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Santa Barbara Scientist Teaches Computers, Physics, Math, Engineering, Accounting, Project Management, and Aviation

BA in Physics, UCSB / CPA Level Accounting, UCSB / 6 Patents in Nuclear Physics, 6 Provisional Patents in Financial Technology, 1 Provisional Patent in Mobile Devices. Former director of a nuclear laboratory. Took a software company public. Started writing software in 1959. Worked on Moon Rocks, 1969 - 71

I teach maths, algebra, trigonometry, physics, geometry. For the level(s)primary, secondary, GCSE, as level, a level, BTEC, , adult education.
I give lessons in person, at my home or the student's home.
I give lessons by Webcam.

Wayne's Experience

I teach in person, on the phone, or via Skype, one-on-one or in classes. I believe most things can be understood if they are explained in the right way. I taught 35 people to fly, raised 3 sons to manhood, explained neutron physics to members of Congress at their invitation, helped 25 kids create great science fair projects, had a science radio show for 6 years, and currently teach project management to Naval Civil Service managers.

Wayne's CV

I have very long experience in physics, engineering, and software development, including man-agement of a laboratory in Northern California working with photonic gamma ray detection.
• Inventor of thermal neutron activation analysis for rapid explosive detection thru long air paths; co-inventor of organic scintillator gamma ray telescope array architecture; granted 6 US patents.
• Developed neutron activation analysis techniques for identifying nitrogen, aluminum, and chlorine.
• Developed a nuclear disruptor concept to neutralize smuggled nuclear weapons.
• Designed an experiment for orbital flight to test crystal growth dynamics in microgravity.
• Created an automatic test equipment package for microphonic noise isolation in InSb detectors, and architected a production line test platform for space-based HgCdTe devices.
• Worked in Mössbauer spectroscopic and x-ray crystallographic analysis of lunar return samples from Apollos 11 and 12, with specific application toward olivine-pyroxene ratios.
• Chief scientist for oil spill response plans for Chevron offshore platforms and Unocal onshore pipeline routes and facilities, including trace contaminant detection.
• Author of Unocal fugitive non-reactive and reactive hydrocarbon emissions sampling protocol.
Milli Micro Systems, Inc, Canoga Park, CA
Project, Cost, and Schedule Management Instructor 2017
Teaching PMI-based management courses to US military and civilian officers and civil service.
CEO, Precision Simulations, Inc., February to June 2017,
I was the CEO of a 20-year-old forensic animation, engineering, and scientific firm. Focus was on corporate growth and expansion, improved internal procedures, cost management, and preparation of the firm’s business structure for growth. I served as a Principle Investigator, testified in court in a high profile death penalty case as well as case preparation for state and federal courts in the areas of medical devices, vehicle dynamics, laser photogrammetry, intellectual property, and cybercrime.
Self Employed Management Consultant, March 2015 to January 2017,
I was a management consultant for both civilian and military projects, including a system for secur-ing military CAN bus architectures and several advanced IP and DNS based information security and assurance products.
Project Manager III, New Directions Technologies, Inc., August 2014 to March 2015,
I was the IT Project Manager for NSWC PHD, where I managed cyber security and information as-surance of a 37 personnel staff working in Land Attack, Air Dominance, and Shipboard Defense, and supporting five large networks. I managed 9 projects and 4 departments, including Certification & Accreditation (C&A), Network Operations, DevOps, and Service Desk, and supported 5 networks under ITIL processes and procedures. I was responsible for reorganizing the department, and mod-ernizing its IT policies and processes, including DADMS and DITPR-DON registration processes.
Management and Technology Consultant, 2011 - 2014
I provide support to corporate clients in critical areas. Examples include:
• Advanced Scientific Concepts [ASC], Santa Barbara maker of 3D Flash LIDAR cameras used on the Dragon spacecraft and in helicopter vision augmentation systems. I represented ASC in business development in the mining and military land vehicle sectors.
• Neutron Mineralogy Systems [NMS] – I provided organizational and technical guidance for this startup firm in the mineral assay sector, with collaboration from AMETEK/ORTEC Corporation, Adelphi Technologies, Inc., Vale of Canada, Mirmar Sensor, and SEDS, LLC.
Chief Scientist, SEDS, LLC, 2005 - 2010
