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How will we be able to run cars when our oil supplies run out?

How can we, I just don't get it, How can we use Alcohol.

Alcohol is widely used already in cars particularly in Brazil, the USA and Mexico, if you have ever seen someone pour alcohol into a pan before igniting it you may appreciate that combustion of alcohol is highly exothermic (gives out a large amount of energy.) This energy can be used to power cars. Typically alcohol is blended with normal petrol for use in cars so may be of limited use long term. Recently we have seen an increase of the production of bioethanol from simple crops such as sugar which may provide some of our future energy needs, although this is not without it's own issues.Electric power and hydrogen power are only as environmentally friendly and renewable as the methods used to produce the electricity. Hydrogen is produced by electrolysis of sea water a process which uses a large amount of energy itself. New materials are showing promise for efficient hydrogen storage, however if you look up the Hindenburg disaster you will be able to see one of the major safety concerns of hydrogen.Please let me know if you'd like further clarification
08 April 2013
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