How to Become a Russian Translator?

He who doesn't take risks, doesn't drink champagne - Russian proverb Before you can become a Russian translator, you will need to work hard and master the Russian language and have knowledge of Russian culture at your fingertips. As you know, a translator 'converts' texts from a source language into his native tongue. Thus, if […]

2 June 20217 minutes to read

How can you teach children Russian?

Teaching Children Russian

“You can never understand one language until you understand at least two.” - Geoffrey Willans Whether it’s through language lessons, time spent abroad, or teaching yourself, it’s usually easier to learn a language when you’re a child. Learning Russian from a young age gives children the time to specialise in the language and if they […]

5 April 20216 minutes to read

How do you get to Moscow?

The Quick Guide to Moscow

“It is better to see once than to hear hundred times.” - Russian Proverb Over 25 million foreigners visited Russia in 2018, with most of them coming from neighbouring Asian countries. Europeans and Britons also visit the country, particularly Moscow and Saint Petersburg. In 2019, Saint Petersburg surpassed 10 million visitors following the simplification of […]

1 December 20206 minutes to read

Can you study Russian in Russia?

How to Learn Russian

“Russia is tough. The history, the land, the people - brutal.” - Henry Rollins Whether you love foreign languages or Russian culture, learning Russian is becoming increasingly popular. The best way to learn Russian is through immersion. Russian is one of the official languages of many international organisations as well as a useful language for […]

1 December 20206 minutes to read

Do you want to learn Russian?

Russian is spoken by 260 million people in over 19 countries and territories around the world and is even an official language of the UN.

Master this complex language thanks to our amazing Russian tutor’s tips and tricks. Whether you’re a total beginner, looking to brush up on your existing skills, or preparing for an exam you will find help and information you need here.

Superprof is the place to be for Russian teachers with thousands of tutors on our website offering both face to face and online lessons. Find a tutor for Russian lessons today.


Determine the nature of your stay.

The Best Ways To Learn The Russian Language While You Study

Want to learn to speak Russian? Do you have Russian in your blood, family living in Russia or perhaps a special friend who is a Russian native? Or perhaps you just love languages and feel that learning Russian is a good next challenge for you? The best way to learn Russian is with immersion, this […]

28 May 201912 minutes to read

Which are the best places to visit in Russia?

A Traveller’s Guide to Russia

“Russia has twelve different time zones just to weave its immense tapestry” - Sylvain Tesson It’s difficult to envisage a trip to Russia where you get to see everything. It’s the biggest country in the world, there’s a lot to do. Whether you’re going to Saint Petersburg, visiting Lake Baikal, reliving history on Red Square, […]

18 March 20196 minutes to read

What is Russian culture?

Russian Culture at a Glance

“The whole world recognizes Russia's cultural achievements. It is impossible to imagine the world culture without Russian culture, without our music and literature.” - Vladimir Putin When we talk about Russian culture, we also are referring to famous people like Chekhov and Tolstoy, as well Russian history, the Russian revolution, the Russian president, and the […]

14 March 20196 minutes to read

How do you become a Russian teacher?

How to Teach Russian

“Once you stop learning, you start dying.” - Albert Einstein In England alone, there are 11.7 million children in primary schools and secondary schools. This is a lot of potential students to learn Russian. But teaching languages isn’t necessarily easy. As a private tutor, you’ll need to decide what kind of tutor you’ll be, find students, […]

11 February 20197 minutes to read

How do you become a Russian tutor?

How to Become a Russian Teacher

“Better to be slapped with the truth than kissed with a lie.” - Russian Proverb The number of people learning how to speak Russian as a second language has increased in recent years. Would you like to be one of the people teaching them? If you want to teach in British primary schools or secondary […]

1 February 20196 minutes to read

How To Navigate Russian Grammar

Eager to start learning Russian and find out more about the land of the Tsars, maybe even take a trip to Moscow or St. Petersburg? Learn to read Tolstoy or Pushkin or other greats of Russian literature in the original language? Wonderful! This Slavic language is spoken by about 154 million people worldwide, and while […]

28 January 201910 minutes to read

A collection of scrabble blocks that spell out the word

Learn Russian In The UK

There are so many reasons why you might want to learn Russian as a second, third, or maybe even fourth or fifth foreign language! Perhaps you have relatives that live in Russia who you’d like to communicate more with, or maybe you have plans to travel around Russia or other Eastern European countries for an […]

