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How do you become a private webcam tutor?
Advice for Tutors

Follow these Useful Steps to Get Started as an Online Tutor

While private webcam tutorials have existed for a number of years now, some tutors still aren’t sure how to get started with teaching what they know to students! We’re here to help you get started with tutoring! More often than not, online tutors will find themselves teaching school pupils, either studying for a GCSE or […]

3 August 2020 ∙ 8 minutes to read

What are the advantages of learning online?
Online Tutoring

The Benefits of Online Tutoring

When it comes to helping struggling students, online tutors can work wonders. While necessary for some, and just a boost for others, it’s never been easier to find private tutors. Private tutors are a great way to help struggling students, give gifted students an edge, and help any student get ready for exams or learn a […]

2 April 2020 ∙ 7 minutes to read

What are the benefits of teaching webcam tutorials?
Advice for Tutors

8 Reasons to Become an Online Tutor

What's Academic support over webcam? Teaching via webcam combines traditional aspects of teaching (exercises, lessons, revision, etc.) and being able to work from home. Thanks to digital technologies, you can reach students from all over the world as well as learn about new technologies. According to a 2015 Opinion Way survey, 6% of parents declared […]

20 March 2020 ∙ 6 minutes to read

How do you prepare webcam tutorials?
Advice for Tutors

How to Organise Online Tuition via Webcam

Unlike what you might first think, tutoring students remotely isn’t that different to teaching them one to one! While there are plenty of advantages to this type of class (saving money on transportation, flexible hours, etc.), you still have to help your student to progress through regular academic support. Whether you’re helping them with an […]

20 March 2020 ∙ 6 minutes to read

How do you become a webcam tutor?
Advice for Tutors

How to Tutor Online via Webcam

Since a lot of parents struggle to find a tutor in their local area, many are finding webcam tutors. Did you know that you can offer webcam tutorials on Superprof? All you have to do is say on your profile that you offer webcam tutorials and students from around the country will see it. Without […]

20 March 2020 ∙ 6 minutes to read

An image of a businessman holding out his hand for a handshake. A physics degree could lead you to lots of different careers.

Check out these 10 Top Physics Jobs for Physics Degree Graduates

If you’re considering taking a physics course at university, or you’re already studying a physics degree programme as an undergraduate and are considering your next steps after graduation, it’s only natural to spend some time thinking about what kind of jobs you might be able to get with a physics degree. There are a lot […]

7 October 2020 ∙ 6 minutes to read

a star cluster

The Life Cycle of a Star

Look up into the sky. That thing shining there – or ‘burning ferociously’ as might be a better description – has been doing its thing for four and a half billion years. Throughout the course of human history, it’s been there the whole time, burning away and giving life to our planet. 4.6 billion years. […]

27 September 2020 ∙ 12 minutes to read

Some pieces of software even give you a virtual tour

Microsoft Word, OneNote… How To Decide Which Word Processing Software To Use

IT for beginners is everywhere these days, all you need to know is which software to download or which website to visit, and you will be guided with tooltips through the software, app or website. Some pieces of software even give you a virtual tour of your software so that you can feel as though […]

22 September 2020 ∙ 9 minutes to read

the best jobs

Understanding the Natural World: The Jobs and Tasks of a Wildlife Biologist Explained

"If we teach people about wildlife, they will be touched. Share my wildlife with me. Because humans want to save things that they love." -Steve Irwin What do Steve Irwin, Jane Goodall, Jeff Corwin, John Bindernagel, Stanley Temple, and Jane Smart have in common? They have all significantly contributed to further understanding of the natural […]

22 September 2020 ∙ 15 minutes to read

Contemporary photography encompasses all types of photography in the modern day

Contemporary Photography: Photography Artists and Art Movements

From food photography to digital cameras, from abstract photography to editing with Photoshop, many contemporary artists have been using photography as a means of expression over the past few decades. It was at the beginning of the 1980’s that photographers started moving away from the humanist photography style of Robert Doisneau to add a personal […]

7 October 2020 ∙ 9 minutes to read

How do you draw men?

Getting Started with Still Life Portraiture: How to Draw Men and Women

"Drawing is the honesty of the art. There is no possibility of cheating. It is either good or bad.” - Salvador Dali This is not to mean, however, that only drawings that look identical to the real thing are classed as good. For, if so, how did Monet become such a master of his own […]

22 September 2020 ∙ 10 minutes to read

how much does a drawing class cost?

What is the Price of Drawing Lessons both in Class and Online?

Are your artistic talents limited to drawing stick people or doodles in the back of your note book while you are talking on the phone? Would you love some days to unleash your creativity and learn how to draw detailed images that you'll be proud of? Maybe it’s time to take some drawing lessons. If […]

26 August 2020 ∙ 9 minutes to read

Analysing poetry is open to interpretation.

