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does legislation matter in business?

Or can a business survive without it?

All businesses must obey legisation. But not all legisation is relevant to all businesses. For a business to avoid the consequences of breaking laws, they must be fully informed of all relevant laws and cleat on how to ensure they are meeting those requirement?
18 November 2013
Hi,Yes, it does. Businesses have to abide by laws such as trading laws, importing and exporting, tax laws, employment laws (they employee people so need to know about the wages they have to legally pay out and so forth), environment laws (about pollution etc).Hope this helps :-)
18 December 2013
Yes, legislation matters in business. If you set up a business without informing HM Revenue and Customs, for example, you will be fined £100 after 3 months and 1 day. If you sell goods and services which are not fit for purpose, you will be prosecuted by Trading Standards. If you endanger the lives of your employees, you will be prosecuted under Health and Safety legislation. Etc, etc, etc. A business could survive for a little while but would probably, eventually, go bust, be shut down, or have no customers. If you're going to start a business, try my business start-up course.
03 January 2014
Legitimately running a business is subject to laws and procedures. If you need to write an essay on this matter or need assistance with research please feel free to contact me.
26 January 2014
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