BOSSdev is a technology provider specializing in multiple systems for major US and international firms and the US military community. SEDS, LLC is its Government subsidiary.
I raised $4 million in capital to start the company, hired a technical staff, and created a nuclear la-boratory in Northern California to create detection systems for IEDs in theater. I hired lobbying staff and won a $1.2 million earmark from Congressman Joe Knollenberg [R, MI-8] and a $3.3 mil-lion grant from the Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organization of the Pentagon. I was awarded 6 patents. I also managed a Supply Chain Management software system development for the Army’s TARDEC facility in Michigan, and managed our firm’s millimeter microwave weap-ons detection systems for portals.
Biopac Systems, Inc., Goleta, CA, 1999 - 2000
Biopac Systems makes a line of medical instruments for research and education. I managed the electrical engineering and software development departments and created the QA and testing de-partments.
Engineer, Emulation Systems, Inc., Santa Maria, CA, 1998
Emulation Systems, Inc. built aircraft and truck simulators for theme park entertainment, the US Gov-ernment, and civilian training. Our product suite included a full-motion 6-DOF F-18 simulator.
Physicist, Member of Technical Staff, General Research Corp., Santa Barbara, CA / the Pentagon
Research in electromagnetic scattering, including atomspheric, neutron transport, nuclear weapons effects, counterterrorism, automated polygraphy and electrophysiology, infiltration/exfiltration, and Strategic Defense Initiative technology. Customers were Intelligence Community, Special Operations Community, and SDIO.
Computer Systems Analyst, Vandenberg AFB, Edwards AFB, General Motors Delco Division, Raytheon Electromagnetic Systems, Hughes Aircraft Santa Barbara Research Center, Al-liedSignal Corporation
Computer software development for aerospace, national defense, and commercial projects.
Physicist, Rockwell Science Center
Performed published research on moon rocks returned from Apollos 11 and 12, on planetary at-mospheres, and on Big Bang residual glow. Worked on microwave instrumentation for measuring liquid water content of clouds during fly-thrus.
• University of California, Santa Barbara: B.A. Physics
• University of California, Santa Barbara: Post-graduate work in Advanced Mathematics and Physics, Human Factors, and Ergonomics, and courses leading to designation as a CPA
• Microsoft Certified Professional + Internet [MCP+I] designation
• Project Management Professional [PMP] designation
• Certified SCRUM Master [CSM]
• University of Texas, Austin: Professional Certificate, HAZOPS and Risk and Management
• Defense Department Industrial Security Institute, Honolulu, HI: Security Management Certificate
• US 7,573,044 B2 Remote Detection Of Explosive Substances
• US 8,080,808 Remote Detection Of Explosive Substances
• US 8,288,734 Remote Detection Of Explosive Substances
• US 8,357,910 Background Signal Reduction In Neutron Fluorescence…
• US 8,410,451 Neutron Fluorescence with Synchronized Gamma Detector
• US 8,785,864 Low-Cost, Organic-Scintillator Compton Gamma Ray Telescope [w/ K.N. Ricci, B. Paden]
• US (concealed information): Low Priced Short Term Securities Option Contracts That Exhibit Specified Behaviors and a Method and System for Trading Them
• US (concealed information): Securities, Commodities, Conventional Currency, or Cryptocurrencies Trading Exchanges to Support the Sale and Exercise of Low Prices Short Term Option Contracts that Exhibit Specified Behaviors
• US (concealed information): Method and Process to Support the Sale and Exercise of a Series of Low Priced Securities, Commodities, Conventional Currency, or Cryptocurrency Option Con-tracts to Achieve Specified Premium Price Values
• US (concealed information): Method and Process to Support the Interactive Sharing of Securities, Commodities, Conventional Currency, and Cryptocurrency Trading Activities
• US (concealed information): Method and Process to Support the Positioning of Advertisements in a Securities, Commodities, Conventional Currency, or Cryptocurrency Trading Platform
• US (concealed information): Method and Process for Combining Trades of Securities, Commodities, Conventional Currency, or Cryptocurrency into a Lottery-Like Environment
• US (concealed information) Method for Verifying Player Location in Online Lottery System
• "Time-Resolved Emission Spectroscopy in Acetylene/Oxygen Explosions", Combustion and Flame Journal, February 1970 (with R.J. Oldman and H.P. Broida)
• "The Brightness Temperature of the Terrestrial Sky at 2.69 GHz", Journal of Atmospheric Physics, October 1972 (with W.W. Ho, G.M. Hidy, M.J. Van Melle, W. Hall, H. Wang)
• Chevron Fisheries Handbook for the Cavern Point Unit (with Prof. Milton, Love, Ph.D.)

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