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Fundamental Concepts in Economics

Understand the Fundamentals of Economic Analysis As with any subject you study at school or university, there are always going to be certain keywords or phrases specific to that subject. Just as students of languages have to get to grips with conjugation, the past participle, and various cases and tenses, so too do economics students […]


Written on 21 March 2022

12 minutes to read
Stanislavski technique

What is the Stanislavski Technique?

The Stanislavski System: a method to become your character If acting is your passion, and you want to know more about it, the Stanislavski method is an important approach for every actor and their career. Among the different acting techniques, all are based or have been influenced by the Stanislavski system. This article will review […]


Written on 27 February 2022

5 minutes to read

Best YouTube Channels for Learning Physics and Chemistry

Physics and Chemistry: Best Videos for Learning! According to Pew Research Centre, scientists are among some of the most trusted groups in our society. What's interesting, though, is that many people actually value practical experience over their expertise. Over the course of the past years, we can really see this. Regardless of whether you're studying […]


Written on 26 February 2022

6 minutes to read
Fun learning is fast learning

The best apps to learn Arabic in 2022

Why Apps are a good way to start learning a language Arabic is an official language in 26 countries, including Algeria, Egypt, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and counts around 280 million native speakers worldwide, making it the fifth most spoken language in the world! But if you have never had a course or don't have the […]


Written on 29 January 2022

6 minutes to read

How to Compose Your Own Original Songs?

How to Create Your own Original Sound Anyone who loves to sing will tell you: there is nothing more beautiful than being able to write a song. Between David Bowie, John Lennon, Elton John, Amy Winehouse and more, there are countless talented composers. But being a good lyricist is a great art! Songwriting is an […]


Written on 17 January 2022

6 minutes to read
the best classes in Birmingham

Can You Become a Qualified Psychologist in Birmingham?

Psychology Lessons Birmingham “The good life is a process, not a state of being. It is a direction, not a destination.” -Carl Rogers Knowing how to make good decisions that benefit your mental health is not easy; especially when you consider the overabundance of information available! Even though trying to find advice for daily living […]

6 August 20226 minutes to read

regression analysis

Why you Should Learn Tableau UK

Taking up Data Visualisation Through Tableau Whether you are a student looking to maximise your grade in the GCSEs, A levels or your end-of-year college statistics exams, learning Tableau will go a long way towards your understanding of data, statistics and some components of your maths subject. You could also be a working professional looking […]

5 August 20227 minutes to read

statistics jobs

The benefits of learning SPSS UK

What UK Students can Learn About SPSS It is clear to see that ever since Brexit companies are employing their resources more frugally than they have in the past. This is can be attributed to the uncertainty which faces the economic climate of the United Kingdom at the present moment. However, the emphasis on Data […]

5 August 20227 minutes to read

the facts of Python

Learning Python with Statistics 

Get help with Python at University or Online Python can be used to create scripts and automate processes without requiring human input. This makes it incredibly practical because it might allow you to do your workplace task more quickly. Never before has learning a computer language like Python been so simple! There are numerous benefits […]

5 August 20227 minutes to read


Best Dance Youtubers

Which YouTube channels to follow to dance? Among the benefits of dance on the body and mind, dance helps to find the right mental  and physical balance by learning to let go while following rigorous choreography. Although the best dance classes may seem complicated when you are a beginner, dancers quickly learn that sometimes you have […]

4 August 20226 minutes to read


How to Take an Online Dance Course

How to Learn How to Dance Online Step-by-Step Dancing is a passion for many people. In addition to being a fulfilling artistic activity, dancing relieves aches and pains, improves blood circulation and helps reduce stress. So there is no reason not to start dancing. But how do you learn to dance? Here's how to learn […]

4 August 20226 minutes to read


Best Apps to Learn How to Dance

13 Apps to Become a Better Dancer Dance is an art that thrills many professional and amateur artists alike. It is both an art and a sports activity to relax, express oneself, and expend energy. Dancing allows you to tone your body and build up your muscles. There are therefore many reasons to take up […]

4 August 20226 minutes to read


What are the best Websites to Learn how to Dance?

Discover the best websites to learn dance Dance is an artistic practice that offers many benefits. In particular, it allows people to express themselves in a different way than writing or speaking. This means of expression is used by many dance lovers around the world. It can be hard to learn a new skill as […]

4 August 20226 minutes to read

promoting mental wellness

Are schools doing enough to promote good mental health?

