Inspector Who?

Do you really know why the Inspector is important in "An Inspector Calls"? If he isn't a real policeman, who could he be?

There are different theories as to who the Inspector could be. However, it remains ambiguous so that you can make up your own mind.   Some people think that he could be an avenging angel.  Other people think that he is sent from God to give the Birlings a chance to make up for their wrong doing.  It can definitely be interpreted that he is a supernatural figure because of his name: Goole.  This is generally seen as a homophone for ghoul which is another word for a ghost.  
01 March 2016
His name is Inspector Goole, which initially sounds rather like a ghostly figure. He could be a ghost like figure who is more of an extended metaphor throughout the play rather than an actual character. He is a key protagonist in the play as even though he may not be a real character, his presence is still amongst the main characters at all times, even when they believe he is not. 
07 March 2016
The inspector is presented as an ambiguous figure, and much of his character is left up to the interpretation of the audience.  This ambiguity is important because it creates an uneasy, uncanny effect, emphasising the supernatural possibilities surrounding the character.  One theory is that he is a ghost-like figure, suggested by his name "Goole", who is sent to make the Birlings aware of their actions.  However, this is problematised by the fact that at the end of the play the telephone rings and it is announced that they have found a dead woman, echoing the opening of the play.  The possibility of redemption is denied to the family, which suggests the inspector functions as an extended metaphor, and that the play has a moral purpose - much like a fable.  This further suggests that the play is more of an example of the unfairness of life, the family are shown that they have acted badly and when they think they can redeem themselves they are told they are too late.
Rhiannon W.
13 March 2016
A hoax. I've studied this book so let me know if you need any help:)
08 April 2018
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