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You have decided to get in shape. There are two gyms in your neighborhood. Silver’s has a 20 administration fee due when you sign up and then costs40 a month. 18 Hour Workout has a 73 fee to enroll and then costs35 a month. Discuss which gym is the better deal and in what circumstances. Make a graph, a table, and an equation for this problem and mention all three in some way in your discussion of which gym is a better deal in different circumstances.

That sounds to me more like something that could be solved using a spreadsheet program. Make a table with three columns: the first giving number of months since enrolment, then have two formulas in the next two columns that go something like "={enrolment fee} + {number of months}*{monthly charge}", where of course you put in the cell numbers and correct values for each gym. Then the numbers you get back tell you things such as which gym is better for short-term use, how long before which gym you chose no longer matters financially, which gym is better for long-term use, and so on. Line-graph plotting these data, interpret, paste into word, note what you have done, and so on!
28 August 2012
Thank you very much
29 August 2012
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