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What are the common laboratory acids and alkalis?

I need their formulas too, if possible!

hydrochloric acid HCl, sulphuric acid H2SO4, nitric acid HNO3, ethanoic acid CH3COOH, sodium hydroxide NaOH, to name a few depends on the lab you're talking about. These acids and alkalis are commonly used in schol labs but there are many others. Feel free to be in touch.
26 January 2013
Hi; those would be sulphuric, nitric and hydrochloric acids; and sodium and potassium hydroxide for alkalis. Another tutor has given you the formulas. Would you like any other help from me?
Jonathan C.
28 January 2013
thank you sooo much, you hav been great help.
28 January 2013
What is the most dangerous acid and why
21 September 2020
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