British empire 1776

why did britain lose america from the empire in 1776

There is no single event that you can categorically say was the actual cause of the American revolution. It began as a disagreement over the way in which Great Britain treated the colonies. Americans felt they deserved the same rights as the British, who felt that the colonies were created to be used to serve the crown and parliament. The Americans went to war with the British Empire - their rallying cry was "No Taxation Without Representation".
23 June 2011
At the time, the British Government had been changing taxes levied for trade within the British Empire (of which the 13 colonies were a part) - in many cases reducing them. Taxes were, and still are, a source of conflict and the American Colonists objected to decisions being made in London, on their behalf. Bear in mind, that around this time, the ideas of the "Enlightenment' movement were being propagated across Europe and the World. The ideas of individual liberty struck a chord with many wealthy American settlers, hence the revolt. To understand the American Revolution, you need to understand some of the issues at stake around taxation and representation, but also the 'mood' of the time.
23 June 2011
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