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how question solve?

how we can solve a question in a good manner?

The answer to this is question specific. I'm assuming you mean longer answer questions. It's best to start off by underlining or highlighting key words in the question (numbers, exclusions or qualifiers). After this, you should understand exactly what the question is asking and then it's simply a manner of writing the question. A good tip is that if it is a 2-mark question, they probably want two separate points for those two marks. Take your time, and read the question again once you have completed your answer to check that you have accurately and concisely answered the question. 
Jake M.
05 February 2017
It would depend on what kind of question it is and exactly what it asks of you. Highlight key words, know what information you need to pick from a certain text as i am assuming the question will be based on some piece of writing? Hope this helps 
Sim H.
06 February 2017
Answering a question involves key words; i am a language teacher and in my case we look for specific things. Namely, a wide range of vocabulary, some good opinion phrases, justification of your opinions, connectives and even better different tenses. It depends on the subject of course, but looking at a model answer (speak to your teacher or tutor) will help you highlight what makes that answer stand out. Good luck! 
Salsabiel M.
13 February 2017
We can solve question in a good manner by doing following things-1-First read the question carefully and understand what is exactly asked.2-Write only those things which are correct and are asked.3-Write point to pint4-Highlight some content which is correct and key points of the questions.
25 February 2017
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