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How to find a good guitar teacher?

By Jon, published on 20/02/2018 Blog > Music > Guitar > Our advice on finding a good private guitar teacher

The question of how to find a guitar teacher may seem easy to answer. But it’s essential to go for the correct lessons if you want to learn to play guitar. Especially when you are looking to take private guitar lessons for beginners with a teacher. If you’ve decided that rather than to go for online guitar classes or a music school you want to work with a private guitar teacher, someone who can really be there by your side, here are some tips.
Whether you want to learn classical, folk or electric guitar, choosing your teacher is essential.
The passion to teach, to share his knowledge isn’t innate. Some clues can lead you.

It’s all about making the difference between a good and a bad guitar teacher. Once you’ve found your rare gem, don’t let it go away. Follow these tips and you’ll be able to find the particular tutor that suits you best for taking guitar lessons, whether you’re taking beginner guitar lessons or more amateur ones.

You have to tell the difference between a good guitar teacher and a bad guitar teacher

A student tends to trust his mentor. First of all, you have to establish a trust relationship.
Beginning an instrument provides a lot of satisfaction:

  • We are happy you can play music.
  • Proud to let ring a few notes.
  • We are excited about the novelty.
  • Yes, but we are also credulous!

And that’s the problem. For absolute beginners, we look naively since we have no point of comparison.
As soon as you feel you have learned something you’re satisfied. And any unscrupulous guitar teacher can settle for the minimum. One is then maintained in the illusion of learning when he actually isn’t.

What is a bad guitar teacher?

Make sure you take care of your guitar properly Don’t break it!

Teaching guitar isn’t a gift given to all. A bad teacher is someone who:

  • Keeps his knowledge for himself.
  • Doesn’t explain what you’re doing.
  • Gives you exercises beyond your level.
  • Doesn’t take into consideration your sensitivity.
  • So it’s a teacher who makes you dependent on his teaching!

On the other hand, this is what to expect from a good guitar teacher!

To teach the guitar well, you need a pedagogue! They should like to communicate with you. You must sense his passion when talking about guitars. And above all, he must be precise!
A good guitar teacher should:

  • Be a pedagogue and empathetic.
  • Remind you that in each exercise you’re make music, even when you’re working on music theory.
  • Make sure you enjoy the guitar.
  • Make sure you have a correct posture and positions.
  • Explain “how it works”.
  • Have a deep technical and practical knowledge of the guitar!
  • Help you gain self-confidence.

A good guitar teacher must above all be a musician. A musician who flourishes through the practice of his instrument. With time he should make you work on your ear training and improvisation as well.
Who loves to share his knowledge and his love of music to others.
It’s important that the guitar teacher applies a price based on his experience!

How to choose the best guitar teacher?

Choose the teacher you feel most comfortable with!

To choose one, don’t hesitate to meet several. And if you have the opportunity to know one already, choose the one you trust. But also, the one that makes the music you love! It’s essential that you also learn how to play guitar with guitar songs that you enjoy. Of course you’ll need to learn the common basics, strumming patterns, reading tabs, playing the A chord and the G chord, etc. But from there it’s up to the two of you to bring your guitar course to certain directions: whether you chose jazz guitar or rock guitar, which fingerstyle you play,…
Don’t forget that your relationship will be based on music. It’s the theme of your talks. The music enlables you:

  • To speak.
  • To feel.
  • To federate.
  • To flourish.

Your guitar teacher must therefore allow you to express yourself

He can also help you in choosing and buying your first guitar (a second-hand or a new guitar depending on what you want). He’s also there to teach you to be independant : knowing how to read music on your own, tuning your guitar yourself, using a metronome and practicing.
You should also be free to experience the strong emotions that music will make you feel.
It should allow you to make the best use of guitar lessons.

Classes should allow you to communicate together

Team up to progress in your musical practice. Become a winning team! To give yourselves joy to both of you. Indeed, don’t forgot that your teacher teaches the guitar because he loves it! Practice often, be prepared on the day of your lesson, and show him you’re implicated.
He too seeks to flourish in your relationship! He wants to see you move on. He wants to convey what he has received younger.

But who is the right guitar teacher?

Learn how to play different types of guitar like the 12-string guitar Why not try out a 12 string guitar?

He is a seasoned musician. Esthete, pedagogue, nice!

The good guitar teacher is smiling, patient, guides you step by step towards success.

So you’re important to him. Indeed, the good guitar instructor is generous. A bit solitary also in reality. Yes, he hides it a bit. But musicians, like many artists, often feel alone.

The best guitar teacher is inevitably a sensitive one! He’ll always be available for you and under all circumstances. So start jamming!

What do you do when you find “THE” good guitar teacher?

To thrive in your super student-teacher relationship here are some good points to keep in mind:

  • Always respect his teaching.
  • Avoid canceling at the last moment.
  • Take care of his instruments if he lent one.
  • Listen to and support his musical productions.
  • Set the goals of your guitar lesson together.
  • Show him you like him!

If you’re itching to play the guitar all you need to do is visit the professors listings near you and avoid the 10 beginner mistakes.

You can also find a guitar teacher via webcam to take lessons anywhere!


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