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- ocr unit 2 - chains/energy/resources

Need to go from grade D to B ...any one that can help?

Hello Moni,The OCR unit is relatively straight forward. I would be willing to help.Best WishesAndrew
09 September 2013
Andrew Gordon looks like the guy for you.
09 September 2013
I guarantee you will achieve an A.Ok well, basically I prepare you for your exams in the best possible way. I have lots of notes and extra reading material. Also, I know a few top rated websites for Past Papers and understanding difficult topics. I will definitely exam you every week. These questions would be from past papers of course. I would identify your weakness and work on that will you merely practice your strengths. Other than that, I would definitely produce a timetable and work accordingly. As you may of heard that the January Exams no longer exist. But don't worry I did all of my exams for AS and A2 in the summer-time.
10 September 2013
i can help you with that.  i have taught oct a level chem for 8 years.ThanksEmlyn
15 September 2013
Did you still need help?  
22 September 2013
I could help you.I have very good experience in OCR and I can improve your knowledge very quickly
23 September 2013
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