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Taught subjects
  • Arabic
  • Vocabulary - Arabic
  • Oral expression - Arabic
  • Written comprehension - Arabic
  • Oral comprehension - Arabic
  • Primary
  • Secondary
  • GCSE
  • AS Level
  • A Level
  • BTEC
  • Adult education
  • Undergraduate
  • Masters
  • Diploma
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The Best Arabic Teacher, in Sheffield, with 19 years experience, 1to1 and classes


Teaching groups and individuals.
Various subjects including in the conversation sessions which can amended by the student.
Encourage students to talk and involve in conversations in Arabic.
Great courses and books to match student’s goals and plans to learn.
Speak, Write and Read Arabic quickly.


Teaching Arabic in three different countries.
Specialise in teaching Arabic for non- Arabic speakers.
Teach children and adults.
Follow up with students' improvement and help them in their new atmosphere in their Arabic work or vacation.
Teach various Arabic courses and advice students their suitable level and course.


Transportation Fee : £7
Rate for online lessons : £18/h
Rate for 5 hours of lessons : £110
Rate for 10 hours of lessons : £200
Lessons offered by Tawfik
In group
The lessons will be held
at his home
at your home
Taught subjects
  • Arabic
  • Vocabulary - Arabic
  • Oral expression - Arabic
  • Written comprehension - Arabic
  • Oral comprehension - Arabic
  • Primary
  • Secondary
  • GCSE
  • AS Level
  • A Level
  • BTEC
  • Adult education
  • Undergraduate
  • Masters
  • Diploma
  • Doctorate
  • A1
  • A2
  • B1
  • B2
  • C1
  • C2
  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
  • Professional

Tawfik's CV

Tawfik Al Hashemi ¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬________________________

E-Mail (concealed information)
Address: Sheffield, UK.
Mobile 00(concealed information)691
Enjoy seeking the perfect meaning and translation, High quality translation with ability to deliver same day.
Long experience in interpreting in the UK and abroad and have a valid enhanced DBS certificate

Mar.2017- Present Refugee Council UK, Sheffield
 Work with the council in the refugees’ resettlement program.
 Face to face interpreting for the refugees and their case worker.
 Telephone interpreting for the urgent problem solving.
 Attend the refugees’ NHS and solicitor appointments with the case worker.
 Translate documents and letters.
 Explain the culture aspects and differences.

Apr.2016- Present British Red Cross (BRC) UK, Sheffield
Refugee Admin Support and Interpreter:
 Update and follow up the refugees’ cases information.
 Contact with the refugees regarding to their cases requirements.
 communicate with the refugees’ organisations to facilitate their work matching with the refugees’ needs.
 interpreting for BRC and organisations deal with refugees in Yorkshire.
 Health and Safety, Security, Confidentiality, Equality & Environment Interpreting.
 Safeguarding Children & Vulnerable Adults among refugees.
 Legal & civil Interpreting.

Sep.2016- Present Interpreting and Translating Agencies UK, Sheffield
Translator, and Interpreter: FreeLancer
 Translate and upload subtitles for videos and youtube channels in Arabic and English.
 Translate documents for the organisations that deal with refugees in Sheffield.
 Interpreting for NHS and social works in South Yorkshire.
 Community Interpreting.
 Mental Health Interpreting.
 Legal & Court Interpreting.

Mar.2004- Present Galaxy Translation Services UAE, Dubai
Translator and Interpreter: FreeLancer
 Translate English- Arabic and Arabic- English documents:
 Commercial, Business, Banks statements and contracts.
 Civil, Legal and Power of Attorney certificates.
 Academic certificates, transcripts and thesis.
 Court, Police and Forensic reports.
 Magazines and Newspapers articles and quotations.
 Medical and scientific articles and reports.
 Engineering and constructions process reports and work sheet.
 Interpreter in Courts, Police, Hospitals and travel agencies.

