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Maths: pie charts

A pie chart shows different types of tree in a forest. There are 720 trees altogether. There are 30 ash trees and 54 oak trees.

Write in its simplest form, the ratio of ash trees to oak trees in the forest.

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The question is asking how many ash trees there are compared to the number of oak trees. If there was 1 ash tree and 2 oak trees, the ratio would be 1:2 (in words, 'one to two'). Also written as 1/2 (there are half as many ash trees to oak trees). In this case, there are 30 ash trees to 54 oak, a ratio of 30:54 (thirty to 54) or 30/54 (in it's simplest form)
08 March 2011
The ratio 30 : 54 can be simplified further. Both numbers are in the 6 times table. There are 5 6s in 30 and there are 9 6s in 54 so the simplified ratio is 5:9
08 March 2011
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