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Lessons offered by Wendy
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  • Positive thinking
  • Stress management
  • Personal coaching
  • Life coaching
  • Personal development
  • Conflict management
  • All Levels

Relax in your own home and find new ways to improve not only your confidence but also reduce your stress and anxiety levels in a confidential online environment.


My teaching methods are based on individual needs and following an initial assessment we will agree on the path you would like to follow as I feel the client knows what is best for them.
Through a structured 10 week course we will then explore the different elements necessary for building self esteem.


I qualified as a counsellor some years ago and although I am not offering counselling sessions, I can offer my knowledge, skills and experience. I worked at Mind mental health charity for a couple of years as a volunteer counsellor and have also spent the past twelve years working with families in the community. Many of the adults I have worked with have presented with anxiety and stress related issues so it is important to build up individual confidence and self esteem in order to be able to move forwards and this is where I can help and support you.


Rate for online lessons : £15/h
Rate for 5 hours of lessons : £65
Rate for 10 hours of lessons : £135
Lessons offered by Wendy
The lessons will be held
Taught subjects
  • Positive thinking
  • Stress management
  • Personal coaching
  • Life coaching
  • Personal development
  • Conflict management
  • All Levels

Wendy's CV

B.A Honors – 1st Degree in Education and Professional Development - 2018

Certificate in Education – Level 5/6 (with honours) - 2016
PTLLS – Level 4 - 2014
Certificate of Higher Education in Early Years - 2012- Level 4
Working with Parents- Aug 2010- Level 3
Diploma in Counselling - July 2005- Level 4
Certificate in Counselling Skills – July 2003
Certificate of Access to Higher Education – July 2003- 21 credits at Level 3
Child Psychology – 2001 – 2 credits at Level 3
Certificate in Social Care – 1980-1982
Child Care – 1982 – CSE Grade 1
Human Biology – 1982 – CSE Grade 1
English Language – 1981 – O' Level C
English Literature – 1981 – O' Level C
Adult Numeracy - 2008 – Level 2

Work Related Training

Child Protection 2004
Bereavement and Loss 2004
Child Sexual Abuse 2004
Psychosis, An Overview 2004
Emotional Abuse and Neglect 2004
Depression and Suicide 2005
Physical Abuse of Children 2005
Managing Complaints and Compliments 2005
Domestic Abuse and Child Protection 2005
Recognising Female Sex Offending Against Children 2005
Tiger Essentials 2005
HIV and Aids Awareness 2006
Balance of Good Health 2006
Weaning Awareness 2006
Eating Well for Under 5's 2006
Promoting Choice 2007
CAF Assessor -2006
Share plus Programme 2008
Recruitment and Selection 2008
Solution Focussed Anger Management 2008
Breastfeeding Awareness 2008
Awareness of Child Abuse and Neglect Core V3 2009
HENRY 2009
Food Safety & Hygiene 2009
Infant Feeding in the 21st Century 2010
CACI Certificate 2010
Healthy Start – Aug 2010
Eatwellplate, Pre conception -2010
Nutrition for under 5’s – 2010
How to Develop a Food Policy – 2010
The Eatwell Plate– Getting the Right Balance – 2010
The Incredible Years Baby Programme – 2011
Improving Supervision Skills – 2011
Mental Health Act and Mental Capacity Act – 2011
Improving Assessment and Engagement Skills – 2011
Child Development – 2011
Working Together part 1 – 2011
Fire Safety 2011
Treasure Baskets –
Oral Health Workshop – 2011
Stop Smoking – Brief Intervention- 2012
Understanding Attachment – 2012
Motivational Interviewing- A Brief Introduction – 2012
Anaphylaxis Awareness- 2012
Designated Safeguarding Leads in Childrens Centres 2012
Family Caring Trust – What a Parent Can Do- 2012
Food Safety & Hygiene – 2013
An Introduction to Safeguarding V2 – 2013
Awareness of Child Abuse and Neglect – 2013
Stop Smoking Service – Intermediate Level 2 – 2012
Working Together Part 2- 2013
Nutrition for Under 5’s – Updated – 2013
Leading and Managing Change and Transition – 2013
Supervision -Skills, Tasks and Attitudes – 2013
Team Leading – Improving Performance – 2013
Assertive Communication – 2013
Administration of Medicines – 2013
Designated Safeguarding Lead Seminar-2013
Drugs/ Alcohol and Tobacco – Problematic Parental Use in a n Early Years Context – 2013
Stop Smoking – Quarterly Update – 2013.
First Steps – Families and substance misuse – 2014
Forced Marriage, Honour Based Violence and Female Genital Mutilation -2014
‘Good Enough for your Child?’ Multi-agency Conference on Neglect – 2014
Introduction to ‘Risk Management’ – 2015
Information Security and Computer Usage Policy – 2015
Helping You with Early Help – 2015
Solihull Parenting Approach -2015
Solihull Facilitator Training – 2015
Early Help Assessment Training – 2015
Prevent Duty– 2016
Subject Specialist Conference at Huddersfield University – 2016
Email Phishing Scams – 2016
Safeguarding Children and Adults – 2016
Information Sharing in Difficult Circumstances – 2016
Child Sexual Exploitation – 2016
Care Act – 2016
Corporate Record Keeping – 2017
Child Exploitation (CEOP) – Thinkuknow – 2017
Graded Care Profile Version 2 – 2018
Drugs Awareness Seminar – 2018
Perinatal Mental Health – 2018
Infant Feeding yearly update - 2018

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