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  • Positive thinking
  • Stress management
  • Personal coaching
  • Life coaching
  • Personal development
  • Public Speaking
  • All Levels

My teaching area is Mental Health and We-being. I teach from Abercynon, in RCT, South Wales, from home, where you can talk to me in complete confidence. My Counselling qualification is Diploma (Level


I am qualified with a Law degree, a Masters in Educational Experiences, a Ph d in Biometric Access Control and an Advanced Diploma in Counselling. My clients are from all areas of life. Some are graduates and others are people who work within a variety of areas, from management to retail, servicing and product related industry. For this reason, my approach is flexible. I consider my clients to be the most important people at sessions and adapt my approach to deal with issues and areas of difficulty with which they feel comfortable and capable of identifying with.

I have a compassionate and empathetic personality, respecting the self respect and (at times) nervousness of clients in their first sessions. It is my job to put them at complete ease, in order that areas of concern are freely discussed. I encourage clients to keep portfolios / diaries relating to their life experiences and we subsequently review experiences and methods they have used to improve their perspective of stress. We talk about the fact that there is never a negative approach (simply an approach that didn't work for them). We respond by discussing alternatives and refine experiences towards positivist. I use a range of processes in achieving this,, including Gestalt, Existentialism, the Empty Chair etc. to add interest to sessions. This is traditionally well received, so it is a strategy that I have adopted in accordance with the positive reception received. Sessions are dealt with in an atmosphere of positivity because (I believe) that the more positive we feel in attempting to engage in coping strategies, the more effective the experiences will be. In many cases, we need to rethink our life style and act upon issues differently, often ensuring that we take care of ourselves, as opposed to constantly working towards "people pleasing" at the expense of our own health and coping strategies, in an (potentially) demanding world. The manner in which this process is undertaken is (as I have suggested) fluid in nature, depending upon degrees of difficulty and and appropriate strategies to adapt to the needs of individuals. The reward in this area arises when individuals express their more positive, self respecting, and self caring experiences in the presence of potential feelings of stress, depression and anxiety.


I began my career as a Private Tutor in English Language, having graduated with a degree in Law. I proceeded to Teach Law for over 30 years (including Student Support and Pastoral Care) as a Private Tutor and (more recently) decided to retrain as a Counsellor, in order that I could concentrate on supporting those with mental health towards well-being and positive thinking, to improve their lives. I base my 1 hour sessions on relaxation, where yo talk to me and I listen, in a completely non-judgemental way. I approach the topics based upon your preferences, listening to your concerns in the initial meeting and dealing with coping methods and suggestions to assist you, in the second. This method ensures that you are free to discuss your issues in a completely free manner and I use my training in order to respond with suggestions that will (in most cases) be new to you, in which I encourage you to think about life and any negative thoughts, in a different way, in order that you are able to practise a positive thinking process. You may feel that one / two sessions are sufficient to assist you towards better health. I leave the decision to you, of course, but, in the majority of cases, people tend to expand on the areas causing problems in their every day lives, and I use a series of strategies and theoretical approaches to address the matters you have experienced, leaving you with a decision as to whether you feel that our sessions are beneficial to you. In many cases, clients take a couple of weeks to consider ways of thinking differently about stress, anxiety and depression and eventually, become proficient in working towards valuing themselves and recognising / concentrating on the positive aspects of life, while using the methods and theories we discuss in sessions, to focus on the positive (as opposed to negative) aspects. If clients are happy to be contacted by me a couple of weeks after they consider they feel more capable of coping with life experiences, and we talk about the progress made.


Rate for online lessons : £30/h
Rate for 5 hours of lessons : £125
Rate for 10 hours of lessons : £250


If lessons are cancelled within 24 hours of the time booked for sessions, the full tariff is levied. If there are mitigating circumstances (with evidence) the tariff is halved.

Lessons offered by Lynne
In group
The lessons will be held
At the tutor's house
Taught subjects
  • Positive thinking
  • Stress management
  • Personal coaching
  • Life coaching
  • Personal development
  • Public Speaking
  • All Levels

Lynne's CV

Dr. Lynne Norris
07(concealed information)
(concealed information)

Curriculum Vitae


I am a competent, self-motivated and compassionate individual, with over 30 years’ experience in the Education sector, delivering Teaching and Pastoral care (within both mainstream education and privately).

I have worked in the Higher and Further Education, and as a Private Tutor with Secondary School pupils (in English Language, English for Academic Purposes and Law). This experience has enabled me to assertively liaise at all levels, with students, parents, team members and external organisations.

I take an organised approach to my work, capable of working and leading collaboratively within a team, as well as autonomously, using my own initiative. Having the passion to succeed, I continually embrace new challenges and thrive in demanding Pastoral and Academic areas.

