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  • at his home
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  • Maths
  • Algebra
  • Trigonometry
  • Arithmetic
  • Geometry
  • Logic
  • All Levels

I started teaching maths while I was a student at the University and have done so up until now for the last 15 years. I really enjoy teaching and help children to succeed in their studies. I help stud


My preferred method is to teach face to face. I try to tailor my teaching to suit the needs of the students.
I expect all my students to work 20 minutes on a daily basis to complete all the home work.


I am a chartered Senior Civil/Structural Engineer with 10 years of experience in the industry. I use maths on a daily basis to solve challenging engineering problems. I am very keen to share and pass this knowledge to next generation.


Rate for a 1-hour lesson. : £12/h
Lessons offered by Ramesh
The lessons will be held
at his home
Taught subjects
  • Maths
  • Algebra
  • Trigonometry
  • Arithmetic
  • Geometry
  • Logic
  • All Levels

Ramesh's CV

2006- 2010 University College London, MEng Civil Engineering (results 2:1)
 Design of Roads, Rail, Bridges, Tunnels and Embankments (Masters Level)
 Asset Management, Project Planning and Maintenance (Masters Level)
 Structural Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering (Masters Level)
 Civil Engineering Materials
 Financial Aspects of Project Engineering and Contracting
 Integrated Design (Masters Level)
 Civil Engineering Failures and Qualitative Analysis (Masters Level)
 Fluids and Engineering Analysis
 Structural Mechanics III

August 2019 up to date: Senior Temporary works designer for Skanska – HS2 Enabling Works at Euston Station /IP Central
- Appointed as CRE for Temporary Works design
- Attend IDR meeting with client and stakeholders when required
- Attend temporary works weekly meeting
- Support Site Team and TWC with technical queries
- Challenge unsafe practice on site
- Plant loading assessment on platforms for various plants
- 9m tall Layher screen design check and approval to segregate live Euston station from HS2 worksite
- Emergency escape stairs foundation design
- Emergency escape stairs design check and approval
- Various temporary bridge crossing design for 4T &16.1T plants with 2T payload
- Propping to platform 16/17 Edge walls
- Propping to UTX chambers
- Block and Mesh, Kwik Klik, and various hoardings design
- Various suspended scaffold design
March 2019 to August 2019: Senior Temporary works designer for Skanska Costain Stragbag joint venture-HS2 Main Works lot S1 and S2
- Advise site team and permanent works designer on buildability issues
- Attend CDM meeting with site team and Permanent Works Designers to discuss and eliminate risks
- Assess excavation and slope stability adjacent to Chiltern Line
- Advise on temporary bridge foundation options over Grand Union Canal
- Carry out check on designs produced by third parties
- Support and advise TWC and site team with technical queries
October 2016 to March 2019: Senior Temporary works designer for Skanska at Wessex Capacity Alliance
- Lead design engineers and draftsmen
- Manage interface between site team and Designers
- Attend temporary works meetings
- Ensure temporary works process flow is implemented and thoroughly followed
- Ensure project CAD procedures are followed and implemented
- Maintain and update Temporary Works Register as necessary
- Ensure complex scheme are modelled in 3D BIM model and incorporated into Master
- Prepare design risk assessments
- Carry out designs in steel, reinforced concrete, timber to British standards and Eurocodes
- Produce scheme for the demolition of masonry arches, RC columns, beams, slab, and steel girders.
- Carry out check on the stability of structures in the temporary condition during demolitions.
- Produce demolition sequence for complex scheme
- Assess demolition sequence of the existing structures
- Design of propping schemes during structural alterations
- Check external designers’ demolition works
- Support the site team technically during the construction process
- Ensure project quality requirement are taken into account in the design
- Support Junior Designers and Designers in their technical and Professional development
- Coordinate and manage temporary works schemes with various site team
- Manage external designer technically and commercially
- Assessment of the existing platform level, Departure level, Arrival level for plants
And crane Loading and new slab construction
- Assess stability of existing barrel arches during demolition works
- Bridge Propping to allow Kirow crane during track lifting operations
- Support in the design of 3 stacked cabins above on Station
Approach Road
- Attend meetings with construction team and permanent works designers
- Check new signal gantry in the temporary case for the suburban 10 car team/ Rail
- Carry out site visit to ensure that temporary works scheme are as per design drawings
- Carry out excavation scheme and laggings to connect gas pipes.
- Carry out slope analysis to assess stability of slope for installation of services