Oct. 2014 – Apr.2016 UNRWA, VTC Syria, Homs
Lecturer, Trainer: Vocational Training Centre, Homs Branch
 Create and prepare curriculums for Secretary, Marketing and IT classes in Management subjects.
 Teaching Innovation Management, Commercial Studies, E- Marketing, Time and Meeting Management.
 Observe students’ progress and advise them accordingly.
 Conduct exams to evaluate the students and correct their mistakes.
 Create group sessions and seminars to discuss case studies and solve managerial problems.
 Join academic theories with practical management methods to motivate students to practice management in their social and career life and be proactive in the society.

Feb. 2014 - Apr.2016 Syrian Red Crescent Syria, Homs
Human Resources Manager: Disasters Management Unit
 Build a Human Resources Team and help the teams to pick the suitable volunteers.
 Set a system for Human Resources management to manage 1500 volunteers to respond to any disaster.
 Conduct job description for each position at the unit
 Evaluate the volunteers annually and monthly and pick the volunteer of the month.
 Conduct weekly reports to the management about the HR work.
 Hold, train and evaluate seminars and training courses to increase the volunteers’ skills.
 Manage the Disasters Management Unit monthly meetings to discuss the volunteers’ complaints and suggestions and conduct business presentation.

June 2013 – Dec. 2014 Danish Refugee Council Syria, Homs
Courses Designer and Trainer: Training School
 Designed managerial courses that could apply in the practical life.
 Helped refugee to find jobs or start their own craft or business.
 Applied management theories on the recent case studies and let the students find their solutions.
 Taught Procurement Management, Marketing, HR (Human Resources), Small and Medium sized Enterprises Management.
 Trained Students on Negotiations, Bookkeeping, Secretarial Duties, Business Correspondences and Communication.
 Designed employment objectives and skills program and trained participants how to use them to increase their employability rate.
 Trained staff and facilitators on the employment program to train more participants.

Dec.2012- Apr.2016 Baath University Syria, Homs
Lecturer: Open learning Centre
 Lecturing at the Economics Faculty, Marketing and E-commerce.
 Teaching PR (Public Relations), Communication, Commercial Correspondence (Arabic and English), Marketing, Negotiations, and HR (Human Resources).
 designing the courses with contribute to planning, and implementation of a high quality curriculums.
 Translating articles from academic journals as curriculums materials.
 participate in the development, administration and marking of exams and other assessments.

Dec.2012- Apr.2016 UN (UNRWA) Syria, Homs
Lecturer: Engaging Youth Centre
 Teaching Business Correspondence including Communication, and Culture Aspects.
 Teaching how to translate Commercial and Legal Correspondences English-Arabic and Arabic- English.
 Prepare group work seminars dealing with Organisations Behaviour case studies.
 Match between the Managerial theories and the actual situations in practice.
 Encourage the students to involve in business conversations, negotiations, and presentations.

May. 2011- Dec.2012 Hadara Private Centre for Tourism Sciences Syria, Homs
Centre Manager:
 Run the Centre business and Finance managing sixteen employees serving 170 students.
 Dealing with the centre in and out correspondences in English and Arabic.
 Recruit the modules lecturers and train them about the business and the paperwork.
 Set Rota and lecturers' wages for 32 modules in two years classes.
 Conduct and implement the marketing plan to attract new students to manage their registration process.

Feb. 2011- Apr.2016 Hadara Private Centre for Tourism Sciences Syria, Homs
 Teaching HR (Human Resource) and Leadership, Marketing Management, Tourism Industry and Tourism Management in English and Arabic.
 Designing the Modules, including preparing the syllabus and course requirements, establishing the structure and content of discussion sections and grading policies.
 Set assignments, presentations and exam to evaluate the students’ progress.