I am currently seeking a part-time or fractional position in the Teaching sector, focusing on Pastoral Support and or Supervisory roles, in order to encourage students to actively engage in and attain their potential within the academic environment

I hold the necessary qualifications to Teach and Supervise / Support a class, in addition to holding qualified Counsellor status. I have experience of Coaching and Counselling both young and more mature people throughout my career. Having begun my working life as a Teacher, I attained my Counselling status more recently, following a decision to take temporary retirement from academia in March 2016, due to a fall, leading to a long-term illness. This encouraged me to pursue a qualification in Student Support.
I had undertaken Pastoral care roles during my Teaching (as a Personal Tutor). At that time, I had taught, managed and assisted students suffering with Autism, Bipolar Disorder, Asperger's Syndrome and ADHD, severe depression and stress (at having to attend classes), and had, for the last 8 years of my formal teaching, held an open door clinic (for two hours) on Fridays, in order that I could spend addition time with students, when they felt in need of assistance.
My accident led to a more in depth understanding of some of the major problems experienced and emerging more frequently in life (at all stages and affecting all ages), ranging from anxiety and depression, to stress and an element of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. My own experiences enhanced my passion to work in this area, in order to further support pupils and students who are suffering in a similar manner. This has led to passion to specialise in areas of Counselling, Student Support and Pastoral Care. Whilst I am happy to undertake Supervisory roles, my specific interest has developed into a more Supportive role.


I have, during my Teaching career, developed the following academic skills:

• Extensive Teaching and Tutoring experience in English Language, Academic Skills; Law and elements of Business Studies (Macro Economics and ICT for Business);

• I am a confident Communicator at all levels (Year Tutor, Private Tutor and in Communication with Third Parties – Business partners etc.);

• I have experience in Team Leadership, Mentoring and Inspiration (Confidence Building); in addition to:

• Problem Solving and Solution Generation (in academic work);

• I have undertaken Private Tuition in English Language, Law, Qualitative Research Methods and Academic Skills;

• I have written a programme for On-Line Tutoring: in English for Academic Skills and English as a Foreign Language;

• I am Organised and can Plan tasks with outside organisations (arranging for Students to present their work to third party organisations etc.);

• Manage Class Discussion of current issues;

• Write and undertake Live Case Studies and their practical effects with the class; in addition to …..

• Group work and Presentation, to encourage elements of self -esteem and self -confidence.


Counsellor (Mental Health and Well-being): Freelance (Relax and Talk Counselling: (concealed information) 2019 - Date

Principal Examinations Officer: at NCC Learning, Manchester (2018);

Private Tutor Self-employed / Tutor Hunt

Taught English Language, Academic Skills and Law - providing personal educational assistance to students requiring additional support, with the objective to improve grades; provided Revision classes for Academic Writing: (2016-2018)

Mentor for External Examiner at Liverpool John Moore’s University (2015: 2016);

External Examiner: Liverpool John Moore’s University (2016: Date);

Lecturer University of South Wales, Newport (2016-2017)

• MBA (Project Management Issues) - Delivered blended learning (presentation and communication skills). Teaching and Learning through case studies with questions for evaluation; using group work to improve student confidence and participation.

Freelance Tutor Coleg y Cymoedd, Nantgarw Campus (2017)
• Undertook overall responsibility for supporting the delivery and assessment of student writing and preparation for A2 Law.

Senior Lecturer: in Law, Business Studies, Soft Skills for ICT and Academic Skills : Cardiff Metropolitan University (1992-2016) Academic Duties at Cardiff Metropolitan University:

Module Leader:

• Levels 4 and 5: Law (General and Computing), Academic Skills and Soft Information Systems;
• Level 6: Legal & Ethical Issues in the workplace.

Level 4 Year Tutor:

• Academic and Pastoral sessions: Tutoring Law for Computing and Business Studies.

Level 5 Year Tutor:

• Providing support for the Computing and Business Programmes (specialising in Law, Academic Writing and Research Skills.

Level 6 Year Tutor:

• Management of Student Dissertations and Supervision;
• Year Tutor and Tutor for Professional and Ethical Issues;
• Responsible for Pastoral Support, demonstrating empathy, integrity and interpersonal skills when managing student welfare, ranging from personal matters to academic and financial issues (Pastoral care clinic – for issues relating to the “student experience” and well-being).

Lecturer Polytechnic of Wales (1987-1991)

• Delivered lectures in Legal areas for Contracts and Employment and serviced Business Studies, Accountancy Foundation programme, Electrical Engineering, Mineral Surveying and Academic Writing for assessment;
• Year Tutor for Level I Law (and Personal Tutor for a group within the cohort).

Diploma in Counselling (Advanced Level 4): (2018);

PhD: Biometric Access Control Management (Fingerprint and Facial Recognition Systems), University of Wales: (2011);

Post Graduate Diploma in Social Research: Cardiff Metropolitan University: (2008);

Post Graduate Certificate: in Social Research, Cardiff Metropolitan University: (2007);

Master’s: in Educational Development, University of South Wales: (1999);

Post Graduate Certificate in Education: Cardiff University: (1992);

LL.B. (Hons) : Polytechnic of Wales : (1982)


Counsellor: (Diploma Advanced Level 4): capable of assisting with Pastoral Care roles: (2018- Date);

First Aider: Mental Health (In-service Training: Cardiff Metropolitan University) (2015: Date);

School Counsellor: Coedpenmaen Primary School, Pontypridd: (1996-2000);

Legal Adviser: Pontypridd and District Citizens Advice Bureau: Providing Legal Support to Clients in areas of Contract, Commercial and Consumer Law, Employment Law and Health and Safety Law (1988: 1990).


Senior Member of the Association for Counsellors, Coaches, Psychiatrists and Hypnotherapists: (2019-Date);

Fellow Higher Education Academy: (2009: Date);

Member of the Association of Law Teachers: (1999: Date);

Member of Gray’s Inn: (1982: Date).

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