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With Superprof, it has never been easier to become a tutor. Whether you're looking for local UK tutor jobs, online tutoring jobs, jobs in education, or jobs for ex teachers, Superprof can cater for everyone. Earn a great living and be your own boss. Give home-tuition or find online tutoring jobs with 1000s of potential students across our global network. Everyone has a skill to teach, so join Superprof, become a tutor and share your passion!

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With Superprof, it has never been easier to become a tutor. Whether you're looking for local UK tutor jobs, online tutoring jobs, jobs in education, or jobs for ex teachers, Superprof can cater for everyone. Earn a great living and be your own boss. Give home-tuition or find online tutoring jobs with 1000s of potential students across our global network. Everyone has a skill to teach, so join Superprof, become a tutor and share your passion!

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James Maths tutor, Bristol

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Hundreds of students each day in Coventry !

Our private tutors in Coventry receive lots of lesson requests, here are the latest.

Alee, found their tutor

Hey , I am a computer science student. I need some helps in algorithms writing like Huierstics algorithm in Scheduling Problem project. I have all data that may help to start writing the algorithm for that. Please if you find your self-able to help on that contact with me on the number phone above. Thanks

23 hours ago

Shaun, found their tutor

Hi there, I couldn’t find an option just to message you so hopefully this achieves the same thing. My son has recently had a slightly disappointing (for him not me) mock result for English lit and is now very worried about his exam in 4 weeks time. He has fairly bad dyslexia and I worry that this extra pressure may end up working against him further. Do you have much time available in the next 4 weeks? Regards Shaun

1 day ago


Simon , found their tutor

Hi Andrea. Myself and my wife are total beginners. We are looking to learn Spanish as we have a house in Spain. We would like tutorials on an evening at our home Look forward to hearing from you

2 days ago


Mindy , found their tutor

Hello I would like you to beginning teaching our daughter the piano. She will be getting an digital piano for her 8th birthday in May. She would feel most comfortable learning to play at her home. Hopefully you will be able to start in May. Many thanks Mindy

3 days ago

Chantelle, found their tutor

I am currently going to do my gcse’s very soon and struggling to be in school and I would like a tutor to come to my house and come and teach me more so I feel more comfortable when it comes to it.

5 days ago


, found their tutor

Hi, I'm enquiring for my 13 year old daughter who is interested in learning to sing. She has no real previous experience but is really into musical theatre. She's performed in the chorus at a school musical and joined the priory youth theatre group at the beginning of the year. The next production is likely to be a musical and basically she would like to gain confidence to audition for roles involving singing. At the moment she has around a £100 to spend and I was wondering if you are able...

2 weeks ago


Magdalena, found their tutor

Hello, I need tuition for my 18 year old son who needs to get a B in IGCSE Maths for his University. He did maths studies in his IB (got a 6). Can you tutor in English? He needs 3 online classes per week for around 6-7 weeks. Please let me know if you can do it and are available. M Lopez

2 weeks ago


Maria do carmo , found their tutor

Bom dia Sofia O meu nome é Maria do Carmo e sou portuguesa. Tenho dois filhos que precisam de apoio em português . Tenho tentado ensinar-lhes a língua mas tenho falhado e como gostei do seu dinamismo parece-me que a Sofia pode ajudar. O Ollie tem 9 anos e o Tomas tem 11amos. Eles entendem portugês mas falam muito pouco ou quase nada, precisam mesmo de apoio para começarem a falar com confianças aprender a construir as fum ases correctent. Acredito que com a Sua...

2 weeks ago


Danah, found their tutor

Hi, I'm a geophysics student in my final year and I need a help in my dissertation I'm looking for someone who can continue my work as I couldn't due to family issues, my dissertation is along track velocity estimation from InSAR for the sana andreas fault, I'm using Matlab. And my submission is on the 2nd of May. Please inform me if you can help me or if you know a phd student who can help me with it.

3 weeks ago


Anmol, found their tutor

Hi Tanzeel, hope you're well. If possible, can you please tutor in Physics if you have good knowledge of the A Level syllabus. Would really love to hear from you. Thank you. Look forward to hearing from you. Kind regards, Anmol

3 weeks ago


Sarah, found their tutor

Hello Kirsty I’m a 32 year old that wishes to take some singing lessons in order to rebuild some confidence I’ve lost since I stopped singing with the Aberystwyth Choral Union in 2006. Previous to that I was the head chorister in my church choir in St Anne’s, Lancashire. I enjoy singing, but really feel I’ve lost a lot of my tone and most certainly range in the years since. So would love to work on that so that I can enjoy singing in my partners family a family gatherings and not...

3 weeks ago

Laurence, found their tutor

¡Hola Eduardo! Soy Laurence y vivo aquí en Coventry. Era médico y me he jubilado desde hace 6 años. Empecé de aprender español once años atrás pero ahora no tengo ninguna oportunidad de hablar o preservar mi capacidad de conversar en castellano. Espero de visitar mi hermano en Argentina el año que viene, y ¡busco entonces unas conversaciones para despertar mi cerebro! Saludos Laurence

1 month ago


John, found their tutor

Hi, our son, Sam, is sitting his A levels this year and would benefit from assistance in Chemistry. Would you be able to offer maybe a couple of hours a week? Sam drives so would be happy to travel. I look forward to hearing from you. Kind regards John.