How To Analyse A Poem

It is all very well knowing a lot about famous poets and the canonical forms of poetry (like poems by Keats or sonnets by Shakespeare) from different literary movements, but do you know how to look at and analyze poetry in your exam therefore gaining those top marks for your literature criticism? If you have […]

25 August 2020 ∙ 7 minutes to read

You can check online for your exam timetable

Check these Top Tips for Students Starting Sixth Form College in the UK

So, you’ve finished your GCSE’s, what next? What is Sixth Form like? What are the tips to success? In this post, we'll attempt to answer all your questions as well as give you some life-changing tips to make Sixth Form as great and as beneficial as it can be! The moment I marched out of […]

7 October 2020 ∙ 8 minutes to read

Students learn well from online tutors

Is University right for me: Weigh up the advantages and disadvantages

So you will be leaving Sixth Form soon and have to decide whether to take up a place at University or join the world of work. For a lucky few, your chosen career path is clear: you wish to be a doctor and you need to go to Uni, plain and simple. For others – […]

25 September 2020 ∙ 10 minutes to read

Are your kids ready to head back into the classrom?

Back to School 2020

By any measure, the second decade of the 21st Century has been full of trials: extreme weather events and political upheaval, a slow economic recovery after a debilitating downturn and social media-driven protest movements. However, only nine months into 2020, we’ve lived with a deadly pandemic and murder wasps, heatwaves and hurricanes, earthquakes and tsunamis; […]

25 September 2020 ∙ 6 minutes to read

Keep your hand in your academic studies while on break

How to Get Your Kids Ready to Go Back to School

In some parts of the world, the 2020/21 school year has already begun while in others, students eye their new school supplies longingly and want, perhaps more than anything, to wear their new school clothes, a visible symbol that life is back to normal. Unless their school mandates uniforms and, even then, a substantial number […]

25 September 2020 ∙ 7 minutes to read

What are the benefits of the Five Tibetan Rites?

The Effects of the Five Tibetan Rites on Mental and Physical Well Being

Yoga is becoming increasingly popular and there are around 200 million people around the world now doing it. There’s a good reason for this: yoga is good for your health. “The mind and body are not separate entities. The gross form of the mind is the body and the subtle form of the body is […]

22 September 2020 ∙ 10 minutes to read

Meat is one good source of protein

Which Meals Or Snacks Should You Eat After A Bodybuilding Session?

We all know that food is the source of our strength and one of the things that is essential for life itself, alongside how we look after our bodies. Nutrition is even more of a focus for those people who are looking to build a slender, toned physique as they will be very aware that […]

26 August 2020 ∙ 10 minutes to read

A complete guide to becoming a Home Tutor

Food for thought; how much is cooking part of education?

Most of us hardly think of cooking as an important part of educating. It tends to be regarded as another of those less important subjects like arts or sports we disregard in favour of ‘real’ education like academic stuff. However, if we are truly educating young people towards leading independent lives, knowing how to function […]

8 June 2020 ∙ 3 minutes to read

How can you find boxing lessons for kids?

How to Teach Kids About Boxing

“Don't count the days, make the days count.” - Muhammad Ali While boxing is a combat sport, it can be adapted to all levels and ages. Unlike what you might think, safety is at the heart of teaching both adults and children how to box. A lot of kids in school enjoy extracurricular activities and […]

19 March 2020 ∙ 6 minutes to read

Written Cantonese vocabulary on page

Top Tips for Chinese Beginners: How to Write Cantonese Characters

You’d be amazed by how many times tutors of Cantonese hear the words, ‘oh but it’s impossible to write in Cantonese!’ – or words to that effect. It’s an incredibly common sentiment, that seems to distinguish learners of the Chinese languages – Mandarin and Cantonese, along with many more – from those of other languages. […]

13 October 2020 ∙ 9 minutes to read

The Best Resources To Help With Accent Reduction

Having an accent is less than ideal according to some non-native speakers, and they believe that improving their pronunciation will also improve what they know about the language and thus lead to a more confident approach to speaking in English. Are you a learner of English who can't just can't shake your mother-tongue accent and […]

13 October 2020 ∙ 6 minutes to read

You might be looking to change your accent in order to move forward in your career.

How Can I Reduce My Accent?

Do you feel like your accent stands out because it isn't the norm for where you live or work? Do you pronounce certain words differently and struggle to stress the vowels or consonants in the correct places because you are originally from a different country? It may not feel that way but, we would like […]

13 October 2020 ∙ 6 minutes to read

Are you confident when speaking?

How Much Do The Different Types Of Accent Reduction Course Cost?

