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Taught subjects
  • Personal training
  • Fitness
  • Muscle strengthening
  • Aerobics
  • Skipping
  • All Levels

GB Triathlete, Triathlon Coach and S&C student with 10 years experience in competitive sport and 6 years coaching amateur to elite athletes


I'm a final year Sports Student at Cardiff Met, looking to support Undergrad, A level, GCSE Sports students in achieving their goals.
I am dyslexic and because of this I understand that everyone learns in a different way and that the conventional and normal are not always what is best. Mind maps, post its, lists, posters, presentations which ever method you choose to help you learn and progress, is personal and right for you I will support and guide you.


I have helped students achieve their goal of a 2:1 in assignments, help them organise their time and manage their commitments. It's not just about being successful academically but also in your personal life. Being able to find the balance and ensure you succeed in all that you do is a key to achieving your goals.


Transportation Fee : £8
Rate for online lessons : £20/h
Rate for 5 hours of lessons : £100
Rate for 10 hours of lessons : £225
Lessons offered by Frances
In group
The lessons will be held
at her home
at your home
Taught subjects
  • Personal training
  • Fitness
  • Muscle strengthening
  • Aerobics
  • Skipping
  • All Levels

Frances's CV

Frances Palmer

Personal Profile

Confident, motivated and organized final year Strength and Conditioning Rehabilitation and Sports Massage undergraduate at Cardiff Metropolitan University with diverse experience of planning, delivering and engaging individuals from different backgrounds in sport. Competitively involved in triathlon for 10 years qualifying for European and World Championships and an active coach with 5 years’ experience of working with junior and senior athletes at an elite, age group and amateur level, comfortable working with groups and individual. Enabling effective interaction and communication skills to be developed, alongside enthusiasm for the sport enhancing motivational abilities. Highly interested in opportunities that further my knowledge, gain experience and develop as a coach, and supporting others to achieve there goals.

Cardiff Metropolitan University 2014-current
BSc Honors Degree in Strength and Conditioning Rehabilitation and Sports massage, going into the final year September 2017 specializing in strength and conditioning and sports massage.
Bridgwater College August 2013 – August 2015
Course: Level 3 Extended BETEC Diploma in Sports Coaching Fitness and Development.
Achieving the highest grade of D*D*
Maths GCSE: C

Kings of Wessex Academy: June 2012
Biology C, Physics C, Chemistry D, English Language A, English Literature A*, Geography A, History B, Physical Education B, Religious Studies A*, Design and Technology: Food Technology A
Professional Qualification and Training

Brean Leisure centre:
RLSS UK National Pool Lifeguard Qualification (NPLQ) January 2017

Cardiff Metropolitan University:
British Triathlon Federation Level 2 Coaching Qualification April 2015.

Bridgwater College 2013-2014:
Level 2 Award in Group Indoor Cycling (QCF)
Level 3 Certificate in Personal Training
Level 2 Certificate in Fitness Instructing (QCF) Gym-Based Exercise
Level 2 Certificate in Sports Coaching
Level 3 Principles of Coaching
Level 3 Certificate in Strength and Conditioning,
CYQ, Level 3 in Sport Coaching and Development

Employment and Work Experience
Welsh Triathlon Federation – Work Placement August 2017 – Current
Triathlon Coaching
I am part of the coaching team who works with the Welsh Development Academy (athletes aged 14-18) on residential training camps and individual days.
 Coaching swimming, cycling and running to both group and individual athletes and developing the session to suit the needs of the athletes
 Assisting in recovery/rehabilitation sessions and strength and conditioning sessions
 Supporting young athletes in their development through mentoring and support at events

British Triathlon Federation June 2017
Triathlon Coaching
Women’s only triathlon training weekend at the Cotswolds Waterpark
 Leading a pre-event training day with novice athletes
 Planning and delivering open water swim sessions and transition training
 Working with a large group and athletes 1:1 to help build confidence and support them in preparing for an event
 Adapting sessions for differing abilities and personalities in the group
 Managing a training day

4T Triathlon April 2015 - Current
Triathlon Coaching and Sports Massage
 Planning and delivering individual and group sessions covering swimming, cycling, running, strength and conditioning and rehabilitation
 Working with athletes 1:1 and in groups from amateur to elite through adapting and differentiating within sessions to suit the abilities of the individuals
 Supporting in annual training camps and the meeting of new athletes
 Providing sports massage services to the athletes and supporting them through injuries

Cardiff Met University September 2014 - Current
Triathlon Coach for Cardiff Junior Triathlon Club
 Liaising with parents and building a good rapport so that I can support their children’s continued athletic development
 Planning and delivering structured swimming and run sessions for athletes aged 8-16 that are adaptable and cater for all abilities
 Organising additional development sessions to give more opportunities all of the children have opportunities to take part, enjoy triathlon and develop
 Supporting children through growth related injuries and continuing there sporting activities

Brean Leisure Park April 2016 – September 2017
Lifeguard, Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer, Receptionist
 Responsible for ensuring all pool facilities are safe and maintained as well as ensuring the public are safe when they are using the pool.
 Look after the gym and its equipment and deliver individual tailored strength and conditioning sessions to members
 Inducting new members and advertising the gym to members of the public
 Leading group sessions, spinning, circuits and Conexus

Burnham on Sea Swimming Club - Volunteer November 2015 – August 2017
Volunteer Swimming Coaching
 Effectively adapted communication techniques while volunteering as a swimming coach working with children age 7 to 16
 Supporting the head coach in delivering swimming sessions and managing he squad
 Adapting session for a wide range of age and abilities and changing coaching/communicating styles to suit the athletes/swimmers.

Hugh Sexey’s Middle School -Volunteer June 2012 - Current
Blackford, Somerset
Various Volunteer Roles
 Assisting on an annual three-day residential school trip to Barton Hall and a one-day school trip as and when needed.
 Looking after the children during the activities throughout the day as well as ensuring they are safe and behaved during the entirety of the trip
 Providing pastoral care and mentoring
 Supporting the activity leaders in the activities and ensuring the children are safe and enjoy the activities
 Coaching various activities for gifted and talented sports day

Millfield Pool February 2014 – December 2015
Sarah Godwin, Pool Manager
 Lifeguarding Millfield 50m pool involves being responsible for all of the swimmers in the pool and changing rooms.
 Looking after the facilities and working with a large team to ensure when events are on everything is run smoothly and safely.

Home Farm Holiday Park April 2013 – October 2013
Burnham On Sea - Life Guard
 Lifeguard role at a holiday park outside of Burnham on sea involved looking after and maintaining an inside and outside pool through the holiday season.

Burnham on Sea Swim and Sports Academy June 2011- June 2013
Mark and Sarah Conklin
Burnham on Sea - Teaching and coaching the Minnie Triathletes
 Assistant coach to Paul Hazelton and help run junior tri sessions for mini triathletes aged 6-10 and then a second group aged 10 to 16. This also involved going to events with the kids and helping them get ready for their first competitions. Assisted in adult and children disabled swimming lessons which has helped broaden my coaching and teaching skills.


Primary interest is Triathlon whether it be in the form of coaching, training, social sessions or just to relax it’s a big part of my life. I am currently training for the British age Group Championships European Age Group Standard Distance Triathlon Championships Summer 2018, so I understand the commitment, drive and sacrifices required to perform at a high level.
I would like to continue my studies by taking a Masters in Sports Coaching as I would like to pursue a career within elite sports coaching. I am also hoping to continue my professional development and take my Level Three Triathlon Coaches qualification in 2019.

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