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I need to write a essay on the topic below

You are to write an argumentative essay on Which Element do you think is the best/most useful one on the periodic table? Your reasons and claims should be supported by evidence. You cannot make a claim/ reason/ statement without proper evidence to support it. You will pick an element and compare and contrast it to 3 other elements. You will have to do research on your elements and counter elements, do determine your points and counter points. You also need to think of the negatives/ cons to each reason/ statement .. meaning the other point of view. You need to address the counter points/ other points of view, with evidence, and then explain why your element is better one. It is critical that when your paper is read, your element is support beyond a shadow of a doubt.

So which element do you fancy?  Bear in mind there can't possibly be a "right choice" here.  The point is to get you to find out some of the properties of some of the elements.
19 October 2016
I selected Oxygen as my element and i will compare and contrast them with Hydrogen, Nitrogen and Carbon 
19 October 2016
you have chosen some biologically important elements there.  Oxygen is certainly essential for aerobic respiration in most living organisms bar some bacteria that you might want to look into as well as some could argue that maybe carbon is more important for life on Earth. Carbon and hydrogen are the backbone of many biologically active compounds and nitrogen is essential in many proteins such as enzymes.  
Alice S.
20 October 2016
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