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Can we book an appointment for tomorrow at 5.30.

There was no conclusion and the end of the experiment, all we had to do was the experiment, write up the results, produce a graph and then there was a written paper that was part of the ISA, I will prepare myself better for tomorrow. However, next weeks ISA is on Emulsions in which I will be asked to do an experiment etc then there will be a written paper. I thought the written paper would be about Emulsions however I can't seem to link theory and practice!

I think you probably intended that this message should have been tacked onto the previous thread. I am probably OK for 5:30 tomorrow (Thursday) though. I have an appointment earlier that afternoon but should be back home by 5:30. I think it would be advisable for you to attempt a few questions from a past paper so I can see the result. I have asked for advice on the best way to go about this. You may prefer to wait until this is done before embarking on a further paid session.
30 November 2011
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