Are Schools Doing Enough to Promote Good Mental Health? "Mental not a destination, but a process." -Noam Shpancer Recently, UK schools have started introducing mindfulness classes, to help teenagers’ mental fitness. Although there is little evidence to prove that exercises such as these make any difference, the classes are being treated as an experiment […]

4 August 20226 minutes to read

gender bias

Deconstructing the gender bias

What is gender bias and how to deconstruct it? The world is constantly changing, often for good reasons and causes. Recently, new and older generations are questioning the meaning of gender in our society and the roles it plays in our everyday lives. As a matter of fact, gender does shape our roles in society […]

4 August 20227 minutes to read

end of year exams

Are Exams the Best Way to Test Students?

Are Exams the Best Way to Test Students? "Success doesn't come to you, you got to it." -Marva Collins Striving for and achieving academic success is the by-product of hard work, determination, and resilience. Students dedicate hours to studying for exams and sacrifice many things so that they can please their parents and be proud […]

2 August 20226 minutes to read

books of history

Why the History Curriculum in British Schools Needs to be Changed

Why the History Curriculum in British Schools Needs to be Changed "To remain ignorant of history is to remain forever a child." -Cicero History is one of the most fundamental topics taught in schools around the world. Most countries organise the academic curriculum to teach students at a primary and secondary level the major historical […]

2 August 20226 minutes to read

Reach your fitness goals safely with a personal trainer

Is Personal Training Worth It?

Weighing the Merits of Personal Training Sports are in the news a lot. So much so that news broadcasts reserve a segment of their programme for discussing sports. Print/online news outlets don't shy away from the subject, either. They too dedicate entire web pages to statistics, commentary and human interest stories from the world of […]

25 July 202210 minutes to read

Fitness trainers provide motivation and advice throughout your sessions

Types of Training for Fitness

Different Types of Training Workouts There are gym rats and adrenaline junkies, endurance pros and all of the 'ultimate's - ultimate fighters, ultimate skaters, ultimate Parkour traceurs... many different types of exercise developed by professional coaches. Next to them, marathon running sounds rather quaint, doesn't it? Nobody will judge you if cage fighting isn't your […]

12 July 202212 minutes to read

weight loss training

7 Ways to Maximise Your Fees as a Personal Trainer

7 Effective Ways to Maximise Your Fees as a Personal Trainer. You've got your personal training qualification. You've decided on a name, had your logo designed, and your website developed. As a new PT, you have a limited marketing budget, so below, we've outlined several ways to maximise your income, many of which won't cost […]

5 July 20227 minutes to read

how much are tennis lessons

How Much Are Tennis Lessons?

How Much Do Tennis Lessons Cost? Are you as excited about this year's Wimbledon Fortnight as every other tennis enthusiast is? Will this be the year that you finally take the plunge - take lessons so that you, too, can deliver those powerful serves and snappy backhands? There's just one question: how much does it […]

15 June 202210 minutes to read

italian flag

Famous Italian songs

Italian music and its influence on the world Italy is a country culturally very rich and that has a lot to offer, from art, architecture, food and music. In this article, we are interested in the contribution that Italy has made to the world of music. From classical music and famous composers such as Ottorino […]

4 August 20226 minutes to read

Reduce your accent to be an effective public speaker

Public Speaking and Accent Reduction

How Public Speaking Helps with Accent Reduction Usually, when an ESOL teacher asks for volunteers to stand in front of the class and give a speech, almost everybody will find something far more interesting to look at. Out the window, at their workbook, maybe studying their fingernails... anything to not make eye contact with Teacher. […]

25 July 202210 minutes to read

Speak confidently in public, without an accent, with the help of your elocution tutor

Elocution Lessons Near Me

Where You Can Find Elocution Lessons We've had a hard time of things over the last two years, haven't we? That is unfortunate but, just like every bad situation, there is good to be had from it, too. For one, we had to rethink how we communicate. Normally, when you're talking with friends, you're in […]

25 July 20229 minutes to read

Learning Japanese: where to start

The Basics of Learning Japanese Few people who set out to learn a new language give any thought to their endeavour being a lifelong undertaking. In fact, as a native speaker of English, you might not even believe that you too are perpetually learning new things about the language you use every day. Seen in […]

