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I need to know all the fundamentals about Alkenes and Alakanes.

I really need to know all the fundamental facts about alkanes and alkenes - I have my exams in May!!!!

Think about bonding. What kind of molecules are alkenes and alkanes? What are the main elements in these two types of molecules? Are the bonds covalent or ionic and are they single or double. Make a table to help illustrate the differences between them. Actually producing a table will help you think about the differences and at the end you have a neat revision resource! For headings or lists think about formula, chemical structure, bonding, monomer vs polymer, saturation and of course key examples you would be expected to know. Also, how would you test for either an alkane or alkene? If you had an exam question on alkanes and alkenes what could you write about them? One way to test your knowledge is to spend a little time making the table, reviewing it and then without looking at it, write all you know in a set time (maybe 3 or 5 minutes). Go through it and check any ommissions you have made. As for fundamentals - these should be in your notes or exam guides. Plenty of resources online.
18 April 2012
If you are studying A level chem then I have created a number of videos looking at the type of organic questions and what you need to know to handle them. I have posted them on http://mathsandscience.net
25 April 2012
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