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IELTS Speaking?

What is the best way to tackle part 3 of the speaking interview? I think besides the fact that you need to be knowledgeable on a wide range of general topics and issues, ou definitely need conversational strategies and phrases for starting your response and thinking out loud without remaining silent. Any other thoughts?

Hello!Try to relax, be confident and enjoy (as much as possible!) showing off your language skills. Try to talk as much as possible, and be spontaneous; although you should practice at home when you can, try not to just remember and repeat prepared answers. Good luck! 
Sophie R.
02 November 2016
If you wanted help with this, book an hour with me and I will talk you through it.
Mark C.
06 November 2016
Good MorningI just wondered if you managed to find a tutor to help you with your IELTS studies? I am en experienced ESL tutor and i have prepared many students successfully for the exam, Please feel free to contact me if I can be of any assistance.Speak Soon
Peter K.
16 November 2016
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