12 July 202210 minutes to read


Famous Drummers to inspire your learning journey

Drums: a fascinating instrument No matter what kind of music you enjoy, you have probably noticed the constant beat that is present in your favourite songs. Drums play a major role in music and cultural events, this is what makes them a fascinating instrument. History of drums Drums have been part of human history and […]

4 August 20226 minutes to read

women in music

Exploring the Impressive Talent of the Best Female Guitar Players

Who Are the Greatest Female Guitarists of All Time? "My guitar is not a thing. It is an extension of myself. It is who I am." -Joan Jett Based on a recent study conducted by guitar manufacturing company Fender, of new guitar learners, 50% are women. More and more women are desiring to play the […]

25 July 20227 minutes to read

the joys of music

Helping Young Ones Learn How to Play the Guitar

How to Teach Children to Play the Guitar? "I'm only myself when I have a guitar in my hands." -George Harrison When asked by their parents which musical instrument they would like to play, most children answer with guitar. While other instruments are noteworthy, the guitar remains very cool amongst young students because they imagine […]

25 July 20227 minutes to read

strumming on the strings

How Youth Can Learn the Guitar in Simple Steps

Guitar Lessons for Kids "As long as you’re excited about what you’re playing, and as long as it comes from your heart, it’s going to be great.” -John Frusciante Playing a musical instrument as a hobby is a fantastic way to reduce stress, explore your creative side, and expand your knowledge of the music world. […]

25 July 20227 minutes to read

Election analysis is reflected in the polling station activity

UK Election Analysis

Analysing UK Elections Thanks to social media, today's citizens - and, for that matter, permanent residents and visitors have an equal voice in society. Whether that's good or bad is debatable but one thing is certain. When it comes to how the country is run and who is in charge, constituents have only one option: […]

18 May 20227 minutes to read

In 2021, election workers had to count twice the number of ballots

What Happened in the 2021 Local Elections?

A Look Back to the 2021 Local Elections Parsing through the results of the 2022 elections in the UK, it's hard to miss how ordinary it was. People aren't happy with the current Parliament. They're anxious about rising costs and frightened to think of what next winter's heating bill will be. Perhaps their biggest slice […]

18 May 20227 minutes to read

Voters repair to their local polling station on election day

How Often Are Local Elections UK

How Often Are Citizens Called to Vote? In some parts of the world, it seems like voting people into office is a never-ending process. As soon as one election ends, the next campaign ramps up and the campaigning goes on forever – the US is particularly egregious in these practices. By contrast, other countries, such […]

18 May 20227 minutes to read

Local Elections in England

England Local Elections One doesn't have to be a political analyst with long experience or even an avid poll watcher to parse out this year's election outcomes. Not with headlines screaming 'Bloodbath!' and 'Landslide!' and 'What Will Boris Do Now?'. Nor would it take a lot to understand the reasons voters decided the way they […]

18 May 20227 minutes to read

Tutors: 12 Teaching Strategies for Effective Student Learning

A Dozen Teaching Strategies Tutors Use to Advance Student Learning What makes tutoring work so well is the one-to-one relationship between the student and tutor. With only one person to focus on, tutors can try a variety of teaching techniques in order to work out the most effective strategies to help their pupil understand a […]

16 August 202210 minutes to read

structure of the lesson

How to Structure Your Lessons

Tips for Tutors: Structuring Your Lessons “I thrive in structure. I drown in chaos.” -Anna Kendrick Whether students want to admit it or not, academic structure from teachers is essential in the classroom or when undergoing private lessons. While "chill teachers" are cool, after a while of things were too lax and left without preparation, […]

16 August 20225 minutes to read

instructing uni students

Tips to tutor University students

Tips for Tutors: The Best Ways to Tutor University Students "A university should be a place of light, liberty, and of learning." -Benjamin Disraeli The university years are filled with wonder, exploration, and discovery. Further education studies prepare students with the necessary knowledge to work in their desired fields and enjoy a career that doesn't […]

16 August 20226 minutes to read

Tutors, How to Ensure Every First Lesson Goes Well

Tips for Tutors: Conducting Smooth First Lessons Tutors are supposedly the paragons of confidence and assurance. Furthermore, we're not only supposed to embody those qualities but we're supposed to imbue our students with them. Nonetheless, just like any first meeting - job interviews, making friends, first dates, the challenge lies in being well-received and matching […]

12 August 20226 minutes to read