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I’m a University graduate with multiple years experience in the Crypto asset space (7+) specialising in charting using Technical analysis (TA). I teach people how to navigate and profit from trading

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My name is Shane and I’m a university graduate based in Leeds, after financial issues in my life I wanted to find the best way to create some stability and growth with my money - and After hundreds of hours researching I discovered Crypto and Technical Analysis (TA).

After many years studying and participating in the crypto asset space I’m now in a place where I am consistently profitable and a competent analyst and trader.

I specialise in chart analysis using many different indicators to measure price action and momentum, to coordinate positions where I can use my active income to extract money from the market as profit on a consistent basis.

I use indicators such as:

⁃ moving averages
⁃ RSI (relative strength index)
⁃ MACD (Moving average convergence / divergence) / momentum and strength in time based trading volume
⁃ Fibonacci retracement (measure trend progress and asset potential %)
⁃ Resistance and support / pivot points
⁃ Candle patterns and formations
⁃ Many more *

The depth of your study and commitment is totally up to you. Lessons will be tailored to your current level of experience (all level welcome from complete beginner) and how you want your overall strategy to fit into your life.

Here are some examples of what is available:

⁃ NFT Trading/Investing
⁃ Day Trading
⁃ Long Term investments
⁃ Swing trading
⁃ Futures/ leverage trading
⁃ Nodes (passive income on the block chain)

I will provide you with the all the tools necessary to thrive in this space, and the days of needing massive startup capital to do well are truly over with Crypto currency now on the scene. Massive growth is now available from an very small starting account, and everyone can benefit.

Easily learn how to combine investment/trading into new emerging technologies with traditional charting and Technical Analysis, grow your money with strategy and knowledge, and don’t leave your money in the bank where it’s worth less every year!

After 7 years of involvement in Crypto/trading and a wide range of developed skills, I feel that I really want to share my knowledge and teach people how to do it for themselves, in a realistic practical way that fits around everyday life.


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About Shane

When I first began my journey into cryptocurrency I was wilding ‘investing’ money into a number of projects and trades which turned out to be little more than gambling. After some stressful gains and losses I decided to take my involvement in the space more seriously and spent years researching the most effective trading techniques and the various different emerging technologies in the space, I worked alongside a group of successful traders from around the world and I am now a confident trader and investor with knowledge of profitable opportunities from passive income to active trading of a range of assets.
I want to share the knowledge I have gained so that you can profit as much as possible with the least amount of risk.
If you have any questions please feel free to contact me for a consultation.



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