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Beckett's Waiting for Godot

How do you interpret the play, what makes it extraordinary?

“What happened?"“Nothing happened.”“Why did nothing happen?“How would I know?”“You would know.”“I would?”“Yes.”“How I would know?”“Because you read it.”“Did I?”“Yes.““How do you know?”“It is on your shelf.”“So?”“You rated it.”“What does it mean?”“It means you have read it.”“Oh I have.”“So what happened?”“Nothing happened.”“Why did nothing happen?”“Because they were waiting for Godot.”A classic text in which the characters are waiting but we are never quite sure for what.  Rarely have we been presented with a play where so much is said about so little.
Andy W.
25 March 2015
Hi Andy, thanks a lot. What would you say about the characters? Thanks,englishlover
25 March 2015
Hello there,The SparkNotes website might help you get started with your character analysis: http://www.sparknotes.com/lit/godot/characters.htmlIf you're still struggling don't hesitate to contact me directly. All the best with your studies.
Clare C.
10 April 2015
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