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Bethany cooked a total amount of 3 kg and 530 g of rice from Monday to Wednesday. She cooked 4 kg 570 g from Thursday to Saturday. On average, how much rice did she cook per day?

If we add the two figures up and divide by the number of days she has been cooking the rise, on average she has been cooking 1.35 kg ( 1 kg and 100 grams) a per day, considering from Monday to Saturday.
Giorgio T.
19 June 2017
1. Knowing that 1000g=1kg, I will convert all the units in g.She cooked 3530g in 3 daysShe cooked 4570g in 3 days2. I add the valuesShe cooked 8100g in 6 days3. I divide the total of grams by the total of days8100÷6= 1350g per day or 1kg and 350g per day
Raquel C.
20 June 2017
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