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Hundreds of students search for oral expression - english lessons every day!

Our oral expression - english tutors are very sought after! Here are the latest queries from students:


Fernanda toledo, found their oral expression - english tutor

Hi Eugene! I’m brazilian and I just moved to Los Angeles. I believe I have a advanced English level but I still make many mistakes. Please let me know if you would have time for a first class next week. It can be from Monday to Friday, anytime from 9am to 11am (Los Angeles time). Thank you! Fernanda

2 days ago


Nathalie, found their oral expression - english tutor

Bonjour. Mon mari et moi allons bientôt nous installer sur Oxford, il démarre son travail au 1er mars. Mon niveau d'anglais est bas (A2). Je souhaiterai progresser en vue, sur le long terme, de trouver du travail. J'ai du temps devant moi, je suis enceinte, donc j'envisage ces cours sur une longue période. Je souhaiterai idéalement avoir 2h de cours par jour, votre planning colle au mien. Vu le nombre important d'heures, peut on envisager un discount sur votre taux...

2 days ago


Luca, found their oral expression - english tutor

I am an Italian student and I need a complete correction of a letter. I need urgently today, you can help me in this? Logically it will be under pay, the letter is of a facade, for the price of the work we can agree, if you want after sending the letter and you can calculate the time that I will have to do this. I wrote the letter in Italian and then translated it in English, but it certainly contains errors in grammar and in some places it isn’t clear.

2 weeks ago

Emanuele, found their oral expression - english tutor

Hi Lucy my name is Emanuele and i'm a 33 years old italian journalist and ex italian and literature student, live near Milan. My english is awful and, instead attending courses in Italy, I chose to come in England (in Canterbury) for 6 weeks in a career break. I must improve my ridicoluos english quickly because my job and I think that this is the only way. I think that you could be perfect for my need because you could help me (if you are patient).. And you would have my eternal recognition...

3 weeks ago


Wen, found their oral expression - english tutor

Hi, English is my second language. I have learnt English long time ago. Now I want to read and speak correctly. I live in ME1 2RW. If you live nearby, I can come to you. Could you please help? Thank you so much. Wen

1 month ago

Nataliya, found their oral expression - english tutor

Dear Alex, I am Nataliya living in Germany (and London from time to time), and I want to learn English conversation in order to have less problems with face-to-face interaction. My vocabulary is not that bad but I would like to sound better and talk better. I'm studying psychotherapy in London, so "speech" is the most important tool I have. Because I travel between Germany and UK, I need the lessons by web-cam and private. Would like to try a first lesson with you. Thank you very much in...

1 month ago


Sheila, found their oral expression - english tutor

Hi James, My name is Sheila. I am living in Loughborough for 3 months. I would like to improve my communicating skills. I would like to take English classes in the afternoons (3h/week) if possible. Thanks, Sheila

1 month ago


Catherine, found their oral expression - english tutor

Hello Hannah, I am a bachelor student from Germany who intends to improve my English level. My aim is to study my master degree in the UK. Therefore I will soon pass the IELTS Test. I just need someone who I can talk to in order to practice my English. Would it also be possible for you, that we go through some personal statements for admissions that I wrote? Best, Kathrin

1 month ago


Fausto, found their oral expression - english tutor

Dear Chhaya, My name is Fausto I am an Italian that moved to London a year ago. My level of english is not that great but I can roughly handle a conversation, i am looking to improve my english as i would like to eventually star university here. Hope you can help with this! Thank you, Fausto

1 month ago


Florine, found their oral expression - english tutor

Hi Aleksandra, I am Florine Adelhanoff, I am 29 years old and I am French. I recently moved to London to join my partner who is working here since May. I am looking for a job in London so I would like to improve my english to be more fluent and focus on the pronunciation. I am living near Paddington and lancaster gate. Where does the class take place? At the moment I am fully availbale. Many thanks for your help. Florine Adelhanoff +44 7(concealed information)

1 month ago


Liviu, found their oral expression - english tutor

Dear Alice, We are currently looking for a tutor for our daughter, Daria, who is 7 (almost 8) years old and in year 3 in primary school. We are looking for support to improve her oral expression and vocabulary in English in first instance. We live in Emersons Green (north Bristol) and we were wondering if it would be possible to arrange a first trial lesson. We are mostly available during weekends and if you have any availability over the coming weekend on 23rd or 24th ideally morning...

2 months ago


Omar, found their oral expression - english tutor

Bonjour monsieur Xavier Je suis inscrit dans une ecole de commerce pour rentrée en 15 janvier . Et les cours sont en anglais donc je veux faire des cours accélérés d'anglais le plus tôt possible de la semaine prochaine jusqu'à 15 janvier si possible . je suis toujous disponible tous les jours a tout moment . J'attends votte réponse avec impatience . Merci

2 months ago

oral expression - english teacher
(18 reviews)

Experienced, passionate and enthusiastic French native teaching French and English in Edinburgh