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What are the advantages of learning online?
What are the benefits of teaching webcam tutorials?
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Students learn well from online tutors


Working as a private teacher is an extremely rewarding pursuit with many benefits.

Learning ICT – how useful is it?

In a world where technology is a second nature to most teenagers, some parents and pupils are beginning to question the relevance of ICT. Many students find themselves being taught things they’ve either known for years or can pick up within fifteen minutes, meaning that some can become bored and disillusioned with the subject. However, […]

8 June 2020 ∙ 3 minutes to read

Working as a private teacher is an extremely rewarding pursuit with many benefits.

What is A Level Economics all about?

By the time young people come around to choosing their GCSEs or A Levels, they may not have much idea of what Economics actually is, let alone what a qualification in it might entail. If you fall under this category then this blog post is for you! Many secondary schools don’t teach economics and because, […]

8 June 2020 ∙ 2 minutes to read

Make maths fun with the help of free and fun online resources such as games, tutorials, apps and podcasts

Handwriting in the digital age and activities which help develop it

It used to be that only people with special training could type. Now everyone has their hands on a keyboard of one type or another, from laptops, through tablets to phones. We’re messaging like mad. So is handwriting still important? The National Handwriting Association maintains that it is. We’re all needing to jot stuff down […]

8 June 2020 ∙ 2 minutes to read

Arts and Hobbies

What ingredients do you need to bake?

Ingredients for Bakers

“If baking is any labor at all, it's a labor of love. A love that gets passed from generation to generation.” - Regina Brett From chocolate cakes to madeleines, you’ll need the right ingredients. Would you like to learn how to bake? It can take you your entire life to learn how to be creative. […]

26 February 2020 ∙ 7 minutes to read

How can I improve my baking?

How to Improve Your Baking

“Civilisation was built around wheat, around people settling down and not being nomadic. Baking is one of the oldest professions.” - Paul Hollywood More and more people are becoming interested in baking. You don’t need to be a professional baker to make a lemon tart, puff pastries, or biscuits. Shows like MasterChef and the Great […]

26 February 2020 ∙ 7 minutes to read

What do you need to bake?

Things You Need for Baking

“I am trying to talk slowly; I am trying. I am crazy when I talk about pastries” - Cédric Grolet Cédric Grolet was the winner of World's Best Restaurant Pastry Chef 2017. Shows like the Great British Bake Off have made baking even popular. Of course, you’ll need a few things before you can get […]

26 February 2020 ∙ 6 minutes to read


One must have great self-confidence to not fear the unknown

Books on Building Confidence in Your Child

On the surface, parenting seems simple enough: keep kids safe, feed them well and make sure they get to school. It’s the other part of parenting, the delicate sculpting of the psyche that requires dedication, wisdom and more than a touch of finesse. Parenting trends come and go. For a while, shaming one’s children into […]

10 July 2020 ∙ 7 minutes to read

Your little ones might enjoy the challenge of climbing while building confidence

How to Build Your Child’s Self-Esteem

It would be hard to believe that any parent would not want and actively strive for the best where their children are concerned. We don’t mean the right school or the right social contacts though that does play a part – perhaps too large a part in our status-driven society. Nor do we think a […]

10 July 2020 ∙ 7 minutes to read

These children show compassion and positive self esteem

How to Build Self-Esteem in Your Child

It wasn’t so long ago that parenting was parenting and how kids turned out didn’t matter, so long as they could contribute to society – by being a wage-earner, by having and raising children or by taking the professional route. By that, we mean becoming a doctor, lawyer or politician. Becoming a captain of industry […]

10 July 2020 ∙ 7 minutes to read

Health and Fitness

How can you find boxing lessons for kids?

How to Teach Kids About Boxing

“Don't count the days, make the days count.” - Muhammad Ali While boxing is a combat sport, it can be adapted to all levels and ages. Unlike what you might think, safety is at the heart of teaching both adults and children how to box. A lot of kids in school enjoy extracurricular activities and […]

19 March 2020 ∙ 6 minutes to read

How much do kids boxing lessons cost?

The Cost of Kids Boxing Lessons

“The fight is won or lost far away from witnesses—behind the lines, in the gym and out there on the road, long before I dance under those lights.” – Muhammad Ali Boxing is a sport that isn’t always seen in a favourable light but it is becoming more popular. However, it may surprise you to […]

19 March 2020 ∙ 6 minutes to read

How does boxing for kids differ?

How Does Kids Boxing Differ to Adults?

