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How to write a report

I have a report to do on a severe weather storm in my local area and I'm a little bit confused on how to do it, could you help?

I could help. I am a Post Graduate student in University of Salford, Manchester. I am good at error free, unplagiarised reports
07 November 2012
It would be useful to know what subject this is for (geography? English?) and what guidelines your teachers / tutors have given - eg is it meant to be a newspaper report? But generally I'd say that it is useful to have different sections. This makes it easier for the reader and for you too, as you can organise your ideas. For instance you could deal with the meteorological side, what caused the actual storm etc. Then you could deal with the effects on buildings, power lines, transport etc. Then you could have a couple of human interest stories too - effect on residents, were any moved out of homes etc. Good luck, and do contact me if you 'd like any more guidance, or would like to discuss it further.
08 November 2012
Hey I Think an intresting apporach to this article, would be to write the article, would be to take the readers through the storm. As the storm happens, Write it like a book, Start with everything being calm in the neighborhood and have the clouds gather in the the sky and have the storm destroy the town and add in the electrical lines being destroyed as the the storm hits. I think that would be intresting think like twister the movie wasn't that a good movie. Well write it along those lines I hope this helps i am available for a private tutoring session.
09 November 2012
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