1 month ago

Danni, found their tutor


1 month ago

Vittorio , found their tutor

Hi Faryal, I am currently doing a course on International Financial Management with focus on the foreign exchange market. I am having some problems getting a grasp of the subject hence why I am asking for some guidance. If you want I would like to share the topics and the types of exercise that I have to understand. I look forward to hearing from you

2 months ago


Nicholas, found their tutor

Hello Irina, I've recently started working as a researcher at the University of Warwick. My research site is in northern Krasnoyarsk Krai, and although I have been on field work there once already in 2013, I had to travel with a translator in order to communicate. I completed the Michel Thomas audio CD Russian course, which has acquainted me with the basics of how verbs work and with basic greetings, but it is important for my work that I improve my spoken Russian ability before I next...

2 months ago


Hugo, found their tutor

Hi Daniel, I've been playing guitar for a couple of years but never had a lesson. (only through guitar tricks-online) I feel like I need more structure and someone telling me what to focus on. I like playing rock/hard rock/blues and metal. Regards

2 months ago

Chloe, found their tutor

Hey Karl, I started learning basics of long boarding last year with my boyfriend but now id really like to learn more and be able to feel super confident long boarding and skateboarding - with balance and maybe tricks . Thanks

2 months ago

Lesley, found their tutor

Hi Ilhan, I love Turkey and have been visiting for 20 years. I hope to buy a house near Fethiye now I have retired. I did a beginners class in London 15 years ago, followed by a GCSE course without the exam. I used the Hitit Tomer course books and want to continue as they use these at Tomer classes in Turkey. I will be doing an intensive course in Turkey soon and want to regain confidence and learn more first so I can join an elementary level, but I may be overestimating my knowledge. I...

2 months ago


Olive, found their tutor

Hi Ishameel, My name is Olive. I am undertaking a course in Data Analytics through UDACITY. I am having some challenges in Python programming - a mix up of the IDLE/and interpreter and basic programming concepts. I want one to one guidance.

3 months ago


, found their tutor

Hello! Isabela I looking for someone to help my English. I am at a new work, and I am been given more responsibility. This will involve me conversing with clients via e-mail and live chat. Can you help me with this? Thanks you! Dylano

3 months ago

Jackson, found their tutor

Hi. Can you help in Pipe Instrument Diagram with AutoCAD 3D Plant Design? I need help with homework to make block flow diagram, process flow diagram witj 3d plant designer and PID with plant designee

3 months ago


Beata , found their tutor

Hi I had IELTS exam 2 months ago. My score was: Listening 5,0 Reading 4,5 Writing 5,5 Speaking 6,5 I need all of them for 6,0 . I have practice my self but I stuck with reading and need some more practice in writing. I must do IELTS exam on the 1st of Feb sa can you please help me ? I live in Coventry if that's help. Can You please contact me ASAP my. mob (concealed information)9 Regards Beata

3 months ago


Boguslawa, found their tutor

Hi, I am looking for spanish teacher for my two kids - 4,5&6.5 years old. I need a teacher who can come to my house. They have been learning Spanish for a year now. We live in Erdington B24. Can you give me a price and your availability please. Regards Bogusia

3 months ago

Roland, found their tutor

Hi, my name is Roland. I am writing to You behalf of my girlfriend. My first question is, do you teach english as a foreign language? She learnt english in the secondary school and at the university in Hungary, but she has not used for 5 years now. We live in Banbury. Yours sincerely Roland

4 months ago


James, found their tutor

Hi Richard, I noticed on your profile you have experience in R. I need tutoring on R statistical analyses and graphical outputs. I'm a mature (38) under graduate student. If this is something you can assist me with, please let me know. I'm happy to pay a bit more per hour, as you may not normally tutor in this subject. Kind Regards, James Gamble

4 months ago


Leslie, found their tutor

Hi My Son is retaking his A level Economics 2018. He did achieve a B grade 2017 but needs an A to get to his university of choice. He is currently on a gap year working Mon to Friday 9 - 1pm at a school as a lab technician. Charlie would prefer face to face tutoring rather than online. Regards Leslie Adams

4 months ago


Zarmeen, found their tutor

I want to have lessons based on all the chemistry topics from the AQA exam board, as well as learn what is needed about the required practicals involved and be able to gain knowledge on answering exam questions.I would prefer my tutor sessions being in the evenings after 5pm on a weekday , but any time after 1pm I’m a weekend.

4 months ago


Walter, found their tutor

Hi there, How are you today? My wife and I are looking to hire a qualified coach that can coach our son with lessons,his name is Brian and he is 17yrs old,If you are available and qualified,kindly get back to me via ( waltersmith 9114@ g m a i l .c o m ) with your rates and hopefully an arrangement can be duly made then. Regards Mr Walter Smith

4 months ago

Daniella, found their tutor

Hello. I am an 18 year old girl and I am in the surrounding of Romanian speakers on a daily basis as my colleagues, who are Romanian, have turned into very good friends. Id like to learn the language to be able to communicate more with them in a group and understand when they speak to eachother. I also have plans to attend a wedding in Romania in 2018 so I’d like to know how to speak some of the language before going! I know only minimal phrases and I’d like to actually construct sentences...

4 months ago