4 January 20198 minutes to read

Learning Russian, Step By Step

An anonymous wit once said, “A Western communist is someone who loves everything about Russia, aside from the idea of having to live there.” A breathtaking history, a very rich culture, and an influential role in world geopolitics: these are all general qualities we could attribute to Russia. The Russian language counts more than 280 […]

20 February 201814 minutes to read

What You Need to Know Before You Head to The Country of The Tsars

Whether you’re hoping to discover the Russian countryside via the Transsiberian railway between Moscow and Vladivostok, or you’re hoping to dip into a bit of Russian culture in St Petersburg and Lake Baikal, it’s always best to do a bit of research before hopping on the plane! You shouldn’t plan any visits to Russia without […]

20 February 20189 minutes to read

A Comprehensive Guide to Russian Language and Culture

Russia fascinates as much as it intrigues: the largest country on the planet, it spans two continents. The Russian Federation gifts its literature, its Russian architecture and its incomprehensible language to the interested Anglophone. However, deciphering Russian writing or Russian culture is not so complicated as it may seem: the Nordic country also wants to encourage Anglo-Russian […]

20 February 20186 minutes to read

How to Improve Your Russian Language Skills

The Russian language is spoken by more than 280 million people worldwide and for many is an intriguing language that mystifies and fascinates. It’s a relatively unpopular language among Americans, at least since the end of the cold war, and most students in high school today often choose to study Spanish, French, Latin - even […]

20 February 20188 minutes to read

Learning the Cyrillic language

Mastering Russian Writing is A Whole Process!

 "In language lies death or life. " Russian proverb Well, that sets the it is up to you to show us that you are full of vigor and vitality, ready to fight with all the difficulties that may arise on...the path to learning Russian! It's clear that the twenty-first century has dilapidated the literary heritage […]

20 February 20187 minutes to read


What Are The Best Ways to Learn Russian?

Russian is spoken by 260 million speakers and is considered the third most complex language to learn according to the MosaLingua learning platform. So what are the best ways to learn to speak Russian like a local? Are you lacking the budget needed to join a Russian language school? Is this a personal challenge? In […]

20 February 20188 minutes to read

Chose the best ways to learn the Russian language

The Best Resources to Learn Russian

Far from prejudices related to the former USSR – communism or the plains of snow of Siberia – the Russian language reigns as the master language among the Slavic languages of Eastern Europe. It's the official language in many different states, such as Belarus, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. This idiom is the sixth most spoken language […]

20 February 20187 minutes to read

Learn Russian With a Russian Tutor

On Superprof, Russian teachers are at your disposal to help you discover the Russian language and the culture of Russia with private lessons adapted to your level.

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Do you want to become a translator?

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It is often said that learning Russian – grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation – is challenging because you will need to learn the Cyrillic alphabet and a new set of  sounds.

Superprof Russain tutors are patient and will be happy to help you perfect your knowledge of their mother tongue or provide expert advice!

On Superprof, choose the teacher who corresponds to your expectations: their experience, teaching method, hourly rate, place of intervention, age, status (student or active), or training offer (intensive course, introductory course, Russian lesson in oral conversation or written expression, etc.).

Russian is an Important Language

A breathtaking history, a very rich culture, and an influential role in world geopolitics: these are all general qualities we could attribute to Russia.

The Russian language counts more than 280 million speakers, making it the 7th most spoken language on the planet, just ahead of French. In fact, 146.5 million people speak Russian as their mother tongue, and about just as many – 135 million – speak it as a second language.

Russian-speaking people are mainly found in Russia, but also in the former Soviet Socialist Republics which, for more than 70 years, had Russia imposed on them by successive Soviet leaders: Kazakhstan, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Mongolia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, to the former Yugoslavia and the former GDR (East Germany), where Russian was taught in schools before the breakdown of the Soviet republic in 1991.

In fact, many European countries still use the Cyrillic alphabet for their national language, in Bosnia and Herzegovina, in Serbia, in Bulgaria, in Belarus, in Ukraine, and in the Baltic States.

In these countries, Russian and the Cyrillic alphabet is still important because of political forces of the 20th century. Moreover, Russian is still a lingua franca in the Caucasus and Asia Minor.

Russian comes from the Slavic languages and is one of the official languages of the UN. The Cyrillic alphabet is also the third official alphabet of the European Union after Latin and Greek since the accession of Bulgaria on 1 January 2007.

In any case, speaking Russian can be a considerable asset!