“If you work hard in training, the fight is easy.” - Manny Pacquiao Even nowadays, boxing can get a bad reputation because of certain violent aspects of it. However, some adults can be reluctant to get their children involved with the sport. That said, boxing is becoming increasingly popular amongst both children and adults and […]

19 March 2020 ∙ 6 minutes to read


How much do family yoga sessions cost?

Why studying German at school is so important

Germany is the economic engine of Europe, and the political driver of the European Union. Our commercial relationship with the country is undoubted: in 2012, the UK overtook France as Germany’s biggest global trade partner and, as The Telegraph newspaper put it, ‘British suppliers and manufacturers are deeply integrated into the German industrial machine and […]

8 June 2020 ∙ 2 minutes to read

What equipment should I use for online classes?

Complaining about a teacher: how to go about it

It’s never a pleasant experience having to complain, but sometimes it is absolutely crucial to do so. Although complaining about your child’s teacher can sometimes seem like a daunting task, you can never let this put you off. The happiness, education and welfare of your child must come first and no complaint is too small […]

8 June 2020 ∙ 4 minutes to read

What are GCSEs like now?

English as a second language tips: improving your pronunciation

Those learning English as a second language often say that one of the most difficult areas to master is pronunciation. Unlike languages such as Spanish or Italian, which are relatively easy to pronounce, English has quite a few difficult phonemes (like ‘igh’), which do not necessarily sound the way a non-native speaker would instinctively read […]

8 June 2020 ∙ 4 minutes to read


What does an electronic keyboard do?

Playing The Keyboard

While most people know what a keyboard looks like, some may not be aware that an electronic keyboard is a musical instrument that includes a range of features such as accompaniments, voices, a power amplifier and small speakers. The term keyboard can often refer to more than just one type of musical device, including synthesizers, […]

14 April 2020 ∙ 6 minutes to read

All you need to know about playing the harpsichord.

Playing Harpsichord

The harpsichord is just one of the instruments that make up the keyboard family. Though the harpsichord isn't as well-known as the piano, the organ, or the electronic keyboard, it has as much earned its place as one of the keyboard instruments! The harpsichord is known by some quite wide-ranging names across Europe. For instance, […]

14 April 2020 ∙ 6 minutes to read

How can you make a career as a guitarist?

Improving Your Career as a Professional Guitarist

“You couldn't not like someone who liked the guitar.” - Stephen King, The Stand There are millions of guitarists all over the world but very few of them are paid to play their favourite instrument. It can be difficult to make a career out of playing guitar. It’s a pretty unique job, too. Every guitarist’s career […]

19 March 2020 ∙ 6 minutes to read

Professional Development

children working together

Why is Behaviour Management Important?

When budding teachers apply and train for their work, they don’t always expect that behaviour management is the thing that they will spend most of their time doing. They feel like they are going into their profession to help kids learn, and to share their passion for their subject with the world. It’s either this […]

29 January 2020 ∙ 6 minutes to read

behaviour management theory

Behaviour Management Techniques that Work

Maybe you became a teacher or tutor because you love your subject and want to share your passion to the next generation. Maybe you joined up because you find kids inspiring and insightful and wanted to help them grow. Or maybe it was because you just loved the idea of teaching. Something you maybe hadn’t […]

29 January 2020 ∙ 6 minutes to read

good behaviour management

Behaviour Management Theories You Need to Know

As a teacher, tutor, or anyone else working with children in an educational context, you’ll probably have learned a thing or two about behaviour management. And you may well have learned it the hard way. Kids aren’t always going to be behaving in the way that you want them to behave. Misbehaviour – defined loosely […]

29 January 2020 ∙ 6 minutes to read


A complete guide to becoming a Home Tutor

Tutors Beware: Tracy Tamba

Spammers are always at work on the internet. Some even choose to use tutoring websites as a way of contacting tutors. We always publish their messages, as the Google algorithm sees to it that if these people try and contact tutors again, their messages will be shown in search results – along with the fact […]

8 June 2020 ∙ read in 1 minute

eleven plus exam

Tutoring and how we describe it might matter in the end

I have just read an insightful article on people’s attitudes to tutoring by Tom Maher of the Tutors Association. It focuses on people’s perceptions of the value of tutoring, and how we interpret words such as private and personal. It also examines negative attitudes to tutoring. Tom highlights three areas which deserve proper discussion, and […]

8 June 2020 ∙ 2 minutes to read

Students learn well from online tutors

Tutor Scam: Adana Fantavie

We wrote recently about a fraudster called Joan Koneh who was targeting tutors. We always publish fraudster details, as Google sees to it that if these people try and contact tutors again, their messages will be shown in search results – along with the fact that they are scammers. We have received the following scam […]

8 June 2020 ∙ read in 1 minute