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  • Health and social care
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  • GCSE
  • BTEC

Youth Worker Student in Hull with SEN and teaching experience in Health and Social Care and Childhood Studies


I am kind and caring yet firm so I will base learning around the tutee and the support they need. I will help the young person by not only teaching them but helping them to develop the skills they will need in the future to be able to teach themselves and develop their knowledge.
I would like the tutee to feel comfortable during a session and I take a friendly approach, I do not intend to gain a friendship with the tutee but I find a fair, balanced and equal relationship is best for both the tutor and the tutee and for the best development and progress.
I will sit with the tutee and support them with a learning plan, targeting what areas they need most work with small tests at the end of a topic in order to make sure that they have fully grasped the knowledge, if they have not then I will take time to go over this again. I develop my teaching technique to each learner, if one is better with sheets and learning by the book I shall help them that way, if one learns with physical examples then I shall make sure that each learner is equipped with all they need to gain the relevant knowledge.

I feel that I would be a great tutor and I can connect with children for three reasons:

1. I'm not really old and I have siblings, so I know how to engage and make learning fun so they don't feel intimidated by a teacher appearance
2. I have managed to develop my own learning skills to suit my abilities and I work closely with each tutee to use their skills to improve their education. If they have learning difficulties, I show them how to use them to their advantage and find ways of learning that suits them.
3. I'm not perfect. I teach children that everyone is different and that being yourself is most important. I would never compare one student to another.

Having said this, I will aim to provide the best service of education I can, along with squeezing every ounce of potential out of each tutee so that they can ultimately reach or exceed their own goals and expectations so that they have the ability to get the best opportunities and have the best education possible.


I have just left my position as a Higher Education Ambassador and a Care Ambassador for Hampshire County Council and have worked with children and young adults for over 6 years; including mentoring, tutoring and supporting them throughout education and daily life. I have also worked with young people with different learning needs, including those with physical or learning difficulties. Part of my previous work required me to support children in different learning environments, such as university, in outdoor environments during bushcraft sessions, and also individually during sessions or free time to help them decide what path was best for them.

I have tutored GCSE students in Maths for 6 years and gained an award from Hampshire County Council and my school/college for my work supporting other students especially during their exams and assessments.

During my secondary school years I was a regular teachers assistant taking time out of my free periods to offer other students support during Maths Lessons, and preparing lessons for a small groups of students which I was given to teach after school and marking papers. I was taught by my own head teacher how to prepare lessons and teach them, making them fun and enjoyable but also targeting areas which needed the most improvement.

I have been an active member of the homework clubs at all of my schools and colleges. I have also been a student mentor and student union representative offering to support to other students as well as friends and family who needed extra support especially in Maths and Drama.

I am currently a part time tutor and home school one student. I have been a home school tutor for five months.

I have plenty of work experience in schools catering to all ages, including some nursery and college work experience supporting children and adults of all ages to expand their knowledge and develop no matter the age.

I have also volunteered with teenagers, and young people helping then to develop life skills, learn basic academic skills and develop their knowledge including one activity where I supported a group to do a community action project and help the local community teaching them communication and public speaking skills.

I specialise in home tutoring and currently have one student but would like to increase this and possible have a couple of tutees so that I can offer more students the option of home learning.


Rate for online lessons : £15/h


Primary is £12 p/h
Secondary is £15 p/h
GCSE is £18 p/h
A-Level is £20 p/h

Lessons offered by Sian
In group
The lessons will be held
at her home
Taught subjects
  • Health and social care
  • Primary
  • Secondary
  • GCSE
  • BTEC

Sian's CV

Sian Louise
(concealed information) - (concealed information)9


I tutor a variety of subjects
Self Employed - Hampshire, UK-February 2010 to Present
• Mathematics 11-16
• English 11-16
• Drama 11-18
• Performing Arts 11-18
• General Studies 11-14
• Government and Politics 11-18

I have helped teach and support several students through exams and their school years to improve their grades and had several increase grades to go to top colleges and sixth forms. I am friendly, yet firm and I am well organised developing a tutor program which suits each individual young person.

Student Ambassador
Self Employed - Winchester, Winchester, UK-October 2015 to July 2016
I had a mixed set of responsibilities, including:
• Running workshops
• Supporting children in classrooms
• Giving tours of the university
• Supporting residential
• Working with young people from difficult backgrounds
• Safeguarding Awareness
• Punctuality
I feel I developed a lot working in this role. I have worked with different age groups and developed my communication skills as well as supporting others learning and developing my teaching and organisation skills. I have used a lot of organisation, and had to be friendly, use a lot of team work, be punctual and work with different people as well as work with groups of young people who may have safeguarding issues and be aware of the issues that can arise from the role.

Care Ambassador
Self Employed-November 2013 to January 2015
My roles included;
• Working alongside professionals
• Working with social workers and foster carers
• Representing Children in Care
• Assessed legislation and Inputted on how policy is implemented
• Used my negative experiences of care and used them to make positive improvements.

This role helped me to develop;
• Confidence speaking in front of crowds
• Organisation
• Working when travelling
• Communication skills
• Using negatives to make positives
• Develop cognitive arguments and opinions
• Change my formality to suit the audience I'm working with.
• Team work

Customer Service
Self Employed - Bowling, UK-January 2013 to May 2013
My roles included;
• Party host
• Cleaner
• Food Service
• Drink Service
• Bar staff
• Customer Service
• Health and Safety

I learnt;
• How to adapt to difficult situation
• Assess risk
• Adapt my communication depending on age
• Efficiency as well as getting work done to a good standard

NCS Team Leader
The Challenge - Aldershot-July 2012 to August 2012
On a four-week programme I developed;
• A community project
• Working and managing a team of people
• Social skills
• Working on a project
• Organisation
• Managing timing and punctuality.

Customer Service
Self Employed - Fleet, UK-February 2010 to March 2011
My roles included;
• Food preparation
• Serving
• Handling Money
• Commitment
• Flexibility
• Food safety

Youth Support Work Experience
Connexions Volunteer
Connexions Counselling - Fleet-April 2010 to May 2010
This was a short-term work experience placement and my roles included;
• Working with vulnerable groups
• Organising youth activities
• Supporting youth clubs
• Working with disabled children
• Communication with children with learning difficulties
• Social networking
• Planning events


Currently studying towards Youth Work and Community Development Bachelors Degree
University of Hull - Kingston upon Hull, UK
2016 to 2020

Higher National Certificate in Childhood, Youth and Community Studies with Health, Community and Social care Studies.
Winchester University - Winchester, UK
2015 to 2016

Farnham College - Farnham, UK
2013 to 2015
A-Level Government and Politics
BTEC Diploma in Performing Arts
BTEC Diploma in Music Technology
AS Mathematics
Extended Project

Court Moor School - Fleet, UK
2007 to 2012
GCSE Mathematics
GCSE English Literature
GCSE English Language
GCSE Core Science
GCSE Additional Science
GCSE German
GCSE Spanish
GCSE Drama
Functional Skills IT
Community Action
First Aid


Microsoft Office including excel and publisher (7 years), Communication Skills (10+ years), Social Media (6 years), Email (7 years), Marketing (1 year), Tutoring (5 years), Project Management skill (4 years)

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