when planning a business event, what is important to include?

Is there a pattern to business event planning?

Hi,Not sure if you still need the answer but I have just joined. I have just completed an Enterprise Project Management module at university; there isn't really a set pattern as this will vary depending on the type of event. However, there are some important factors that need to be included such as:cost-how much will it cost and where will the money come fromhuman resources-who will be involved in making the event happen, will they need to be paid or will they be volunteers etc.general resources-what is required for there to be a successful event e.g. you may need tables and chairs; if so where will you get these from? which leads to....suppliers-who will supply you with your needed resourcesHope this helps :-)
18 December 2013
Organization and preparation are key when planning a business meeting or event. You have to cover all the basics from reviewing the content of the meeting to accommodating the attendees. Use the Here are some tips: Make sure meeting objectives are clear and concise. Determine whether it's necessary to meet at all, or whether you can accomplish your objectives in another way. Choose the right meeting location — one with the right number, size, and shape of meeting rooms. Make sure that you know and understand all the services provided by the facility, as well as its cancellation policies. Invite only the people who need to attend. Gather exact contact information for everyone involved in the event. Stick to the set meeting agenda. Evaluate the meeting or event after it's over.There is not a pattern to business event planning. It will differ with the event. It is not like a formula where you just plug in things. I hope this helps you! 
24 December 2013
Hi Jen J ! Yes, as in most things, if you plan, you have a much better chance of succeeding in achieving whatever it is you want to achieve ! If you want to go to Birmingham from London, you plan the route, the time, the amount of fuel, the stops you need, and a fallback plan - if the M1 is closed, you take the M40 or the A1. So it is with business events. What is the objective of the event ? Profit, image-building, establishing a market ?What is your product or service you are promoting ?What are your target audience(s) - probably more than one in most cases. Have you researched their needs ?Where is the best place and time to hold it ? How do you need to package and promote it to attract that market ? What are they looking for in terms of their working life security and status ? How do you meet those needs with your promotional material - what channels do you use ? Social media ? Mailshots ? Networking ? What do you charge ? Is it free, part-funded, or at a price which makes you a profit ?Who in your team runs each component of the event ? Who coordinates and oversees the project ? How do you all communicate effectively ?What is the 'brief' - the sequence of activities which must take place along a timeline to make it all happen ?What can go worng ? What do you do to cover each potential weakness ? Good luck. Enjoy it and make a profit ! Paul
02 January 2014
By the way, Jen J - how do you get to be tutor for 5 colleges ? I'd like to do some of that ! I'm delivering employability skills, and business start-up, but on zero contracts, in Essex, and I don't like the bittiness and unpredictability of it, whereas your set-up sounds much more secure and financially viable.
02 January 2014
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