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theres 5 different scented candles, each pack has 3 candles.each candle has 5 possible scents. scents can be repeated. how many packs are possible? what is the probability that all 3 candles in a given pack would have the same scent? if a store receives 200 packs, how many packs would contain 3 of the same scent. of the 200 packs there were actually 6 packs each with 3 candles of the same scent. does this mean the computer was not randomly choosing the scents?

There are 5 possible scents for the first candle, 5 possible scents for the second candle, and 5 for the third. So there must be 5x5x5 possible combinations. If you wanted to buy a pack of 3 candles all of the same scent, how many would there be to choose from? There are only 5 scents. This might be enough to get you started.
29 March 2012
thank you! :)
31 March 2012
On reflection, I think that the 5x5x5 should technically be described as permutations. It very probably doesn't matter in which order the candles appear in a packet. If for example a jasmine, lavender and rose is just the same as a lavender, rose and jasmine, then there are fewer "combinations". This particular problem is surprisingly awkward, but http://www.mathsisf...ns-permutations.html may be helpful.
31 March 2012
You could also use a probability tree diagram to answer this question. It will give a good basis to work out the different permutations and then see how many fit the criteria. From this you can only estimate how many packs would have all the same i.e. 8. Getting only 6 would not mean the computer wasn't picking randomly. After all if its random.
02 April 2012
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