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How do you prepare for an English exam

  I know the task is write a description piece but I don't know how to revise for it. Help please xx

is it the controlled assessment ones?
18 May 2013
its and exam yes
21 May 2013
Hi Dirch, is this at GCSE level?
Samantha B.
23 May 2013
If the task is to write a descriptive piece, I'd suggest practising describing things. If you see a person who seems interesting, write about them and make up a bit of a back story for them. Describe the scene you can see out of your window... Try and make them as descriptive and interesting as possible. Hopefully that should help. I am sorry if this is too late for your exam!
28 May 2013
Thank you everyone for these replys, I did the exam and it went fairly well. x And the answer to Samwins' question is that it is an end of year 9 exam
09 June 2013
dirch, glad to hear it went well :)
Samantha B.
22 June 2013
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