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With Superprof, it has never been easier to become a tutor. Whether you're looking for local UK tutor jobs, online tutoring jobs, jobs in education, or jobs for ex teachers, Superprof can cater for everyone. Earn a great living and be your own boss. Give home-tuition or find online tutoring jobs with 1000s of potential students across our global network. Everyone has a skill to teach, so join Superprof, become a tutor and share your passion!

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With Superprof, it has never been easier to become a tutor. Whether you're looking for local UK tutor jobs, online tutoring jobs, jobs in education, or jobs for ex teachers, Superprof can cater for everyone. Earn a great living and be your own boss. Give home-tuition or find online tutoring jobs with 1000s of potential students across our global network. Everyone has a skill to teach, so join Superprof, become a tutor and share your passion!

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Beatrice English/French tutor, Newcastle
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Andy Italian tutor, London
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James Maths tutor, Bristol

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Hundreds of students each day in Leeds !

Our private tutors in Leeds receive lots of lesson requests, here are the latest.


Qaiser, found their tutor

My name is Qaiser.i am a doctor. I am looking for online coaching for my 8.5 years old son. He is at beginner level but is taking part in school chess tournament next weekend. Aiming to get as many lessons as possible online before next weekend. Please advice accordingly.

7 hours ago


Ben, found their tutor

Hi Pankti, My name is Ben Johnson and I am a student at the University of Leeds. I study Mechatronics & Robotics and I am currently doing a C/C++ based coding project using mbed online complier and a custom made gamepad. I am trying to re-create the game "asteroids" and was wondering if you were available to help my develop my coding skills and confidence during this project. Kind Regards, Ben

8 hours ago


Hannah, found their tutor

Hola Aisling, Me llamo Hannah, soy inglés y quiero aprender español! I'm currently teaching English in France but am returning to Leeds very soon. I'm going travelling in Latin America from June to September to I really need to learn some Spanish! I'm hoping to take 2 hour-long lessons a week beginning in May until I leave. I haven't made other commitments yet for my return to England so I can probably work with whenever you are available. I'm not sure how to describe my level as I...

1 week ago


Daniel, found their tutor

Hi Mohamed, My Name is Daniel A. I have a presentation due for an interview with Turner and Townsend within the Graduate Project Management Scheme. It is somewhat a simple task for someone who has studied construction project management. But I haven't unfortunately. The task is to help the client in the case study develop a business case and carry out a risk assessment and how the project would manage that risk. Please let me know if you can help. Thank you. Daniel.

1 week ago


, found their tutor

We are looking for a loving, responsible, and experienced tutor to care for our adorable 6 years old Son we are moving to your neighborhood if you are interested kindly email me your resume (concealed information)

1 week ago


Gisele, found their tutor

Hi, I'm Gisele, 20 years of age. I have been struggling with my GCSE exams for the past years now and its mostly been my fault, but now I'm willing to change all of that and hope you could help me in this little time that we have until the exam this year.

2 weeks ago


Zaher, found their tutor

Hi, I am a first year international relations student. I have a module on international security, which I would be grateful to receive your help for with for the exam. Specifically, planning different essays.

2 weeks ago


Ashley, found their tutor

Hello Josh, I'm Ashley from Hong Kong but working in Leeds now. I haven't learnt any music instrument before and just thought it might be good to start with guitar. Not sure if it will be too challenging for an adult...Do you have any recommendation?

2 weeks ago

Karl, found their tutor

Hi Emily - I'm wanting to learn German as i travel in Germany alot with my job, My partner is German and i want to live in Germany! Please help!!!!!!! I studied German at school many years ago but i want to start from scratch so i get a good understanding of the language. I've put in a date for a first lesson but to be honest i'm available most evenings. Could you let me know your availability please? Thanks Emily Karl

2 weeks ago

Anna, found their tutor

Hi Declan. I am a final year student studying French and German and I am currently writing my dissertation (nearly finished) for the German part of my degree ( it is written in English). However, I am struggling with making my writing flow nicely, structuring my project and also keeping my writing academic and succinct. I therefore wanted to have a few sessions with someone who is experienced in writing dissertations, who can look through the work I have done and my project as a whole and...

2 weeks ago


Tim, found their tutor

Hi Denisa, I study the Daoist arts Daojiao Lishi Quanfa in Leeds. I have been studying with them for 12 years . In 2015 I went to China for 3 weeks with my group from Leeds. I would like to go again next year and would like to learn some Chinese. I would like to take the HSK exams. regards. Tim

2 weeks ago


Danah, found their tutor

Hi, I might contacted you before, I'm a geophysics student in my final year and I need a help in my dissertation I'm looking for someone who can continue my work as I couldn't due to family issues, my dissertation is along track velocity estimation from InSAR for the sana andreas fault, I'm using Matlab. And my submission is on the 2nd of May. Please inform me if you can help me or if you know a phd student who can help me with it.

3 weeks ago


Dominique, found their tutor

Hello Amanda, We write for our daughter Alice who is 15 years old. She is a smart girl, with good results at school. She is very fond of literature. However her weak point is her language learning ability. Though she had so far rather good marks in English, it has been achieved through her ability to find out correct answers through context analysis for some exercices and her capacity to retain words for a short term. Her real english skills seem to us not so good, with limited...

