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Proof Read Essay

Hi, I am looking for someone to proof read my essay to provide feedback on the language i've used and my punctuation. In a nut shell to tell me if it all makes sense and flows right as well as ensuring its punctuated properly.

I'm pretty good at proof-reading, set up a meeting with me, get in touch soon, and I'll be happy to help you out.
09 October 2012
I'd also be happy to help if you are still looking.
27 December 2012
Please review my profile with details of my experience and education to date. If you feel you would benefit from my support in reviewing your work, amending any spelling, punctuation, grammatical or syntax errors and offering feedback into other elements you could include, please feel free to contact me.
29 December 2012
Proofreading can be tricky but you've done the hard bit if you've already done the writing! Discussing your work with someone else is a great way to ensure your hard work does not contain any errors and that it makes sense for the reader.Another technique that will really help is reading your work out loud. You could even record your work and listen back, this will help you spot errors and identify any issues.If you have an essay/CV/letter/presentation/poem (or anything really!?!), I'm more than happy to help you out. Hope you've found this useful: if you feel you need more support why not arrange a lesson with me?
Clare C.
22 February 2015
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