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  • Painting
  • Oil painting
  • Art and Design
  • Sculpture
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Talented Architect Painter Sculptor with over 30 years of experience offering lessons of Art


In my coursework I give great importance to the personality of the student and his love for the art.
The course is a two-way relationship between the student and the teacher.
I give great importance to the sketch, because I consider it the Foundation of creation.
When the student reflects clearly the form and the stage, the light and the shade, the shade on other views objects, then can be able to pass to the study of color.
The base in artistic expression is the sketch, because is the only way to capture what the student understands from the model.
Traditional painting and the basic principles of art history are the necessary tools that the creator has to assimilate the existing and build his own style of expression, with the distortion or with the abstraction.
The next important stage of my coursework consists in the study and the understanding of colors and the artistic expression.
In this way the students are able with complete freedom to understand currents and trends, but also to produce their own creations.
Because art is to perform the existing, with subjective way.


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Portfolio of Nikos Mourikis Artworks
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Nikos Mourikis was born in Greece
In 1974 he began his studies at the architectural School of Genoa. He continues at the Polytechnic of Milan, where he graduates with honors.
He participates in painting exhibitions with the surrealist painter Francesco De Panis, Enrico Berland at the age of only 20 years. He is fortunate to know the new streams of painters "Gruppo del Campo Pisano" which was founded as a pioneer around 1950.
He worked as a design manager at "Studio D ' Arte Medusa" with the sculptor Quinto Testore with a fruitful and decisive participation in the design and implementation of high architectural design with dense visual content. He participated in the restoration of works by the renowned sculptor Jio Pomodoro on the cruise ship Achille Lauro (1976).
The 1983 returns to Aigio and establishes the Studio Informa, where it produces urban architecture with personal stigma and style.
At the same time, he paints and studies the history of art. Writes in newspapers and magazines.
He has presented his painting work in group and personal exhibitions and international meetings, detaching laudatory reviews and distinctions.
His works are in private collections in Italy and around the world.
Important historians and art critics have studied his work and ranked him in bold vanguards.
Paolo Levi "LA REPUBBLICA", Flavia Motolese, Vittorio Sgarbi, Silvio Riolfo Marengo, art historian, philosopher, academic.
He is a member of the "Chamber of Fine Arts of Greece".
He loves classical music and adores Gustav Mahler.
1. ALASSIO personal exhibition 1/06/2012-30/06/2012 "LA VITA e DONNA
2. ROMA gallety il LABORATORIO dal 3/02/2014-10/02/2014.
3. VERONA I BIENNALE DELLA CREATTIVITA dal 11/02/2014-18/02/2014
4. GREECE PIRGOS PALLAZZO COMUNALE LATSIS "Art Exhibition inspired by the unpublished poetry collection ‘WOLKING ATTIRE’.
5. SIRACUSA PALLAZZO DELLA CULTURA dal 14/06/2014-30/08/2014
7. ORTIGIA personal exhibition al PALAZZO MONTALTO dal 27/07/2014-11/08/2014
8. ART EXPO 2014 GENOVA mostra personale NIKOS MOURIKIS LE OMBRE DELLA PASSIONE dal 25/10/2014-5/11/2014

1. Participation in group exhibition of sculpture organized by EETE on Resistance. From 08 to 21 December 2017
2. Personal Painting Exhibition at Aigio Panagiotopoulos Megaron from 03/11 / 2017-19 / 11/2017 under the general title "FROM INNOCENCE TO SEDUCTION"
3. Personal painting exhibition at the Municipal Art Gallery of the Municipality of Piraeus from 09/12 / 2017-16 / 12/2017.

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Rate for 5 hours of lessons : £210
Rate for 10 hours of lessons : £400
Lessons offered by Nikos
The lessons will be held
at your home
Taught subjects
  • Drawing
  • Painting
  • Oil painting
  • Art and Design
  • Sculpture
  • All Levels

Nikos's CV


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WEBSITE: nikosmourikis.com

Architect -Painter -Sculptor
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4/2018 – PRESENT
Architectural Consultant at Kappa Planning Ltd


Over 25 years of working experience in architectural engineering with exclusive ideas and deep expert knowledge in every aspect of building construction, planning and execution. Resourceful in finding individualized design solutions to the most complicated problems. Adept in reinforced concrete and steel for anti-seismic constructions as well as in stone and composite steel-stone. Conceptual design, excellent freehand drawer architectural design, interior design, restoration of historic buildings, rebuilding and revitalizing of old structures are some indicated areas of my expertise.

Selected projects from a 25-year career span of architectural practice as the founder and head architect of “Nikos Mourikis Architecture”.

