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to line up a Stonehenge equinox....

"We wanted to be together and we didn't care that the only sunlight in that apartment snaked through the partially subterranean windows for about an hour every afternoon. It was like trying to line up a Stonehenge equinox to catch an ephemeral ray on your bare forearm."

Here, what does the last sentence mean?

Please help me..

It was hard for us to meet together, though we still managed to come together.The time for meeting together was very rare though we made to come together.
16 July 2018
Ephemral ray here means that a ray of light which is there for a very short period of time. So the last line here means that they were trying to do something which was almost next to impossible.
25 July 2018
Thank you very much !!!!!
26 July 2018
It's not possible to physically pick up the stones of Stonehenge and then arrange them for this equinox,  rather the equinox is something that rarely happens. I think the writer is trying to emphasise how difficult it is for him to see the shortest glimpse of their partner in the sunlight because there is so little sunlight. The Stonehenge simile and the odd suggestion that a human could control when the equinox happens, emphasises that the writer has no control over this sunlight. It might also imply that the writer wants to see their parter in the sunlight and cherishes these moments because he focuses on the sunlight shining on their partner's arm. 
Annie M.
29 July 2018
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