June 2015 to October 2016: Temporary works designer for Ferrovial at Northern Line Extension
- Manage external designers technically and commercially
- Coordinate and manage temporary works for Nine Elms construction site
- Design to Eurocode and British Standards
- Tower crane piles/pile cap design-
- Piling mat design
- King post design
- Footbridge foundation design
- Temporary accommodation building foundation design
- Guide wall design
- Formwork/falsework design
- Lift /temporary accommodation foundation design
- Slope analysis and design
- Retaining wall design
- Cofferdam/Cantilever/Sheet pile design
- Shaft design
- Design of hoardings and scaffolding
- Load assessment at proximity of sheet piles
- Design of bentonite silo foundation
- Design of lifting point for plunge columns
- Carry out design checks
February 2014 to June 2015: Temporary works designer for Costain at London Bridge Station
- Design of formwork and falsework
- Design of hoardings
- Design of lifting point
- Producing sketch using Auto Cad
- Producing detailed calculation
- Inspection of temporary works schemes
- Design of Titan falsework for bridge cross head
- Design of lift shaft using Doka panels
- Carry out steel design
- Carry out timber design
- Carry out aluminium design
- Carry out concrete design
April 2013 to February 2014: Section engineer for Costain at London Bridge Station Redevelopment
- Produce method statement
- Carry out pre pour checks on reinforcement
- Inspect formwork, falsework and sign permit to load
- Manage installation of columns, cross head, bearings, girders for bridges on nights
- Manage site engineers and setting out engineers
- Support construction team with technical queries
- Manage planned demolition works carried out by subcontractor on nights
- Manage planned scaffolding works on nights
- Manage subcontractors on testing of inclinometers and piezometers
- Carry out safety walk and contribute to weekly inspection.
- Attend coordination meeting with project team and subcontractors on nights
- Report progress to dayshift engineers on planned works.
May 2012 to April 2013: Site engineer for Laing O’ Rourke at London Gateway Port
- Manage all insitu concrete repairs and finishes on Quayside over 1.2km: Fenders, capping beams, Storm tie down pits, Diaphragm wall, chambers, and manholes.
- Carry out joint quality inspection of concrete structures and handover documents with client’s representative.
- Manage subcontractors for hydro demolition and shotecreting of capping beam with low cover.
- Manage subcontractor for the installation and grouting of inclinometers on the diaphragm wall,
- Manage subcontractor for crack injection on fenders.
- Raise temporary works design brief
- Raise Non-Conform Repairs
- Order materials and plant to execute day to day activities
- Produce Task sheets, method statement, Risk assessment
- Carry out weekly safety inspection
- Manage post fixing of fender bolts
- Snagging: preparation of construction joints, decommissioning of inclinometer
March 2011-May 2012: Nightshift engineer for Costain /Laing O’ Rourke joint venture at Farringdon station.
- Handover engineer between dayshift team and nightshift team
- Duty manager and possession lead
- Preparation of task briefing sheets, organising, planning activities, attending meetings for night shift hand over, attending safety briefing meetings, attending progress meeting, briefing operatives on planned tasks.
- Producing method statement, hot work permit, permit to dig/break, managing subcontractor activities,
- Carry out works under possessions and engineering hours under time and resources constraint, work with third parties in solving technical problem, assisting possession lead and nightshift manager in paperwork and technical issues.
December 2010 –March 2011: Assistant Surveyor for Laing O’ Rourke on the upgrade of Farringdon Station project.
- Monitoring the displacement of buildings, contiguous piles, retaining wall and footbridge in the vicinity of the site using digital auto level, Leica 1201 (EDM).
- Establishing traverse to put new stations to enable engineers to carry out their tasks.
- Monitoring of the propagation of cracks on the surrounding building and assets.
September 2010 – December 2010: Assistant Site Engineer for Laing O’ Rourke on the construction of Chiswick Park building 8.
- Managing the pour of lytag for the composite roof slab.
- Estimating volume of concrete and other materials required for the project.
- Setting out of all structural elements from concrete elements to steel base.
- Monitored strength of concrete using thermo coupler.
- Drainage work by setting out dig level for gulley, service ducts and manholes and participated in carrying out air test on drainage pipes.
July- August 2008: Placement at Campbell Reith in the civil, structural department:
- AutoCAD: Surveying, architectural and engineering drawings
- Design of drainage system for building and parking, simulation using PDS
- Design of masonry work

• Chartered membership of ICE
• English & French Tamil:Written and spoken,
• Full clean UK driving license
• AutoCAD, Wallap, Tedds, Beam Pal, GFSafe, Hilti Profis anchors & rebar, Robot, MasterSeries
• SMSTS (2017), ICE Steel design course (2017), ICE Retaining wall & Foundation design course (2017), ICE Concrete design course ( 2017), TWC course (2017)

Reading News, civil engineering magazines, playing drums, travelling

Reference upon request

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