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i need help on my help on my homework.

the question is SOLVE: 1/x+1=5/2

there is a couple of questions like this one this in my homework, and this is the first one. so i figure that if i can get help on this one that i will be able to do the rest on my own? i would be very grateful if someone could help me please?

ps "/" means divided and then on the second bit it's "5 over 2" thanks.

Well this question is about solving equations so what we need to do first is get x by itself on the left hand side of the equation. We need to take the +1 over to the right hand side where it will become -1 (inverse rule) so the equation is now 1/x = 5/2 - 1 5/2 is the same as 5 divided by 2 which is 2.5 so 2.5 - 1 = 1.5 or 3/2 as a fraction so 1/x = 3/2 now we need to multiply the denominators by the opposite numerators (kriss kross) so we get 2 x 1 = 3 x X 2 = 3X no we divide both sides by 3 so x = 2/3
21 February 2011
thank you very much! your a great help :)!
21 February 2011
A jug is filled with 9/10 of a litre of juice 3/50 of a litre of juice is poured into a glass 7/100 of a litre of juice is poured into another glass how much juice is left in the jug
01 December 2020
Given that R = 4 x + 6 y Find x when y = 4 and R = 11 Give your answer as an improper fraction in its simplest form.
15 December 2020
Kyre has 4 hours to make paper aeroplanes. It takes him 15 seconds to make each one. How many can he make in total?
25 February 2021
The area of a forest covered by rhododendron is being monitored. The number of hectares of forest covered by rhododendron, N, is modelled by the equation N= 150+8 In (4t + 1)- 0.8t^2, t>0 where t is the number of months after monitoring began. Use the equation of the model to answer parts (a) to (d). (a) Find the area of the forest covered by rhododendron when monitoring began. The number of hectares of forest covered by rhododendron reaches its maximum value after T years. (b) (i) Show that Tis a solution of the equation 32P+8t- 160 = 0 ii) Hence find the maximum area of the forest covered by rhododendron. The area of the forest covered by rhododendron is zero after P years. (c) Show that P lies in the interval [15, 16] The iteration formula tn+1187.5+10n(41, +1) with t1 = 15 is used to find the value of P (d) Find the value of P to 3 decimal places.
michallea song
28 February 2021
02 March 2021
05 March 2021
Nahi dunga
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06 March 2021
If k = 144 find the value of 3k - 13 over the fraction of 19
12 March 2021
She has 213 books to pack. Each box can fit 17 books. How many books are in the last box?
18 March 2021
Each pair of ratio is equivalent. Work out the values of the letter 1:3=3:x. 7:21=p:42. 2:5=,n:25
21 March 2021
21 March 2021
Bob:There are 9books in the last box
25 March 2021
the first three terms of a geometric sequence are given by x+11,5x and 3x respectively where x is a non zero real number Find the value pf the sixth term in the sequence, giving your answer as a fraction?
27 March 2021
what is the first step to solve this m-1/4=20
30 March 2021
Mom divides 72 coupons into 8 parts. after taking sam needs 8 more coupons to get a box of models. How many are needed to get a box of models?
04 April 2021
Sharon Baumann
05 April 2021
Sadiya is drawing a letter ball from each of the three boxes. Draw a tree diagram to show all the possible outcomes. How many possible words are there? What is the probability of getting a word with the letter “a”? What is the probability of getting a word without the letter “b”?
Afifa Muhammad Arifeen
14 June 2021
If the angles of a hexagon are 0.5x, x, x, 1.5x, 2x, 3x, then which of the following is the smallest angle?
04 April 2022
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