3 weeks ago


Lynne, found their tutor

My son Jack is at Northumbria in second year of Civil Engineering degree and struggling and I think some one to one tuition whilst he is in Leeds during holiday time would be beneficial. Can discuss more requirements by phone. thank you

3 weeks ago

Lubna, found their tutor

Hi I’m searching for a Tutor for my daughter who is in year 11 & she needs extra help with Maths & Physics Gcsc . We require 2 hrs a week preferably at my house & in the evenings during the week. If you are interested please message me Kind regards Aisha

1 month ago

Ian, found their tutor

Grace hi My son Jake is due to take his A levels in June Mock exams in RS and Philosophy & Ethics didn't go so well Confidence is low about the exam He feels he has a reasonable grasp of the subject. Quote from his teacher is below; ''Helen Johns and I spoke to Jake earlier on this week and we are both of the opinion that Jake panicked particularly in his Philosophy and Ethics exam and this is what led to the U grade rather than a lack of ability. We tried to reassure him off this! He...

1 month ago

Emma, found their tutor

Hello Jeonjae, My names Emma and I’m 19. I’m looking to learn Korean as I want to become a translator. Ive been self teaching as well as doing an online course so I know some korean but not much. As well as being a translator I’d very much like to like in Seoul in the future. Ive applied to several universities but unfortunately do not qualify for the korean courses. I currently work full time, but I am normally free over the weekends and I will be able to give you my work rota so...

1 month ago


Abdulelah, found their tutor

Hi, i am a master's student in university of Liverpool and i study subject called Applied algorithm so i don't understand anything actually so i have a tutorial lessons. what i want is explain all of these tutroial for me. i am Arabic as well :). send me your email and i can send you all the materials so once you agree i will come to leeds for one week. Thank you

1 month ago


Paul, found their tutor

Hi , I have recently started a new role with Navigator who are a Lisbon based organisation and I would like to be able to converse with my colleagues in a regular basis. I would be starting from scratch so would be a challenge but hoping you can help me if possible. Understand we don’t live that close but when I’m in the UK I’ll be in and around Leeeds regularly most weeks

1 month ago


Connor , found their tutor

Hi Richard, I'm an undergraduate student at Leeds. I don't know if you are the right person to ask for help as i don't study any of your suggested topics. However where I'm looking for help is my essay writing as i just seem to be missing the mark every time.I was wondering if you would be able to help with structuring of essays thanks Connor

1 month ago

Sharjeel, found their tutor

Good afternoon, I am a qualified lawyer in Pakistan and currently living in Denmark. I am planning to undertake the Qualified Lawyer Transfer Secheme exam in May 2018. This exam is a combination of LPC and training contract. I have already passed MCT exam (legal knowledge based exam) and going to give OSCE exam (skills & legal procedure based exam) in May 2018. I am therefore mainly interested to learn legal skills, such as Interviewing and Advising clients, Preparation of Attendance...

2 months ago

Roberto, found their tutor

Hello Garathi, I am Roberto and I am 28. I come from Florence but in the last 2 years I lived in Milan. I am really interested making some English lesson about business English in order to improve my fluency. I prefer making the lesson around 8:30GMT during the week and also on Saturday afternoon or on Sunday morning.

2 months ago

Fabiyi, found their tutor

Hi, can you provide guidance on any of these projects: Topic: Robotic Arm Interactive Orthopaedic System Project Description The RIO is a surgical robot designed to assist surgeons during knee and hip replacement procedures. It consists of a complicated design consisting of multiple electrical and mechanical components combined with a MATLAB interface. This project will focus on one particular joint of the robot, using a prototype system as well as MATLAB and Simulink. The main...

2 months ago


Clare, found their tutor

Hi Saadia Would you be interested in taking on a university student ( level 3 ) in Leeds, LS61DL ? To clarify, we are a language course provider and organise private tuition nationwide at the student's home or office. Our student, Hannah has had lessons with us in the past and we are currently running two business courses for her father in Cheshire. Unfortunately, all the French tutors on our books have either moved or are not available and Hannah will be taking her exam in May so, as you...

2 months ago


Abeer, found their tutor

Hello it's Abeer in in 2nd year petroleum engineering student at university of Leeds I would like to understand some topics in thermodynamics and solve around 4-5problems sheets and past papers. I appreciate your help

2 months ago


Neina , found their tutor

Hi, I am enquiring about my 9 year old son he's called Jevon, currently he is learning drums and also plays rugby at school, his general work at school is good and he's got a good school report so far. His hobbies are playing with the PS4, enjoys playing with his cars and is has always occupied playing on his own, We are looking for a suitable tutor for maths and english together within the hour, so 30 mins each on the day. We would like it if you could make it fun most of all and he...

3 months ago


Jessica, found their tutor

I'm looking for 3-9 lessons and I would like to learn Biology at my home, in Swillington, Leeds, LS26 8UN. I have my A-Level exams in the next few months and I am really struggling to understand the course content. I really need the extra help as these results will determine whether I am able to go to University or not. Thank You Jess.

3 months ago

Leia, found their tutor

Hello, My name is Gloria, I was studying in China for a few months at Qingdao Daxue. I have return to the UK and I would like to continue to learn Chinese Mandarin. I would like to use taobao and really need help on the translation, as I cant understand anything, that is written on the website. So if you could help me how to use taobao that would be great I would also like to learn business words in Chinese. I would like to have lesssons from the 3rd of March and it would be every...

3 months ago


Suren, found their tutor

Hi Stephen I can do email , google , buy on line .I want to learn further about how to attach photos. messages to email .Twitter ,Face book etc. I have just bought an Acer , It is very different to my 8 yr old acer I live next door to Roundhay School . I look forward to hearing from you Thanks Suren

3 months ago

Linda, found their tutor

Hi George, My name is Ling-tsai and I'm a MA literature student from Taiwan(East Asia). I'm wondering if you can give me some lessons regarding an introduction to Romanticism. I also want to discuss about this literary movement with you in order to gain more inspiration and improve my discussion skill:) I'm so interested in this period but unfortunately didn't do much reading about the Romantic Period in British literature before. At the moment, I'm doing research about Jane Austen's...

3 months ago