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1st lesson free!

1st lesson free!

Want to become an elite level surfer? At 23 I took up surfing and recently conquered Skeleton bay. Learn from my experience

    • Poole
    • By webcam

About the lesson

There are three core areas I will mentor you on. There will be exercises to do over a fortnight which focus on the key areas. Opportunities to surf will become opportunities to test your dry land training. I am also available for personal one to one coaching sessions. These ideally would be an assessment day and once or twice monthly mentoring and video sessions where we check progression and identify what is and isnt working. Confidence is the absolute key to elite surfing - Once your confident everything else is easy.

One of the things I know from experience is that you have to become extrememly focused, all the trining you currently do for surfing is useless and is either ego driven or just not focused on the core requirements of becoming an elite surfer.


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About Daniel

I started surfing at 23 means and so didnt have the huge benefit of sensitised neuroplasticity during my development years. All of the best surfers I have met started surfing very young. Recently, despite my late development I have conquered the worlds best left hand barrell - Skeleton Bay, Namibia. All of the surfers I know who started late have either given up or accepted being a poor surfer and surfing low quality waves. As you progress and start surfing better quality waves the rewards are far beyond just a good wave - Its an educational experience and an experience which forces you to face and manage fear and acts as a great tool to build self esteem and personal education.



  • 5h: £750
  • 10h: £1000


  • £1150/h

free lessons

  • 30mins


For the online training programme £150 per month covers two 14 day periods. You will be given exercises to perform which you can do on dry land. We start with a one week assessment to log key parameters to check progress along the way. Every 3 months we would check progress thoroughly to see what progress has been made. I would want you to surf as much as humanely possible during this time. Personal mentoring would be given ideally once or twice or maybe once a week if possible. These are charged at £150 per hour and will include a variety of practices with some very challenging and interesting activities. I have an excellent video camera system which is essential for good quality useable footage to use for post surf analysis.

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