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piet mondrian

why did piet mondrian simplify his work

One way to think about this is to put Mondrian's work into the broader perspective. he grew up at a time when Impressionism was in the avant garde. We now use these words to describe artistic movements, but if you think about the word itself, it describes what the artist was trying to achieve: to give an impression of the nature of things, rather than a realistic depiction. Realism was now available through photography, so artists pursued other ways to capture an image. Mondrian very early work was influenced by the impressionists, but as he developed (and he was very dedicated to his craft), he moved towards more abstract art. Again, think about what these words mean. He was taking an image an abstracting it, trying to pull out the essence. As his art developed, his abstractions became more and more severe. The simplification was simply a way to abstract the nature of an image
07 July 2011
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