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  • Production
  • Script Writing for Film
  • Script Writing for Television
  • All Levels

I can teach Film & TV. Have 20+ years experience and international contacts. Anything from development to distribution.


My teaching method is to find out what skills/knowledge my students need to know. I have taught 2nd year, 3rd year and 4th years Master students. I tailor my classes to what is required of the students.
I am a good listener and a positive influence. I am driven to get results but also tactful and supportive when required to be.


I have taught at the Royal Conservatoire in Glasgow. The University of the West of Scotland in Ayr and tutored and mentored many people as they have developed their skills and talent. As well as students I have mentored adults writing for film and TV and have been the Executive Producer on over 15 films in last 15 years.


Transportation Fee : £15
Rate for online lessons : £20/h
Rate for 5 hours of lessons : £75
Rate for 10 hours of lessons : £150


I can travel to Glasgow/Paisley or the Inverclyde area or Ayrshire. The cost of travel would be reflected in any fees paid but I am willing to be flexible on cost depending on where my services are required.

Lessons offered by Carole
In group
The lessons will be held
at her home
at your home
Taught subjects
  • Production
  • Script Writing for Film
  • Script Writing for Television
  • All Levels

Carole's CV

Curriculum Vitae
Carole Sheridan

Carole Sheridan is a highly regarded and experienced Entrepreneur who has overseen the development, production, delivery and distribution of a series of distinctive projects (mostly film and TV) that have won over 30 international awards and brought significant financial gain for investors.

Carole has extensive experience of managing staff, raising finance and has successfully developed and lead all the creative, practical and business elements of a variety of projects over many years. Carole has also worked with a variety of major stakeholders ensuring value for money is achieved as well as best quality results.

Carole has a PRINCE2 qualification and participated in an Advanced Leadership course at the Business School at Strathclyde University in 2009.

Carole has also taught at the University of West of Scotland in the last 3 months.

Singer Films
Producer (June 2010 – current)
Set up company Singer Films to develop and produce a distinctive range of film and TV projects for the domestic and international market.

Produced Dirt Road to Lafayette – a UK originated project shot in Louisiana, USA during the summer of 2015. This involved the following:

• Producing marketing materials to promote the project and raise over £1.5m to produce the film.
• Working closely with the Writer and Director to hone the script for the film into a manageable and achievable project that could be delivered with the money available to us.
• Creating a finance and recoupment plan for the project.
• Creating and managing a budget and a schedule for the completion of the project.
• Choosing a US partner to mange the project on the ground and working with them to build a team of over 50 cast, crew and musicians.
• Negotiating deals and contracts with eight investors and their legal teams to create an Interparty Agreement. This was done in conjunction with a lawyer hired by Singer Films Ltd.
• Identifying and hiring all major contractors in the UK for production and post production services
• Organising visas, travel and accommodation for UK personnel involved in the project.

Produced God Help the Girl – a musical set in Glasgow. The film had its world premiere at the Sundance Film Festival in January 2014, European premier at the Berlin Film Festival and was released in the US Sept 2014, a major achievement for a UK independent film. This work involved:

• Working with Hollywood Producer Barry Mendel (Bridesmaids, The Royal Tenanbaums, Sixth Sense) to raise finance for the film in the UK (£1.5m).
• Liaising with two Executive Producers and a Bond to ensure the project could be produced and delivered on time and on budget.
• Creating a budget and schedule for the project and working with the Writer/Director to achieve both.
• Overseeing the filming of the project and when required intervening to adapt the schedule to ensure the project was completed. Weather and many other factors influencing what could be achieved daily.
• Negotiating with all contractors and hiring all staff and sorting deals for the soundtrack for the film with UK and US publishers, as well as all contributing musicians.
• With the Director and cameraman identifying all locations and contracting with companies providing facilities. (e.g. Catering, locations, equipment, insurance, accommodation, music studio hire).

Ecosse Films
Executive Producer (Oct 2010 – June 2013)
Working part-time in Scotland for independent production company Ecosse Films, producers of highly successful TV shows such as Mistresses and Monarch of the Glen and feature films such as Wuthering Heights, Nowhere Boy, Brideshead Revisited and Mrs Brown. Secured £450,000 worth of investment into the company to support the development of film and television productions.

Scottish Screen
Head of Talent & Creativity/Development (Sept 2001 – June 2010)
Responsible for identifying, nurturing and supporting filmmaking talent to deliver content for the international film and TV market and to attract screen business to Scotland. Key achievements in this role included:
• Exec-producing 13 award-winning international feature film projects.
• Attracting over £20m worth of production spend in Scotland.
• Generating over £1m investment in Scottish companies from the public/private sector.
• Supporting over 150 Writers, Producers and Directors to make their first professional film or TV projects.
• Establishing relationships with key international writing, producing and directing talent.
• Advancing relationships with finance partners around the world including screen agencies, sales agents, distributors, commercial investors and broadcasters.
• In conjunction with BBC Alba overseeing the production of the first Gaelic feature film, Seachd.
• In conjunction with STV overseeing 6 x 30 minute dramas and 4 x 90 minute dramas for television, including BAFTA winner, Night People.
• In conjunction with BBC Scotland overseeing 18 x 10 minute short films. Many of these projects won prizes and gave talent their first step into a career in film or television.

Production Manager
Monarch of the Glen - Ecosse Films (March 1999 – Sept 2001)
Established the facilities required to run the series Monarch of the Glen within the logistically complex Scottish Highlands. Was re-employed to manage this for 3 years.
• Managed 4 staff within the production office, responding to the needs of the unit.
• Negotiated deals with suppliers, personnel and agents and managed the production budget.
• Set up facilities, communication functions and sourced accommodation & transport for upwards of 100 cast and crew.
• Booked personnel and equipment required for filming.
• Provided support for changes to the filming schedule and budget.

Freelance Screen & Performing Arts – Various (Oct 1994 – March 1999)
• Administrator and Stage Manager on a number of theatre and opera productions.
• Production and post-production roles on a number of BBC Productions.
• Developed and produced short films, Sonny's Pride and Tangerine.

• MA English Literature & Theatre - Glasgow University – 2:1 (1994)
• 3 A’Levels (1990) & 13 GCSE’s (1988)
• PRINCE2 Project Management Certificate (2010)

• Completed an Advanced Leadership Programme at the Strathclyde Business School in 2009.
• First Aid course 2005.

References available on request.

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