Sep.2010 – Apr.2016 Edexcel International Syria, Homs
Module Leader and Lecturer: British BTEC HND (Higher National Diploma)
 Teaching Economics, Organisations and Behaviours, Managing Communication, Common Law, Business Strategy, Operations Management, Business decision Making, CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), HR (Human Resource) and Leadership, and Strategic Financial Management.
 Lecturing managerial modules in English and Arabic.
 Train the students how to deal with the Business Correspondences.
 Providing students in a timely manner module documentation either electronically or in paper format.
 Reviewing student attendance and performance during the course of the academic year.

Jan.2006 – Sep.2010 Consult And Study Ltd., UK, Sheffield
 Establish and implement the company HR and Financial policies, targets, objectives, and procedures in each office.
 Translate the company website into Arabic.
 Oversee personnel processes, train, evaluate and assign 45 employees to their specific duties
 Present the company services and set contracts with 33 universities in the UK and around the world.
 Recruit 200 international students annually in jobs that match their prospects and qualifications.

Nov.2001 – Mar. 2004 Saks Fifth Avenue, Saudi Arabia, Riyadh
Operation Manager
An excellent ranking in the company evaluation three times.
Have letters of appreciation from Saks Management.
Dealing with the correspondences of the department inside and outside Saudi Arabia in English and Arabic. 
Direct and coordinate activities of the department concerned with advertising, pricing and sales of products.
 Set statistics and targets for the department and follow them up with the staff.
Determine goods to be sold, and set prices and credit terms, based on forecasts of customer demand.

2016 – Present The University of Sheffield UK, Sheffield
 PhD. Researcher in Finance Management.
 Compare the Conventional Finance with other financial systems.
 Quantitative research methods and analysing.
 Bank top management teams, disclosure, learning, success and failure.
 Change for research to make more of a difference.

2004 – 2005 The University of Sheffield UK, Sheffield
 MBA (Master of Business Administration).
 Top ranking in HR group project.
 Top ranking in HR Methods individual project.
 The chosen modules were: OB (Organisational Behaviour), Strategic Finance, and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility).
 High ranking in the final dissertation.
1994 – 2000 The University of Aleppo Syria, Aleppo
 Degree in Economics, Specialise in Accountancy (Four years)
 Post Graduate Diploma of Qualification & Specialisation in Marketing Management.
 Top ranking in the Marketing Management Diploma graduating.
 Top ranking in ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and Computer Science.
 Outstanding final dissertation with Top ranking.

Training & Seminar Courses
March, 2017 Sheffield, UK Refugee Council
Interpreting solving problems

October, 2016 Sheffield, UK British Red Cross
Interpreter skills training

February, 2016 Homs, Syria OCHA
Integrated Sectors Management

November, 2016 Homs, Syria WHO
Control the International Projects Finance

May, 2015 Homs, Syria ICRC
Livelihood Projects Planning and Monitoring

March, 2015 Homs, Syria Baath University
Time Management

November, 2015 Homs, Syria UNRWA, VTC
Motivate the youth

February, 2014 Homs, Syria Syrian Red Crescent
Disasters Management

November, 2012 Homs, Syria Edexcel International
The Organisational Psychology.

July, 2010 Oxford, UK Oxford Brookes University
Legal and Commercial Correspondences

May, 2010 Dundee, UK The University of Dundee
HRM in the virtual world. / Finance on the web.

September, 2009 Sheffield, UK The University of Sheffield
Marketing Professionalism in the modern organisations.

Computer Skills Operating Systems: DOS & Windows (All Versions).
Application Software: ECDL including Office programs.
Analysis Programs: SPSS (All Versions).
Programming Languages: Visual Basic 6
Programming: Made Tax Programs.
Language Skills
ARABIC: Native Language.
ENGLISH: Fluent.
FRENCH: Beginner.
PERSIAN: Reading.

Interests Reading (Managerial Journals)– Travelling (Cultural Places) – Playing Football – Swimming –Playing Arabic Drum (Tabla) – Solving Sudoku Puzzles.

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