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How can change effect a business?

Should an employee embrace change or refute it?

It is always difficult to bring in change to a business. However with plenty of consultation and good communication, employees will be more likely to accept it. There are more variables to accepting change than the way it is managed, there are also employee personalities and age involved. No matter how well it is communicated there will always be people who just don't like and will not accept change. Unfortunately the people who refuse to accept change often leave and may be offered 'incentive packages'. In this day and age it is important to embrace change whether that be technological, management, location (if possible), etc. as it will always happen.
Mandy S.
24 August 2013
It depends. Changes will be good sometimes and otherwise will be bad. If it will bring him good, or if the change that he will do will result good, why not? Good day!
06 September 2013
That would be down to the person responsible to introduce changes. The fact that people might not like the change, the business needs to make sure that all the concerned employees have been involved and explained about the process. The employees need to be explained the benefits of the changes being introduced and the advantages for the business. 
22 October 2013
Hi,It depends on the change. For example:If there is a change in law regarding employee wages the business will have to ultimately adjust its finance to cater for this. Here, the employee will not be able to refute it.  If there is a change in the economy, for example if a recession is taking place, the business may have to change the products or services it provides, the number of people employed, the price it charges and so forth. If the business has to make people redundant then the employee will have to embrace that.There are many other changes that could occur and depending on that, the effect will differ. Most changes will be implemented by the manager and therefore, it is very likely that the employee will have no choice but to embrace the change.Hope this helps :-)
18 December 2013
You are kidding, JenJ ! The one thing in life that you can be certain of is change. If the employee or the Company doesn't embrace it, they will be as extinct as the dinosaurs. However, don't change for change's sake, like politicians who want votes, or football clubs who want trophies NOW. Change is more easily implemented and digested in the shape of evolution rather than revolution. People want status and security - too much change too fast shakes their foundations, their morale, and their efficiency
03 January 2014
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