peripatetic Music Coach
Ellel Ministries training in various aspects of counselling
for victims of abuse.
Surrey Arts Peripatetic Music coach
ACS Egham Peripatetic Music coach
Financial Education Coach
Regulated by the FCA
Jan 2016- July 2017
Knights Camberley
GCSE English and Maths tutor to approximately 50
apprentice footballers aged 17-18yrs who are on BTec
course and are retaking their GCSE exams. I have been
hired by Knights to tutor these students in numerous
Academies covering Farnborough (Farnborough
football),Reading ( Highmoor),Uxbridge (Brunel
University) and Charlton (Meridian Football ground) as
all the teachers they have hired have failed to provide
the tuition required for various reasons after being hired.
I created the courses to cover the whole GCSE and
Functional Skills curriculum in a short timespan ensuring
a two week assessment period prior to exams was
I have been involved with coaching, mentoring and
personal development for over 25 years in various
I work with both individuals and groups and am a team
builder/group leader in my present capacity as a
Financial Educator. which is an ongoing role.
My skills in this field include FCA compliance, regulation,
development, administration, team building skills .It is
important for independent business owners to have
people skills and be confident both with working on their
own as well as with others.Further skills include training
people how to build a business, communication skills,
personal development, administration, office
skills.Having worked as a music coach for many years, I
see the importance of developing the individual’s self
esteem and the importance of encouragement,
developing a good attitude, manners, good social
interaction, understanding of individual needs, social
skills and life skills.
Jan 2016-Aug 2016:
Stonebridge college distance learning 3 year degree
course completed in 8 months and I was deemed the
top student on the course and my Mentors advised me
that my skills set is diverse and outstanding as I
completed A/Vs with my own Music students, private
GCSE and Functional Skills students, the football
apprentices and Genistar Representatives presenting
skills covering various aspects of education and finance.
QCF qualification as Teacher/ Trainer/ Supervisor/
I believe the need for online tutoring is a growing trend
as technology is enabling us to provide resources to
students in other countries at a high standard and low
cost which will enable many more to access educational
opportunities which have been largely unavailable until
I have 2 adopted children, one of whom is severely
disabled. I am also second mother to my two older
nephews who lost their father to clinical negligence in
2006. Having responsibilities that stretch beyond one’s
own family is very important to me and, as a result,
social action, justice and making a difference to
individuals and communities to enable them to have
better opportunities in life through having a better
education, is a vital part of my world view. Amongst my
future goals is to provide better educational
opportunities in 3rd world countries to make a difference
in the lives of the poor and disadvantaged and also to
provide opportunities for counselling for victims of
trauma and social injustice.As a Music and Financial
Educator I believe I can impact the lives of people in two
fundamental areas: Music and Financial
education.Music is vital in developing people in many
areas such as social and cognitive skills.Music therapy
is widely recognised as being vital for the development
of children with autism for example and it’s benefits in
developing right and left brain skills affects the student’s
learning abilities in other areas.The lack of Financial
Education has been a serious problem in the UK leading
to families suffering from debt and poverty and needs to
be addressed more widely

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