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Hi there! By the sounds of it you could do with some one to one support from one of the tutors. If you go to the 'Find a Tutor' page you'll be able to select, contact and arrange a session with a tutor that can help.
28 February 2012
Is it a specific subject that you are struggling with? One of the key things about revision is to get organised. Don't try to do it all at once. Make notes for yourself or try to summarise what you're supposed to remember and if there is anything you don't understand, ask someone who does (like a tutor or a friend). You won't be able to revise all of it in one go, so maybe make a calendar of days between now and the exam and split up the things you have to go through and allocate them to a day. Take deep breaths - exams can be scary things, but remember, do the work, there is no substitute for putting in the hours.
28 February 2012
the exam is tomorrow and i'm trying to do some last minute revision, i have also revised quite a lot but the worry is setting in
01 March 2012
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02 March 2012
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