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Tutor with PhD in Classics with 10+ years experience offers Online Tuition in Latin, Ancient Greek and Classics / Classical Studies


We host the best tutors. Quality of their profile, experience in their field. Déborah will be happy to arrange your first Classics lesson.

About the lesson

I can prepare students for all Scottish and English exams (as well as the International Baccalaureate), up to the BA. I also have experience helping students work on their Post-Graduate dissertation, and have worked with adult students.

I exclusively teach online, using a mix of Skype (or any other video sharing service, such as FaceTime) and the online whiteboard BitPaper. We can work on grammar exercises, passages, and past papers on the whiteboard, and after the lesson, I will send you the pdf of what we did.

In particular, I offer:

- Grammar revisions with appropriate exercises
- Exam practice, from GCSE/Highers to Honours level
- Essay techniques
- Translation techniques
- Literary analyses of passages
- Unseen practice (translating from Greek/Latin into English)
- Prose composition practice (translating from English into Greek/Latin)


  • Classics
  • 13 Plus
  • Latin
  • +2

    Ancient Greek

    Classical Culture


  • French
  • English


  • Secondary
  • GCSE
  • AS Level
  • +6

    A Level

    Adult education





About Déborah

I have worked as a part-time Classics tutor at Edinburgh University since 2005, teaching undergraduate students Latin and Greek (from beginners' level to Honour translation courses) as well as Ancient philosophy, literature and mythology.

After I graduated for my PhD in 2009, I set up as a private tutor and translator, working one-on-one with adults as well as school or university students preparing for their exams (National 5, GCSE, Highers, A Level and university Honours levels).

I also have experience with teaching groups, as I teach business French for several Language schools (Simon & Simon, Cactus, Capital Business Languages), and adult classes in Latin, Ancient Greek, French and Philosophy for Edinburgh Council's Adult Education Programme.

I have taught over a hundred students, several of those for several years (especially adult learners). I have turned around many students' results, often helping them earn As and A*s. I am incredibly proud of each of them, and often get a bit teary-eyed when they email me their results!

I am very well organised and reliable. I always spend a lot of time preparing lessons so I can be ready to answer unexpected questions! I am also very adaptable, and enjoy working with various types of people, who have different motivations for learning. Tailoring the content of the lessons to the needs and abilities of the student is something that I always try to centre my work on. I have always received extremely positive feedback (and excellent exam results when applicable) from my students, but I also take criticism very well and am quick to change the content or rhythm of my lessons when I see a certain approach is not working.



  • 5h: £165
  • 10h: £320


  • £35/h


No refund offered.

Find out more about Déborah

  • 01

    When did you develop an interest in your chosen field and in private tutoring?

    While I was working on my PhD, I started giving university tutorials on literature, mythology and language. I really enjoyed explaining concepts and grammar to the students, and listen to them explain their take on a particular idea. Around the same time, I was asked to work one-on-one with some students, especially around grammar, translation and exam practice. Working with one student meant that I had to focus entirely on their individual needs and difficulties, and constantly adapt to them. It kept me on my toes, and one-on-one tuition became my favourite thing!

  • 02

    Tell us more about the subject you teach, the topics you like to discuss with students (and possibly those you like a little less).

    I teach French, Latin, Ancient Greek, and Essay writing. Without a doubt, my favourite part of tutoring is explaining complicated grammar and word-building. I particularly enjoy breaking down difficult words and forms with students, so we can figure out what each element means: what's the root? Is that an augment? Does the verb have a prefix and what does it mean? What is the ending telling us?
    My second favourite thing is helping students structure an essay, especially if I'm not very familiar with the topic. I learn new things, and the fact that I'm not an expert means that I can advise them on clarity and on the strength of their argument. Having to explain to me what they're trying to say helps the students clarify their own thoughts. This way, I've worked on Dostoevsky and 19th century medical debates, manslaughter in medical law, sign-language interpreting, and the concept of Intentionality in Philosophy. Like my other favourite aspects of tutoring, it keeps me on my toes and forces me to fully adapt to the student's needs and goals.

  • 03

    Did you have any role models; a teacher that inspired you?

    My father was a teacher before he retired, in a French High School. He taught different subjects than me (history and geography), but he was always passionate both about his subjects, and about making knowledge accessible to all his students, especially those from a disadvantaged background. He created board games to teach historical events, used skill-based assessment (coloured belts like in judo) rather than marks. He made a profound impact on generations of students, who remember him decades after their school years.

  • 04

    What do you think are the qualities required to be a good tutor?

    A good tutor needs to be conscientious and knowledgeable, but they also need to genuinely enjoy teaching, and be passionate about their subject. Students, no matter how young, are not stupid, and can always tell if their teacher is bored or uninterested. Passion is contagious, and therefore one of the best teaching tools.

  • 05

    Provide a valuable anecdote related to your subject or your days at school.

    When I was in High School, I got a sudden passion for philosopher Voltaire. I printed out dozens of small posters with philosophical quotes, and taped them all over the school after hours. I never got in trouble for it, even though I am pretty sure all my teachers knew it was me. I think everyone was more perplexed than anything else!

  • 06

    What were the difficulties or challenges you faced or still facing in your subject?

    I started off very bad at Latin grammar. You see, when I started Latin in high school, there was no beginner's class. It was understood that if you were taking Latin, then you must have started it years earlier. In my case though, it wasn't Latin I started earlier, it was Ancient Greek! So I ended up never really having grammar lessons for Latin, and started straight away with translations. I managed fine, but it worked more on gut feeling than proper knowledge of the rules.

    When I started teaching Latin to University students however, I really had to dive into Latin grammar, and basically learnt it by teaching it. It's an incredibly efficient learning method, and I often ask my students to explain some rules to me, to make it easier for them to remember!

  • 07

    Do you have a particular passion? Is it teaching in general or an element of the subject or something completely different?

    I think one of my passions, or at least the common element to all my favourite parts of tutoring, is mind organisation: I like to create structure from chaos, whether that chaos is the third declension in Latin, the use of the subjunctive in French, or an essay plan. I like to break things down into smaller elements with the student, until everything becomes clearer, easier to remember, or easier to write about. I am lucky enough that my mind spontaneously break ideas, declension tables, and conjugation into visual diagrams, and it is my privilege to use that skill to help students.

  • 08

    What makes you a Superprof (besides answering this interview questions :-P)?

    I am passionate about teaching, about my subjects, and I care deeply about every students that I work with. Many of them stay with me for several years. I respect them, their intelligence, and their goals, so I adapt each lesson to suit their needs. I don't take myself too seriously, and don't hesitate to goof around if I feel that the student is shy or intimidated.

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