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6 years experience teaching English to KS3 and KS4 students at a Saturday School. Although my main subject is Maths, I enjoy teaching English too - it helps me keep a balance! :)

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Bespoke tuition, tailored to individual student's needs. We'll identify the areas of weakness together, and then tackle it. I will teach in a way that engages and inspires you, and will always aim to use real life examples that you will remember in the future.


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About Chantelle

I am a head of maths at a secondary school in London, and have taught for 10 years. In addition to maths, I had the opportunity to teach English and 11+ at a Saturday school for 6 years - which is why I also offer English and some other subjects. I am good at what I do, book a lesson :)



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  • Law LLB graduate with an A GCSE grade in English, I have 7 months worth of experience with tutoring English Language and Literature.


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