• 2017.Renovation &interior design of the Tower of Psila Alonia Plaza Aigion
• 2016, Urban design survey for the regeneration and redesign of historic central plaza of Aigion Town.
• 2015, Urban design Survey for pedestrian street canopy in the old center of Aigion Town, 350 m. long and 7.5-9.0 m. wide.
• 2015, Architectural study for the restoration and architectural lighting of the central municipal library of the Aegialia Municipality, a preservable neoclassical building.
• 1988, I was a leader Architect in an architectural team for the urban design and regeneration of the waterfront of Aigion Town.

Single-family residences & villas in masonry and composite construction: Stone constructions.
• 2008, ‘Villa Katsimpiri’ in Rodo Dafni Achaea, 450 sq. m (Stone construction).
• 1998, ‘Villa Poush’ in Temeni suburb, Aigion.
• 1997, ‘Kapsambellis residence’ in Selianitika Village Achaea.
• 1996-97, ‘Rouvali rural residence’ in Mertidi Village Achaea.
• 1996, ‘Villa Koleza’ in Logos Village Achaea.
Contemporary multi-storey residential complexes, real estate developments and touristic units in reinforced concrete construction: Survey, project management supervisor.
• 2004, ‘Drougouti residence’ in Valimitika suburb Aigion.
• 2002, Touristic project of luxury hotel bungalows in a 2000 sq. m. seafront property in Aigion of Kouniniotis Company property.
• 2000, Villa Mouzoulas in Couloura suburb Aigion Town.
• 1999, ‘Stollas residence’ in Arachovitika Patras, a single-family house.
• 1999, ‘Iliopoulos development’ of 21 houses for sale, 2.600 sq. m, on behalf of the Iliopoulos Construction Company.
• 1996, ‘Birbili building' in Aigion Town, a multi-storey.
• 1996, ‘Villa Drakos’ in Temeni suburb Aigion Town.
• Commercial spaces, offices, bars & restaurants: Restoration, refurbishment and interior design.
• 2000, “ROSA NEGRA Bar Restaurant” in Aigion Town, 220 sq.m. build surface.
• 1999, “Sakellaropoulos office building” Survey in Pagrati Athens. A redesign of a five-storey luxury office building with exposed concrete, metal, glass and wood.
• 1998, “Me Gusta Cafe Bar Restaurant” in Selianitika village Achaea.
• 1997, “LE VELLE Cafe and Music Bar”. Design and construction.
• 1995, “Sergiannidis Headquarters” offices and showroom of his company ARC.
• 1995, “EPREPE Bar Restaurant” in Aigion Town. Preservation, refurbishment, and anti-seismic protection of masonry building in the old quarter of the Aigion harbor, 140 sq. m build surface.
• 1993, “Cafe Bar Restaurant 1900” in Aigion Town.
Early occupation during my architectural studies in Italy:
• 1976 - 1983: Worked as researcher and designer coordinator at the STUDIO D’ARTE MEDUSA, Genoa, with the sculptor Quinto Testore, and specialized in special constructions and artistic applications of metals. Banks and ship lounges, churches, etc.
• 1982 - 1983: Collaborated with professor Jianpierro Calza at the department of History of Architecture conducting research work.
• 2004: ’Ideal Home’ architectural magazine, issue #155, feature of the project: ‘Rouvalis country side residence’ in Mertidi -Achaea.
• 2006: ’Mountain Houses’ architectural magazine, feature of the project: ‘Villa Pouch’ in Temeni suburb, Aigion.
• 2006: ’Ideal Home’ architectural magazine, cover story and feature of the project: ‘Kapsambellis residence’ in Selianitika Village Achaea.
• February 2014: honorable distinction of my painting works at the 1st Biennale of creativity in Verona Italy.
• Selected media features of my works over the years: La Stampa, Editors Newspapers.
• Efimerida Syntakton, Kathimerini, Peloponnisos, Eleutherotypia, ΕΡΤ (ERT)
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• (concealed information)
• (concealed information)


• 1983: ‘Dottore in Architettura’ with general grade 100/100 and distinction, Politecnico Di Milano Italia.
• 1983 Member of the “Hellenic Chamber of Architects and Engineers of Greece”.
• 2003-2018 Elected President of the Architect and Engineers Association of Aigion – Achaia.
• 2016: Member of the Chamber of Fine Arts of Greece.
• Greek, native language, Italian fluent, English.
• ARRISCAD Solution for Architects 2D,3D,
• LH LOGISMIKI- FESPA. A Static structural analysis software. Foundations and load bearing structures with reinforced concrete, anti-seismic calculation of buildings.
• Lectures and keynote presentations on a variety of issues regarding architecture, urban design, the arts and aesthetics.
• Articles and opinion pieces in regional and national newspapers and magazines.
• Fine art photography, classical music, literature, Article writer and
• Editor, history, philosophy, cinema, sailing, tennis.

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