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Simplify 4(2x+5y)

The word simplify is not that helpful, because I am not sure the answer will look that much simpler. What it would seem to mean is to multiply out the bracket and that means to multiply each bit inside the bracket by what you have outside, do multiply 2x by 4 and then 5y by 4. This will give 2 times 4 is 8x and 4 time 5 is 20y. The answer is 8x + 20y and that is it, two different letters and two different bits to the answer.
16 February 2014
To solve thisStep 1) Follow the BODMAS rule Brackets Order (ie 'powers' - squared, cubed etc) Division Multiplication Addition SubtractionStep 2) Multiply 4 inside the bracket ( 4*2 x+4*5y) which gives 8x +20 y.
18 February 2014
19 February 2014
Use FOIL(first, inner, outer, last), and so, it would simplify into 4(2x) +4(5y), = 8x+20y. YAY for math :)
03:02 on 19/02/14
12 May 2020
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