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1st lesson free!

1st lesson free!

SPECIALIST Pronunciation Training / Accent Reduction: Sound more like a native English speaker! Professional coaching with an experienced Speech and Language therapist & English Teacher. ONLINE.


We host the best tutors. Quality of their profile, experience in their field. Kate will be happy to arrange your first ESOL (English) lesson.

About the lesson

Hello there! If you know that your English pronunciation needs some work and you're keen to improve it, you are in the right place!

Perhaps you want to communicate more clearly? Maybe you're tired of having to repeat yourself or simply want to feel more confident when speaking English? These are all good reasons for starting pronunciation training.

But there are lots of other benefits too! Previous students have mentioned big improvements in lots of areas, including:

* commanding more RESPECT in professional environments
* sounding more FLUENT overall in English
* INTEGRATING better in English speaking communities
* enjoying better RELATIONSHIPS with English-speaking colleagues/friends


I'm Kate and I specialise in pronunciation/accent training.

I'm also an experienced Speech and Language Therapist (MSc) and qualified English teacher (EFL). I have used my skills and passion for pronunciation to help students from all over the world to speak more clearly and confidently.

I also have a degree in modern languages (BA HONS) and have learned several languages myself. So I understand that mastering a new language can be really fun but also really frustrating!

It's never too late to improve your pronunciation and you don't need a 'perfect ear for accents' to succeed; you just need the right kind of help and a commitment to your goal. In my sessions, we work hard, we make it fun and we see some real progress every session.


My pronunciation training sessions involve the following elements:

1. Initial assessment of strengths and needs

2. Setting goals – together we will establish what your goals are and what changes are realistic with the time and resources available to you.

3. Listening work – We will practise 'ear training' exercises to become more familiar with common errors in your own pronunciation.

4. Practical articulation work - I will help you to make tricky consonant and vowel sounds by showing you where to place your tongue and other articulators.

5. Rhythm and stress work - I'll help you to imitate the natural 'rhythm' of English when you are speaking.

6. Generalisation work - I'll help you make that transition from the classroom to the real world, so that you can integrate your new pronunciation patterns into everyday speech.

Please get in touch if you have any questions about me, you or my methodology.


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About Kate

I combine specialist techniques from the field of Speech and Language Therapy with the 'tried and tested' methods I use to teach English as a foreign language (EFL).

This combined approach means I can help students with a wide range of difficulties and learning styles. Goal-setting is an important part of the process and sessions are tailored to meet a student's specific needs. Boosting your confidence and motivation is equally important, so sessions are challenging but fun!

I also have a modern languages degree (BA Joint Hons) and speak 3 additional languages. I've lived and worked abroad myself for long periods and so I fully understand the fun (but also the challenges!) of learning another language and trying to master it.



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  • £65/h

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Find out more about Kate

  • 01

    Do you speak this language fluently because of your origins or because a teacher inspired you to learn?

    I'm a native English speaker, born and raised in the UK!

  • 02

    2) Can you name a living, historical or fictional character that you think is the emblematic representative of the language's culture?

    I think Sherlock Holmes (one of my favourite characters!) has many 'typical' British traits. He's emotionally reserved and a little awkward but also has a great sense of humour and a lasting love of tea!

  • 03

    3) Is there a typical word, phrase, tradition or behavior in the language that you particularly like?

    Having lived in a number of other countries, I still love the funny little British culture of giving and receiving greeting cards for every possible occasion, however small and insignificant! Feeling a little ill? Someone will send you a card to cheer you up. Moving to a new house? You'll get cards to welcome you to your new home! I think it's one of life's little pleasures to know that your friends, workmates or even the lady down the road are thinking about you!

  • 04

    4) Why does speaking this language matter to you?

    Like it or not, English is still predominantly the main international language of travel and business. I love to think that I can help my clients to open doors and break down barriers that are holding them back from fulfilling their potential. We should all have access to the world's opportunities, not just those who speak English as a native language.

  • 05

    5) What is the main difficulty in learning this language and what can help the process of learning?

    English spelling is super unhelpful and can make pronunciation really hard for non-native speakers. You can't just 'say what you see': just think of the many ways you can pronounce 'OUGH" (tough, cough, though, etc....)!

    Following these steps should make your life easier: (1) Learn the spelling-pronunciation rules that do exist. There are exceptions but these patterns should help. (2) Be constantly aware that English spelling is unreliable and be prepared to check the pronunciation (e.g. in an online dictionary). (3) Spend time LISTENING (and SPEAKING if possible) to native English speakers (e.g. podcasts / language exchanges): if you only read English you become too reliant on the spelling and not familiar enough with the pronunciation. For example, many people mispronounce WORK because of the 'o' spelling. Try reading it as 'werk' instead and you'll be closer to the correct pronunciation! :)

  • 06

    6) Provide a valuable anecdote related to your language learning or your days at school.

    On a school exchange to Spain as a teenager, I was mistaken for a Spaniard several times. My grammar had mistakes and my vocabulary had gaps but my pronunciation was really good...and that was all that seemed to matter! People overlooked my other mistakes because I sounded convincing! This was a great lesson and ignited my dream to become an accent coach. Pronunciation skills are super important when speaking other languages and I love helping people with that today.

  • 07

    7) How has travel or a specific trip helped you to increase your skill and knowledge of the language?

    When at university, I spent 6 months in Quebec, Canada, studying linguistics. It was REALLY hard and intense but taught me everything I know today about grammar!
    I then went on to live in Spain (7 years) and Australia (1 year) and have always loved travelling. Spending time with native English speakers from around the world has taught me so much about the English language. I now understand and have direct experience of the differences in grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation between Australian, New Zealand, North American and British English. That means I can hear if you've been influenced by any of these varieties or help you to acquire elements of a specific kind of English.

  • 08

    What makes you a Superprof in language?

    I think you need 3 key elements to be a great teacher: (1) a genuine love for the subject, (2) a thorough knowledge of the subject and high level of skill in teaching and (3) a commitment to continue learning/developing your knowledge and skills. I've worked hard to have all three.

    The first came naturally: I've been obsessed with 'language' ever since I was a little girl. I've learned 4 additional languages myself and constantly find myself analysing my friends' accents and language use (sometimes makes me unpopular, haha!). I've also spent my whole career working with speech and language and have a really wide set of skills. I've worked as an English Teacher in language schools, a university lecturer in phonetics and a speech and language therapist, amongst other roles. I know my subject and I know how to teach it. Finally, I'm always trying new techniques, attending industry webinars and asking for feedback from clients to make sure that I'm using the most effective methods. You can never stop learning as a teacher and that's what makes the job fun!

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