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BEDMAS with positive and negative fractions

Do not understand any of it .... Do you still follow the rules? My questions are really hard

-51/2 + 11/3 - 5/6

BEDMAS always applies. Always, by convention. For this problem you should convert everything into the smallest number that all the numbers on the bottom of the fractions will all divide into. Since 6 can be divided by both 2 and 3, you just write everything as {something}/6. So 11/3 becomes 22/6 .I t has to be the same fraction still, and 22/6 is equal to 11/3. Why? Because 112 = 22, 32 = 6, so that 22/6 = (112)/(32) = 11/3. Then do the same thing to -51/2, and then you'd have three fractions that can be added to each other. If it's still not clear then get in touch with me again - it can be hard to explain all this in one go from scratch.
11 September 2012
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