Accent reduction may not be a type of speech training that you thought you needed, and it may have taken you looking on the Internet to know that such a thing even existed. Well, you may also be surprised to hear that this type of course is quite popular so you can find a coach […]

13 October 2020 ∙ 7 minutes to read

How do you get bass guitar lessons?

What To Do Before You Start Learning the Bass Guitar

“Music is the universal language of mankind.” - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow In Florida, USA, there’s a law that requires that all state-run care facilities for babies play at least 30 minutes of classical music. The law, known as the Beethoven’s Babies Bill, is designed to calm babies down and promote learning in infants. Whether you’re […]

21 September 2020 ∙ 7 minutes to read

What is a typical bass guitar tutorial like?

What to Expect in Bass Guitar Tutorials

“Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything.” - Plato A study in 2015 showed that music does soothe the soul. Babies were shown to relax for up to 9 minutes after listening to music […]

21 September 2020 ∙ 6 minutes to read

How much do bass guitar tutorials cost?

The Cost of Bass Guitar Tutorials

“Music is a world within itself 2ith a language we all understand.” - Stevie Wonder American Neurobiology specialists in California have proven that musical creativity is one of the main functions of the brain like language or mathematical logic. So to develop this skill, why not learn how to play the bass guitar? Arpeggios, scales, […]

21 September 2020 ∙ 7 minutes to read

Where can you find bass guitar tutorials?

Where You Can Get a Bass Guitar Tutor

"The bass, no matter what kind of music you're playing, it just enhances the sound and makes everything sound more beautiful and full. When the bass stops, the bottom kind of drops out of everything." - Charlie Haden Music is a great way to relax and unwind. There are plenty of reasons to take music […]

21 September 2020 ∙ 7 minutes to read

No need for binoculars to find clients for your coaching business!

How to Attract Clients to your Coaching Business and Improve People’s Lives

Congratulations! You’ve made it through coach training, become a member of the International Coach Federation. Do you think you are ready to help others turn their lives around now? That’s the rub, really. You could argue that there is a space for a coach in almost every aspect of one's life. Professional coaching Everyone can […]

16 September 2020 ∙ 8 minutes to read

What is the average salary for a private tutor?

What Salary Can You Expect As An Accountant?

As a base note, we will start by mentioning that the average UK salary is £27.271 a year (£39,476 in London). How does an accountants' salary measure up? Well, it's hard to say since the term accountant is so vague and could include so many different job titles. According to available data, accountants in the […]

14 July 2020 ∙ 13 minutes to read

acquiring the basics of maths

What is A Level Critical Thinking useful for?

Critical Thinking is offered as an A Level option at many sixth forms and colleges and is usually taken as an extra A Level, alongside three other subjects. This skills-based course allows you to focus on developing your ability to analyse, hypothesise and construct your own arguments. It’s not an A Level that simply tells […]

8 June 2020 ∙ 2 minutes to read

children working together

Why is Behaviour Management Important?

When budding teachers apply and train for their work, they don’t always expect that behaviour management is the thing that they will spend most of their time doing. They feel like they are going into their profession to help kids learn, and to share their passion for their subject with the world. It’s either this […]

29 January 2020 ∙ 6 minutes to read

our mind

How to Improve Your Memory When Studying

"Memory is deceptive because it is coloured by today's events." -Albert Einstein Come again? When did I learn this? There's an exam today? I didn't remember! Forgetfulness and not remembering essential things can happen at any age and is not a sign of Alzheimer's or dementia since young people these days seem to forget things […]

13 October 2020 ∙ 7 minutes to read

finding a place to study

15 Study Tips to Help You Study For Your Exams

"Never regard study as a duty, but as the enviable opportunity to learn." -Albert Einstein  If Einstein, one of the most brilliant minds of all time, said it, we should wholeheartedly agree and view studying as a constant learning experience and not a tedious chore. However, that's much easier said than done! Why's that? Well, […]

13 October 2020 ∙ 7 minutes to read

study and review

Revision Techniques to Help You Study For Your Exams

"Revising isn't something that should be challenging or difficult at all. What revising is, unfortunately, is time consuming. It takes awhile. That's why you might like to start early..." -Author Unknown What comes to mind when you hear the word revision? Well, if you're a secondary school or Uni student, the first thing that you […]

13 October 2020 ∙ 6 minutes to read

studying on the mind

How to Study For Your Exams

"Examinations are formidable even to the best prepared, for the greatest fool may ask more than the wisest man can answer." -Charles Caleb Colton Exams are a peculiar thing that grades us on our intelligence and forces us to use parts of our brain that we might have not even known existed. Since they are […]

13 October 2020 ∙ 8 minutes to read